This Bandolier Holds Everything An Alchemist Needs


Whether you’re prepping for your next LARP or your a Mistborn in search of a more convenient way to carry around your vials, this bandolier from RawringCrafts has you covered. The bright copper artificial leather is backed with a soft black fleece padding on the inside, and it comes with tons of options for vial storage, along with a few good spots for weaponry. Plus it matches perfectly with these alchemist bracers.

Easily accessible vials to hold your potions (or liquors, for the mellow brewers) and a sturdy flask safely contains your healing elixir. Your ingredients and spell components are securely stashed away in a spacious pouch on your hip. Two loops on the back hold your backup weapon in place and finally a pauldron provides a minimum in protection.

The Alchemist’s Bandolier ($75)


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