Chevron Seven Is Locked In This Stargate Cosplay

stargate cosplay 1

Stargates make traveling across the galaxy simple, but they’re complex devices. Heck, just a costume that looks like a Stargate is complicated. DeviantArt user Nyima-chan made this costume because she wanted a Stargate of her very own, and I applaud her initiative and skills. She not only created a detailed dial with the symbols and chevrons that appear to light up, she also attached it to a blue dress (like the other Stargate costume we’ve seen) so she’s part of the shimmering blue event horizon. Genius.

More photos of the creative cosplay after the break.

stargate cosplay 2

stargate cosplay 3

stargate cosplay 4

stargate cosplay 5

(via GAS, last two photos by SzaniFoto)


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