Tattoo artist Mirko Sata specializes in black-and-white snake designs. Simple—yes, but once you see Mirko’s work, you’ll see that he’s actually elevated the tattoo game. The contrast and patterns make his work truly stunning. Check out more examples below…

otaku tattoos

Otaku-themed tattoos (or “Otattoo”…Ha!) are starting to become quite popular in Japan. This comes after a long history of mainstream society associating tattoos with criminals.

However, thanks to artists like Aki-Bonten, that mentality is beginning to change. As you’ll see below, the work coming out of this movement is quite stunning. [click to continue…]

disney princess sleeve

Go big or go home, right?

Katelyn Crane of MD Tattoo Studio in Northridge, CA is the artist behind this fantastic Disney Princess sleeve, and she notes that a villains sleeve is next.

Can’t wait to see it.

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ephemeral tattoo

If temporary tattoos are a one night stand and regular tattoos are a successful marriage, Ephemeral Tattoos are that relationship that started of strong and fizzled after a year because you “need space”.

Indeed, Ephemeral is developing a tattoo ink that specifically engineered to last about a year and then fade. That fading process can also be sped up with a special (and painless) removal solution—and both the tattooing and removal can be done by the same licensed artists that do permanent tattoos.

Ephemeral is still in the testing phase, but they’re planning to launch in August of next year.

And who knows? Maybe after that trial period of living together you’ll decide to take the relationship to the next level. That’s when you can put a real tattoo on it.

(via The Science Explorer)

disney tattoos

These glorious tattoos are the work of @tattoosbyjaclyn. As you’ll see below, she’s a go-to tattoo artist if you need anything Disney-related.

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There are a billion-billion tweets sent on Twitter each and every day, but most of it is fluff. What we had for lunch, what we did on Friday night, which TV show we’re… well, not watching, because we’re too busy tweeting about it to pay attention to what’s on the screen.

But on May 11th, Harry Potter fan Kate, aka @AlwaysJLover on Twitter, sent a tweet to J.K. Rowling that was, well, very personal…

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Inkwell’s new line of watches feature an array of unique designs for tattoo lovers. In fact, the watches utilize an “exclusive printing technology similar to an actual tattoo with its natural depth of lines and shapes”. The designs are also the work of professional tattoo artists.

However, they need your help to make them a reality.

Take a closer look below.

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3d tattoo top

Tattoo artist Winston the Whale (aka Dave) has made a name for himself by creating simple tattoo designs and layering one on top of the other for an old-school 3D effect that recalls the days of drive-in theaters. It all started when one of his friends asked for a 3D Skull tattoo, and took off like wildfire from there.

Check out more examples below.

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What if tattoos like this could become a reality? That’s only one possible application of super thin wearable displays.

Researchers at the University of Tokyo have developed something called an “optoelectronic skin” with polymer LEDs and organic photodetectors that are only 3 micrometers thick! You could have a watch effectively tattoo’d right there onto your hand, which is more effective and useful than the one I drew onto my wrist with a Sharpie, just now, out of boredom.

The tech isn’t quite there yet obviously. It has to be held in place with clingfilm and the display is just a single-digit field that displays your blood oxygen levels. However, it’s easy to imagine all of the applications that advanced wearable displays could have in the future.

Check out a video of the display in action below.

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The Cutest Space Tattoo

planet tattoo top

A relationship between an astronaut and an alien girl that doesn’t need a spacesuit seems like it would be difficult—but I’m sure they’ll make it work.

We’re not sure where this tattoo came from, but yeah—super cute.

Check out the entire design below.

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