wind waker shoes

Custom shoe retailer Bobsmade does simply amazing work when it comes to hand-painting shoes. We’ve featured their offerings in the past, and you’ll see that the company has done a fair number of designs from The Legend of Zelda. This brightly colored paint job features The Wind Waker, and it completely matches the look and palette of the game. They’re maybe the happiest Link shoes I’ve ever seen.

Place your order for a pair of custom Bobsmade shoes here.

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Do I really need to say a lot about these new Cthul-Aid high tops from ShoeFury? I mean, look at the design. These are frickin’ amazing. Needless to say, TeeFury is coming out of the gate strong with the designs in their new shoe line.

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teefury shoes 1

TeeFury has expanded their offerings beyond t-shirts and prints and has launched a footwear line. ShoeFury will eventually include several designs but has kicked with a single print featuring characters from Studio Ghibli by Enfu. They have both slip-ons and high-tops available, and the base of the shoe is Zipz. That brings me to the coolest part about these shoes: the tops zip on and off.

That means once you buy a whole pair shoes, you can skip buying the soles in the future and only purchase new tops. It makes it easy and more affordable to change up your footwear.

See the high-top version and an introduction video after the break.

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hello kitty shoes 1

Sanrio’s celebrating the 40th anniversary of Hello Kitty with style. The first ever Hello Kitty Con happened in Los Angeles over the weekend and they just unveiled a crazy limited edition shoe line. Sanrio worked with Jeffrey Campbell to release a whole line of colorful shoes inspired by the character.

The footwear collection fits right in with the Hello Kitty aesthetic and features bold prints, lots of bows, and depictions of Hello Kitty’s adorable face. My favorite pair is pictured above because it’s covered in faux fur.

More pics of the outlandish footwear after the break.

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shoes - star wars

Even though some shoe companies produce rad fandom-themed shoes, your best bet for getting a unique pair of kicks is heading to Etsy and purchasing from a shop like Eclectic Goods. The shop’s owners, Jaquan and Nicole Robinson, paint Converse shoes with characters from franchises such as Star Wars, Doctor Who, The Walking Dead, and Firefly. They work in a lot of detail and nail the likenesses of the characters they paint.

The shoes are made to order, and turnaround time is 3-5 weeks.

Check out more of Eclectic Goods’ work after the break.

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dark link shoes

There’s Link and then there’s Dark Link. Retailer Bobsmade (we’ve featured his amazing work several times in the past) has captured both sides of the Legend of Zelda hero’s personality on these hand painted Chucks. They’re so detailed and pretty that I’d be afraid to wear them and get them dirty!

If you need a pair of your own, you can place a custom order. The studio’s artists paint on a white canvas shoe and will add any design and colors you like.

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tardis flats

Is there such a thing as too much glitter? Catherine of Aisha Voya Creations was worried that these Exploding TARDIS ballet flats might have a bit too much glitter, but I’m going to go on the record as saying there’s no such thing.

Hand painted and hand glittered, these pretties are made to order as are many of her designs, all of which are very cool and awesomely geeky.

Head after the break to see more of these Exploding TARDIS flats, Dalek flats and Weeping Angel flats.

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What you’re looking at here is a pair of custom made heels designed to look like Ewoks. They’re made to order so you can pick the exact shoe that you want and OrionsOriginals will turn them into fuzzy Ewoks. They take about four weeks to create and come shipped to you in a custom Star Wars comic box. The store is taking a break, but you can sign up to be notified when they’re back in business and ready to put Ewoks on your feet.

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sally shoes 2

I kinda love these Sally print canvas slip-ons from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

They’re cute, they’re inexpensive and they’ll go perfectly with all kinds of outfits, including the Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Cosplay Dress I wrote about earlier.

If someone gets this outfit and the shoes, I totally hope you send me a picture. I bet it’s adorable. Unfortunately, they are currently sold out—but we bet they’ll be restocked soon.

Product Page ($13.50)


These simply beautiful hand-painted Doctor Who shoes are the work of Etsy seller arteclair. They feature a design inspired by the current season’s opening titles with clocks, spinning gears, and of course, the TARDIS. Although this pair has sold, you can contact the seller about getting a Doctor Who design custom made just for you.

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