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Tattoo artist Chaim Machlev works out of Berlin and does incredible work with black ink to weave complex and geometric patterns. The tattoos mostly focus on lines, but he also incorporates mandalas and insects. The finished pieces are eye-catching. According to Beautiful Decay (NSFW link), Machlev said the following in a recent interview:

“I actually started to make those designs because it was weird for me that people try to categorize tattoos and other art forms. I could say that I have that split in my designs, just like in my personality; I make those art-minimalistic lines — the computer kid inside me — and very detailed mandalas, the spiritual man inside me.”

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Jurassic park tattoo

Jurassic Park was terrifying for many reasons, but it especially got spine-tingling when the velociraptors learned how to open doors. Even just looking at this awesome / unique / hilarious tattoo gives me the shivers I felt while watching the kitchen scene in the movie.

We believe this tattoo was done at Jackson Street Tattoo in Seattle.

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I know, you want this to not be real. But it’s real and it was Instagrammed by the tattoo artist who did it.

I got nothin’ here.

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death star up

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Gandalf tattoo

When I picture Gandalf from Lord of the Rings, I think of the wizard in his pointy hat and holding his pipe and staff. Pretty much exactly what’s on display in this incredibly detailed tattoo. I can’t get over all the lines on the staff showing the wood grain and the crosshatches on the glove – it must have taken forever to complete.

This image was taken from a few angles, stretched, and stitched together in order to show off the full tattoo. The ink was done by Matt at Blue Cardinal Tattoo Littlebrough, Manchester, England.

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sailor moon brooch tattoo

By Russel Van Schaick at Hart and Huntington Tattoo in Orlando, Florida.

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Tattoos are a very personal expression, but not one of which everyone approves. Redditor kittencollector has a friend who films his Dad’s reaction every time he gets a new tattoo. Let’s just say Dad isn’t pleased. Still, it’s amusing and many of you might be able to relate.

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This incredible tattoo has turned this woman’s back into an alethiometer from the His Dark Materials trilogy. In the story, there were also four needles on the device that a person used to get answers to a question. First, you lined up three of the needles on the right images, then you thought about your question, and eventually the fourth needle would swing to the answer. You have to wonder if this is still a work in progress with the hands planned as a later addition.

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Fans of Jack Kirby will love Wendi Freeman’s latest tattoo. The host of the Double Page Spread podcast got this tat of a “Mother Box” from Kirby’s “Fourth World” comics.

Brian Stringer of Ink Fusion Tattoos did this tattoo for Freeman during C2E2. Great stuff, Wendi!

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cosplay class

Heroes of Cosplay star Holly Conrad recently cosplayed as Cecil from Night Vale. The character has a lot of tattoos, and she got tons of compliments on her faux ink. So, for her Cosplay Class web series, Conrad created a how-to video. You’ll need the tattoo art, transfer paper, water, and a few more supplies. She demonstrates how to apply the temporary tattoos to make them look realistic.

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