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A LOTR LARP Battle For The Ages

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Even Hollywood has trouble putting together a costumed production of this scale.

The massive Lord of the Rings LARP event “Bitva o Fort” (Battle of the Fort) took place in the village of Radíkov in the Czech Republic last month, and photographer Daniela Bogarová was there to capture all of the action.

Check out more of her amazing photos after the break…

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The storyline for the event (translated from Czech via Google):

The story takes place at the beginning of the second millennium of the Third Age during the reign of King of Gondor Eärnur, who as a young general led the army to fight that surprised in Fornost and the head of an army defeated the Witch King of Angmar. Eärnur himself caught mightiest of Nine at the northern hills before him but he managed to weave his horse to face the lord nazghúl? shied away and took him into the field. Despite the great victory at this insult will never forget…

The same applies on the Witch King himself, who in his halls in the north plotted a plan to Eärnur revenge.Before long, he gathered around him all the servants of darkness, who lived beneath the Misty Mountains and struck a hard blow to the king of Gondor. Unexpectedly emerged ahead of Minas Morgul, conquered the citadel, and penetrated the darkness of the valley. He knew that fighting Eärnur can not put this loss. Yet rather regularly sent its ambassadors to the White Tower to the king constantly remind his runaway escape after the Battle of Fornost.

Himself anxiously waited in the shadows Morgulské towers and stolen Palantir looking that his ruse worked.Forgiven a smirk when he finally saw the king Eärnur head of the military men, elves and dwarves, as the bridge crosses over Anduin and goes to Morgulskému valley. “It’s time to summon the rest of the Nine,” he thought, and went into the catacombs…

More photos of the battle are available on and Daniela Bogarová’s Facebook page.

(via Kotaku)


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