Check Out This Adorable BMO Outfit!

BMO cosplay 1

We all know BMO from Adventure Time is about as cute as it gets. The character expresses a lot of emotion for being an inanimate object! Besides being precious, she (or he – BMO doesn’t have a specific gender) can also be sexy. Model Laurie Foster (who you may remember from this Catbug photoshoot) put together this adorable ensemble with WeLoveFine’s BMO sweater and leggings. Turquoise is a fun and flattering color, and this kind of outfit is a great way to cosplay the character.

Photos by Erek Foster.

See more of the series after the break.

BMO cosplay 2

BMO cosplay 3

BMO cosplay 4

BMO cosplay 5

Laurie submitted these photos to WeLoveFine for their Fan Fashion Friday series. Check out their page to learn how to submit and to purchase the BMO items Laurie is wearing!


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