For those who have gone under the needle, many would say that their ink had been chosen with great care and the meaning is special, personal, and meant to last forever. We’ve seen amazing geeky tattoos from fans paying homage to their favorite characters and even their child’s childhood drawings for lasting memories, but Adam and Tanya Phillip did something even more special. They decided to get tattoos to match their daughter’s birthmark to make her feel less alone.

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firefly serenity tattoo

Fashionably Geek reader EmmaLee sent us pictures of a Firefly Serenity tattoo she’s currently working on with Aarron Laidig at Red Region.

Kudos for choosing Shannon Thomas’ Serenity splatter print as the basis for the design. Absolutely gorgeous.

More pics here (slightly NSFW)

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“I’ve made a huge mistake.”

Broke up with your boyfriend and want to get that face tattoo removed? Ordinarily, that would mean that you’ve got a painful laser-removal process in your future. However, researcher Alex Falkenham of Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia has been working on a cream removal process and it looks like it might actually work. According to the CBC:

Falkenham’s topical cream works by targeting the macrophages that have remained at the site of the tattoo. New macrophages move in to consume the previously pigment-filled macrophages and then migrate to the lymph nodes, eventually taking all the dye with them.

There are lots of removal creams on the market with dubious efficacy, but this one looks promising. Plus it might be cheap. The estimated cost is just 4.5 Canadian cents per treatment to remove a 10 x 10 centimeter square.

Before you get too hopeful about painlessly removing that tribal tattoo you got in the ’90s, keep in mind that FDA has yet to approve any of the current creams on the market and Falkenham is still in the testing phase.

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star wars sleeve

Many thanks to Linette Cox for sharing her awesome photo! The Star Wars tatooo is the work of Jeannie Rae at Emerald City Tattoo in Lake City, WA.

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Hannibal tattoo by James at Ink Transition, Melbourne.

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corgi la forge tattoo

Corgi LaForge tattoo by Westhanded at EOD Tattoo in Denver, Colorado.

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Most parents put their kid’s artwork on the fridge and may save a few pieces in a special folder, but few make this kind of commitment. Keith Anderson of Ontario has been getting a piece of his son Kai’s artwork done as a tattoo each year since the boy started kindergarten. Speaking with photographer Chance Faulkner he notes:

The first one was the daisy- I had it tattooed when he was in kindergarten,” Anderson told Chance Faulkner, a photographer who had an interview with him and took these pictures. “Then we went back and did his name and the house from when he was 4.”

“Recently, my son was there with me and he did some of the tattooing himself. He loves it. No one I know has ever heard of tattooing original kid art before, and it’s a lot of fun… People ask me what will happen if I run out of space; I guess I’ll just get him to draw smaller pictures.”

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firefly tattoo

Especially in the thigh area. All over the thigh in fact.

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moon landing tattoo

Conspiracy theorists might say it was drawn on.

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god of war tattoo fail

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