Check Out Faith And Aaron’s Steampunk Muppet Wedding

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Figuring out the overall theme of your wedding has to be one of the most tricky parts of planning. You have to try to incorporate things both you and your partner like. Faith and Aaron managed to narrow their common interests down to steampunk and Muppets. Like you do.

The groomsmen dressed in a Western sci-fi theme, the bride’s bouquet was decorated with a clock and Muppets, there were goggles, flame powered centerpieces for the reception tables, fabulous steampunked heels, and a wicked bleeder pen. The also mixed in a little bit of Stephen Colbert. Inspired by “The Wørd,” the couple had the bridal party hold up cue cards while they exchanged vows privately. It looks like a fun and memorable time.

Photos by William Bledsoe.

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