A 5-Year-Old Shares Her Opinion About Slave Leia’s Outfit With Her Dad [Video]

jabba picks slave leia's outfit

English comedian Adam Buxton recently flipped through the Star Wars Annual with his 5-year-old daughter, and she has some very specific thoughts about Leia’s infamous metal bikini outfit in Return of the Jedi. Her opinion probably isn’t what you’re thinking because it turns out that she likes the Slave Leia look. She knows Jabba the Hutt is bad, but she thinks he “chose a really nice dress” and she likes the way it all comes together and pairs with Leia’s braided hair. She sums it up, “It’s actually a pretty good look for her.”

Buxton tells his daughter that some people think the outfit is demeaning, but her response? She thinks it’s quite nice and she doesn’t care if people don’t agree. It’s flipping adorable and hilarious.

You have to watch the amazing video and hear her commentary after the break.

(via GAS)


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