little mermaid tattoo

From Mark Barela.

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super mario

Inked by Tania Zhang at Exotix Studios in Toronto, ON.

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bed bug tattoo

Y’know, every once in a while I get asked to write something that makes me intrinsically want to say “NONONONONO” but I still have to write something positive about it.

So, um, isn’t nice of this entomologist to feed 1000 bed bugs using his own arm? He even got a cute little (itchy, swollen) bunny tattoo out of the deal.

Mind you, he’s totally cool with this and there’s even an interesting story about why they have this bed bug colony in the first place. But you’re just gonna have to watch the video because I’m running off to dunk myself in hot water and lots of soap.

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These porcelain figures are traditional images of fair-skinned women in puffy ball gowns, but they’ve been given a whole new vibe with the addition of sailor tattoos. It’s the work of Scotland-based artist Jessica Harrison who likes to explore the canvas of a person’s skin in different ways:

Harrison proposes a multi-directional and pervasive model of skin as a space in which body and world mingle. Working with this moving space between artist/maker and viewer, she draws on the active body in both making and interpreting sculpture to unravel imaginative touch and proprioceptive sensation in sculptural practice. In this way, Harrison re-describes the body in sculpture through the skin, offering an alternative way of thinking about the body beyond a binary tradition of inside and outside.

Her work is currently on display at Galerie L.J. in Paris as part of her very first solo show titled FLASH.

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This amazing Attack on Titan tattoo belongs to Damien Murphy who is in the process of inking her entire back in anime tattoos. All the other tattoos will surround this one with the Survey Corps logo and a pair of swords.

She’s not the only one getting Attack on Titan ink though. See more examples after the break…

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This beautiful Cthulhu henna tattoo is the work of redditor ragdahlz. Apparently, she wanted to practice and her brother offered to be her test subject (as long as she didn’t cover him in flowers). She made the 100% natural henna paste herself and then created Cthulhu based on an original piece of art by God Machine.

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slo mo tattoo

If you’ve ever gotten a tattoo or watched someone else get inked, you know how easy it is to get mesmerized by the needle and seeing the design it leaves behind.

When you take that already mesmerizing action and slow it down, it’s really fascinating to watch.

That’s exactly what GueT, a Paris-based tattoo artist, did with this video. It shows just how much artistry there really is in tattooing.

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Fashionably Geek reader Nicole Seeley really digs DC Collectibles’ Bombshell line of statues, which feature classic DC characters like Bat Girl and Wonder Woman as vintage-style pin-ups. Nicole liked the Bombshell version of Wonder Woman so much (WW just so happens to be one of Nicole’s favorite heroes), that she had the retro Amazonian warrior tattooed on her arm. The work was done by Jeff Malota of All-Out Tattoo in Norfolk, VA, and I have to say that the tattoo kicks some serious butt.

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DC Batman tattoo

Tattoo by Adam Miller.

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haunted mansion tattoo

When you enter the Haunted Mansion at Disney theme parks, you are greeted by ghoulish sights. Dramatic gargoyles, tombstones, and paintings that showcase people about to meet their deaths. One such painting features a girl standing over a rope over a crocodile’s gaping jaws, and one fan of the attraction got an amazing tattoo of the portrait. The shading and design is a dead on match.

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(via FYT, tattoo by Christina Hock at Dolorosa Tattoo)