harry potter tattoo

This tattoo was based on concept art for art for Order of the Phoenix. It’s the same person behind that amazing Hogwarts tattoo we featured a while back. Needless to say, this is turning out to be one hell of a Harry Potter sleeve.

By Roly at Tattoo Technique in Clarksville, TN.

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serenity tattoo

Proof: he retweeted it. You can check out the tweet after the break…

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venom joker

Done by Keith at Signature Studios.

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adventure time cosplay tattoo

Dad Chris Daly sent us the picture of his Adventure Time Jake and Finn tattoo because it has a really cool story.

Two years ago, Chris and his son dressed up as the most adorable Jake and Finn ever. Everyone liked the picture so much that he decided to turn that cosplay moment into a tattoo.

Chris’ comment on the original pictures was that, while they may not be “serious cosplayers”, dad and son can have fun, too.

Well Chris, you may not be a serious cosplayer, but you’re a seriously cool dad and that is an awesome tattoo.

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Hogwarts sleeve

When I think of Harry Potter tattoos, I usually picture the Deathly Hallows symbol or Harry’s lightning scar – not Hogwarts. This sleeve done by Roly at Tattoo Technique in Clarksville, Tennessee features the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and it’s freaking gorgeous. Magical even. The details in the clouds and on the castle (those lit windows!) are incredible, and it’s hard to believe this ink is still a work in progress.

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close up tattoo

Ever wanted to learn more about the specifics of tattooing? YouTuber SmarterEveryDay is here to help. He stopped in a random tattoo shop, Timepiece Tattoo Company, and spoke with a tattoo artist to learn more about the tools and the process. He took a close-up video of a tattoo in progress and slowed it way down – watching the needles work is fascinating and oddly mesmerizing. Despite having six tattoos, I’ve never looked at the process this way. I feel smarter.

Watch the ink-magic happen after the break.

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doctor who tattoo

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sedda tattoo 1

Tattoo artist Pietro Sedda is based in Milan and has his own shop called The Saint Mariner. His Instagram feed shows off an impressive portfolio of completed inks that are artistic, surreal, and hard to look away from. Many designs feature portraits but instead of faces, the heads are covered in mazes or abstract designs or maybe animals. They’re the kind of works I’d expect to see hanging on the walls of a museum.

More examples of Sedda’s inked art after the break.

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Here’s a great way to solve the problem of deciding just which villain or hero to choose for your next tattoo. James Gaynor aka Jaff of A Magickal Place in Derby, UK gave his client a different character on every finger.

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silence tattoo

Tattoo by Lior Magen of Insane Bodyart.

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