felipe tattoo

I’ve never been to Brazil, but after seeing the work of this tattoo artist I’m seriously considering taking a trip out there to get myself inked. Brazilian tattoo artist Felipe Rodrigues demonstrates a spectacular mastery of the artform with these vibrant and fluid tattoos he’s designed and posted to his Instagram.

Rodrigues’ subject matter is fairly varied too, ranging from fairytales, flowers and skulls and nature to video games and science fiction.

Check out some more of his amazing creations below.

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rey tattoo

Rey tattoo by Josh Bodwell.

harry tentacle tattoo

Harry Potter/Day of the Tentacle full sleeve done by Jed at Skin Prints in Eau Claire, WI.

Check out more pics below.

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tech tats top

Can tattoos be used to advance medical science? Chaotic Moon Studios certainly thinks so. The “creative technology studio” recently unveiled what they’re calling “Tech Tats.” These temporary tattoos can be used to transmit data for a wide range of practical applications—most notably medical.

The studio makes the tattoos using a conductive ink which is applied to the surface of the skin (so yeah, it’s not permanent). The tat functions as a medical monitoring device, which means that it could track a user’s vital signs and transfer that info wirelessly to an external device (like a cellphone). So, instead of having a patient wear a cumbersome medical device on their chest or arm, they can simply apply this thin, easily concealable tattoo straight to their skin and go about their daily routine unencumbered.

Theoretically, Tech Tats could also be used for other practical applications like authorizing payments at NFC-enabled terminals.

Check out the project video below for more info.

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100 years of tattoos

Casey Lubin decided to turn her body into an art project by getting 11 new tattoos inked into her skin by artist Clae Welch over the course of one week. The result is also a history of the process, as each example was done in the style of specific American tattoo artists from each decade of the last century.

Chances are you’ll feel sore just watching it.

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totoro tattoo

Created by Marc Durrant of MD Tattoo Studio in Northridge, CA.

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harry potter owl tattoo

Look closely at the design of this Harry Potter-themed tattoo as a whole. When you see it…

(SHADOWKEY23713 via Mashable)

enhanced-12372-1447859236-10 copy

Scott Campbell is a famous tattoo artist, and his work adorns celebrities ranging from Penélope Cruz to Marc Jacobs. Recently he embarked upon a tattooing project called Whole Glory that’s not for the faint of heart. He offered his tattooing services free of charge to absolute strangers. The catch? Participants would stick their arm into a hole and Campbell would tattoo whatever he wanted—and they wouldn’t be able to view the tattoo until it was done.

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force awakens tattoo

Well, the first one we’ve seen anyway.

It’s the work of Chris Jones Tattoo. If I’m the dude with the tattoo, I would be spending every waking moment until the premiere hoping that this movie doesn’t suck.

Check out the Instagram post below for more details.

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DIY biohackers with the Pittsburgh-based biohacking collective Grindhouse Wetware recently debuted their newest creation: a silicone implant with LED lights that’s activated by magnets.

Last Saturday, Grindhouse members performed three surgical implantations during a single operation in Dusseldorf, Germany. The roughly coin-sized device, called the Northstar V1, took about 15 minutes to implant and is described as “well-engineered and safe”.

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