Champion Jouster Sarah Hay Wears Armor Like It’s No Big Deal [Video]


Sarah Hay is a school teacher. It’s a profession which requires a great deal of skill, patience, and some measure of bravery (I don’t care what age children you’re teaching, they can be scary). She’s awesome enough for taking on that role, but it gets more impressive: she’s a champion jouster – the number one female jouster in the world actually. Hay has won several jousting tournaments in her native country of Australia and also gained recognition at Harcourt Park World Invitational earlier this year, just like Samantha Swords. Hay took first place and she was proclaimed “Winner at the Tilt.”

In an interview with Mike Dalton she explains when she started she had experience with riding a horse but not with using any of the weaponry. Once she practiced riding with one hand and carrying a weapon, she took the time in 2010 to learn the craft and has been participating in tournaments (and winning them) to hone her skills ever since. She enjoys getting to dress up, the danger, the adrenaline, and the crowd interaction – and who can blame her? I have a feeling that the bruises are worth it.

Photo by Siri Bjolseth.

See videos of her in action as well as the Dalton interview after the break.

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