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A Look At The Incredible Alien Make-Up In “Guardians Of The Galaxy”


Director James Gunn wanted the make-up effects for the aliens in Guardians of the Galaxy to look genuine, and special effects makeup designer Dave White was the man who made it happen. In an interview with Co. Create he said:

“I’ve been fortunate to have been around the Marvel world for a little while,” he enthused to Co.Create. “I like to think my own artwork and style has worked well within the universe. James had very specific ideas and I would give an interpretation of what I thought would work. Ultimately, it’s down to what the director wants to see: He needs to go through that process of testing ideas to see how they read in the world he wants to create.” He continued, “There is a retro hint in the [Guardians] designs. I was very careful not to use modern creature design influences that could have fallen short in the unique world Gunn had envisioned.”

These incredible images show just how much work went into creating the fantastic aliens that were scene on-screen.

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