Brion B. has been working on getting some Marvel tattoos over the last few years and he has quite a lot of awesome ink to show for it.

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geek tattoo zelda

We can’t get enough geeky tattoos, and reader Nick Pena shared photos of his awesome ink with us. His Legend of Zelda tattoo is especially creative; it has Link’s Master Sword and shield as well as the three Marks of the Goddesses. The design and colors are beautiful. This was inked by Stephanie Flannery at Golden Rule Tattoo in Arizona.

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Fernando García Berdeja is a serious Zelda fan. He recently had Cyclos and Zephos from The Wind Waker game tattooed on his legs (by Hollow in Mexico City), and he sent a pic of his new tats over to us. It looks like they came out great!

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2014-12-19 14.07.17

Back in February, Fashionably Geek reader Ross Swanson sent us a pic of the epic Zelda tattoo he had done on his leg. If you haven’t seen it yet, do yourself a favor and check it out: it’ll make you want to play a jaunty tune on your ocarina.

Ross had some additional ink work done to the same leg recently, and he was kind enough to send us a pic. Looks great, Ross, and thanks for the tip!

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This tattoo belongs to 52-year-old Michael Baxter who is, unsurprisingly, a huge fan of The Simpsons. This grandfather who is a prison guard in Barwon, Australia only got his first tattoo about ten years ago, but since then has just kept adding more. His incredible back tattoo was created by Jade Baxter-Smith of Twisted By Design Tattoo and Piercing. He told the Herald Sun:

It’s an addiction. Once you get one you want more and more.

He is hoping to set a Guinness World Record for having the most cartoons tattooed on his body. David Mirkin (who works on the show) even chimed in with his humorous thoughts.

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free tattoos 1

Tattooist Jason Ward spends a few minutes of his time every Friday giving Suzie Barry a free tattoo. Well, free temporary tattoos. Suzie has Down syndrome and she stopped by Muscle and Ink Tattoo in Hamilton, New Zealand one Friday on her way to her vocational day facility. Inspired by the tattoos worn by one of her caregivers, she brought some temporary tattoos that she asked Ward to put on her arm. He treated her just like any other customer:

“In our industry you wear gloves so I put gloves on, it’s a matter of hygiene, and then I put the stick on tattoos on her. She didn’t say thank you or anything, she just got up and left, and that was that. And then she came back the following Friday. And it’s just carried on from there.”

How adorable is that?

Suzie returned for a repeat application the next Friday and has been getting temporary tattoos applied by Ward for almost four months. After the story received a flood of attention, many people contacted the studio to send them more temporary tattoos. Ward told the New Zealand Herald that anyone can help others:

“But there are people in the community that you can do this for. It’s great that people want to do something for Suzie, but they could look a little closer to home. If you just do one thing for one person everyday that makes them smile, then that’s your day. If everybody does that then everybody’s smiling.”

(CoaTA via 22 Words)

geeky temp tattoos 1

Getting tattoos can be an addicting business. I want more, but I’m running out of prime real estate and don’t want to commit to covering more of my skin with ink just yet. Luckily, I have an alternative thanks to Etsy shop Seventh Skin. They offer stunning temporary tattoos that come in elaborate designs and look realistic. You can choose tattoos from Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and more.

Quotes, symbols, intricate illustrations that cover your whole chest – Seventh Skin has it all.

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soccer ball droid tattoo

Tattoos mean different things to different people, but one thing all tattoos have in common is that, unless you want to undergo some painful laser treatments, they’re permanent. So there’s a high level of commitment involved when you choose one.

In this case, the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser trailer was enough for Jordan Breckon to make that commitment to a certain ball droid. Kudos to Jordan’s tattoo artist for catching this little droid in action so perfectly.

What’s also notable is the date on the tweet Jordan made showing off his new ink. From trailer to leg in a day. Most impressive.

Check out Jordan’s tweet about his new ink after the break.

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firefly star wars guns

These awesome guns belong to Jordan Calderon.

Yep, he’s got Captain Malcolm Reynold’s trusty pistol on his left arm and Han Solo’s blaster on his right (the flags are a nice touch). The tattoo was done by Noska at Southside Tattoo ATX.

Those are pretty shiny, Jordan, I gotta say!

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