Build Armor With Your Kids Thanks To Crafteeo


Some people might just throw away the cardboard boxes after having a ton of presents shipped for Christmas. They might even go so far as to take them to a recycling place. But, How-Lun Chen took it to the next level.

He decided to make something with those boxes; a simple helmet, shield and sword out of cardboard. Not surprisingly, his kid had a blast playing with them.

In fact, he and his son had so much fun making these armor pieces out of cardboard that he turned the idea into a kit and created Crafteeo. From left over cardboard boxes to a small business. How cool is that?

And, he just keeps building on the idea. How-Lun has created characters who have different helmets and armor. Pathfinder, Crimson Lion, Hammer Fist, and Wave Rider even have a story on his site with illustrations by Art Edel.

Check out a video about How-Lun and his cardboard creations after the break.

It’s awesome to see what one creative mind can do with just some cardboard and imagination. Lucky for us, you can buy the patterns or kits if you want to make your own at the Crafteeo site.

(via Makezine)


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