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People get ink for different reasons, and the art of science is a constant inspiration. From Charles Darwin’s Tree of Life to quotes from Carl Sagan to an amino acid sequence – there’s a huge well of history to pull from. One Tumblr, titled F**k Yeah, Math and Science Tattoos, showcases a ton of such tattoos, and it’s fun to see the different kinds of ink people opt to put on their skin.

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tree tattoo

Artist Jan Mráz brings his flair for illustration into his tattoo work at Bobek Tattoo in Prague. It looks as though the images were sketched onto the skin.

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nika samarina tattoo 5

I don’t know how tattoo artist Nika Samarina does it, but these are some of the most vibrantly colored tattoos I’ve seen in my life. The ink looks like it was painted on instead of embedded into the skin!

Her work definitely has a signature look and feel.

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3d printer tattoo machine

Would you get a tattoo from a 3D printer? While it certainly can’t replicate the work of a talented tattoo artist at this point, students from a design school in Paris have rigged a MakerBot 3D printer to tattoo the outlines of basic geometric shapes on human skin. Yes, the real and permanent kinds of tattoos.

The hack came about during an electronics workshop at ENSCI-Les Ateliers design school. The students removed the extruder that pushes out plastic on the MakerBot and replaced it with a pen. They used that to draw temporary shapes on the skin, and once it worked, they replaced the pen with parts from a tattoo machine.

Apparently, volunteers lined up to get a tattoo from a robot. They documented the project with tons of photos on Instructables, and I think developments like this are just a taste of what we’ll see in the 3D printing arena in the next few years.

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This Fluttershy tattoo was drawn by and inked onto DeviantART’s Captain Ambivalent by Shakara Tattoo.

Somehow, seeing Fluttershy with words by Morrissey/The Smiths works. It does take strength to be gentle and kind.

(via Neatorama)


Tattoos, while truly a wonderful art form, can be a little tough to commit to considering they’re so very permanent and all. Temporary tattoos, on the other hand, just aren’t as cool. But TATTONOMY is looking to change that. This company specializes in geeky temporary tattoos that run for about $5 each. There are 12 different designs to choose from (I love the Konami Code tat above), and the tattoos are water resistant and last for a few days.

The company launched recently, and they’re aiming to add new designs monthly. They also want to start crowdsourcing temporary tattoo designs–which means Internet denizens can submit and vote on designs with the goal of helping out some cool charities along the way.

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3d tattoo 1

Tattoos are a form of art, and I’m constantly impressed by the works of different artists. I find ink shaded to look like 3D illusions the most impressive, so I’m blown away by the work of Lippo Tattoo. He’s responsible for all of the 3D tattoo masterpieces in this post, and he’s done them in such a way that they look like they’re going to jump off the skin.

The level of skill it must take to create these convincing layers is hard for me to imagine. He’s applied the technique to make skin look like a ripped map and to make it appear as if insects are sitting on top of skin. Wow.

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lightsaber scar

This is what you call making a scar work to your advantage. Well played, sir. Well played.

(via The Clearly Dope)


Here are two complimentary tattoos featuring a mix of the good and the bad from Fashionably Geek reader Brion. There’s a shoulder tattoo with one amazing image featuring Galactus, Thanos with the Infinity Gauntlet, and Silver Surfer. Then, to balance things out with a little good guy action, we’ve got Wolverine and Iron Man in a work-in-progress image on his other shoulder.

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fantasy lit tattoo

Send your nerdy tattoo pics to

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