totoro tattoo

Created by Marc Durrant of MD Tattoo Studio in Northridge, CA.

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harry potter owl tattoo

Look closely at the design of this Harry Potter-themed tattoo as a whole. When you see it…

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Scott Campbell is a famous tattoo artist, and his work adorns celebrities ranging from Penélope Cruz to Marc Jacobs. Recently he embarked upon a tattooing project called Whole Glory that’s not for the faint of heart. He offered his tattooing services free of charge to absolute strangers. The catch? Participants would stick their arm into a hole and Campbell would tattoo whatever he wanted—and they wouldn’t be able to view the tattoo until it was done.

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force awakens tattoo

Well, the first one we’ve seen anyway.

It’s the work of Chris Jones Tattoo. If I’m the dude with the tattoo, I would be spending every waking moment until the premiere hoping that this movie doesn’t suck.

Check out the Instagram post below for more details.

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DIY biohackers with the Pittsburgh-based biohacking collective Grindhouse Wetware recently debuted their newest creation: a silicone implant with LED lights that’s activated by magnets.

Last Saturday, Grindhouse members performed three surgical implantations during a single operation in Dusseldorf, Germany. The roughly coin-sized device, called the Northstar V1, took about 15 minutes to implant and is described as “well-engineered and safe”.

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sketch tattoos 5

Vancouver-based tattoo artist Naomi Chi has an awesome style that looks like pencil drawings in progress. I love the idea of a tattoo that looks like it came out of a sketchbook—a drawing that you loved so much, you had to make it permanent.

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rotk tattoo

Fashionably Geek reader Mike Bretzlaff sent us this pic of his awesome new LOTR tattoo with the following note:

It’s a B&W rendition of Ted Nasmith’s “Across Gorgoroth” based on a favorite passage in Return Of The King where Sam’s hope is restored upon seeing a star (Earendil). The star and the text were additions to the original artwork I requested for the tattoo.

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Have an idea for a tattoo but you’re afraid to commit? Good news! Momentary Ink will print any custom design as a temporary tattoo so you can test it out.

The temporary tattoos last between 3-10 days and range in price from $15 for a 4-inch design, $19 for up to 8-inches, and $21 for up to 12 inches. The company says if the temps are paired with their special sealing and matting solution, the design should look very close to the real thing.

This is a great idea for experimenting with different designs before making that final, very permanent decision. Check out more examples after the break.

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ink mapping

This ink mapping demo by by Oskar & Gaspar brings tattoos to life with live animation. I can officially add “animated tattoos” to my list of most wanted future technology—right alongside hoverboards and dog translators.

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cinderella tattoo

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