This ‘Star Wars’ Wedding Was Lovely AND Tasty


Normally, we feature Sam from Cakes Cove on That’s Nerdalicious because she makes delicious geeky cakes and goodies. However, she recently got married and her wedding was a fantastic mix of Star Wars, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Gothic and Noir themes—not to mention her signature cakes and treats.

Congrats, Sam. We love you! Check out more pics and details about the wedding below.

















Sam writes:

It was really important to us to be geeky and elegant – that is what I do best at the shop with the cakes because geeks are beautiful. Especially our brains and imaginations. I want to break through the “rules” that we aren’t or genre based things are just for kids. Bah Humbug I say. We had a stunning backdrop on the stage with glitter stars and star light projectors – unfortunately we don’t have many photos of it, but our guests were using it for backdrops for the photo booth table props. It was awesome!!

The favours were cookies with each persons name on them and doubled as the place cards for where their seat was. (delicious AND practical!) and they all had a different Star Wars chocolate attached to them as well. (I’m not sure if any of our guests noticed… but I paired their names with their favourite type of chocolate too (milk, dark and white) I mean.. I know them all. So why not?

The Sweet table was obviously geeked out and created by Cakes Cove, all of our favourite flavours, with other genres getting some nods to as well. Star Wars was the main focus, but we certainly couldn’t go without the others all together. The main wedding cake is a mix of Rick’s Jack Skellington/Noir Detective inspired pin stripes and my love for lace, Gothic inspirations and of course Vanessa Ives. With the center of us – well after death do we part.

Oh!!! That reminds me!! I don’t have a video of it yet, but our good friend Brian – a member of the 501st – did our ceremony for us!! He was AMAZING!! He started with the entire speech from Princess Bride “*cough, cough, cough. MAWWAGE. Is what bwings us togthawr today…..” and it just kept getting better from there. I couldn’t imagine anything from what he did being better.

And I got to dance with R2D2!!! It was a totally organic moment, one that only happens in movies – dancers even made a space circle and it was just us dancing! How many people can say they danced with R2 at their wedding? It was. So. Cool.

Photos by Jenny Fig Photography.


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