wampa slippers

Want to keep your feet warm and cozy next winter? Then you need to pre-order these fuzzy Star Wars wampa slippers! Though the creatures may be predators, they look awfully cute and cuddly in this slipper design. The best part about these lounging shoes is that you never have to worry about a wampa taking off your arm. You know where they are at all times and can keep your hands out of reach.

Pre-order for an estimated ship date of September.

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Clawz are not Crocs, but they’re definitely Crocs-like. They may also be even more hideous—which was previously thought to be impossible.

As the name suggests, there are giant plastic claws sprouting from the front of the shoe. The claws are even customizable so you can give your shoes a pedicure with polka dots, stripes and pretty much whatever your creative little mind can manage.

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These incredible hand-painted sneakers are the work of deviantArtist Rachelliles352 who has painted dozens of different nerdy designs. Each is painted freehand with acrylic paints. She sells all of her work and is constantly coming out with new designs.

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bttf power laces

Marty McFly’s Air Mags are pretty much some of the coolest sneakers in film history. They look stylish and have more bells and whistles than most footwear. Of course, the most awesome extra feature of the Back to the Future shoes was the power laces. And guess what? Nike designer Tinker Hatfield says they’re happening in 2015 (the same year as the shoes in the movie). For real.

Hatfield was asked about the power laces during an appearance at the Jordan Brand’s Flight Lab. Sole Collector reports:

“Are we gonna see power laces in 2015? To that, I say YES!” said Hatfield.

Yes, it is amazing news. Hatfield didn’t state which specific kind of shoe the power laces will appear on, but come on – it’s power laces.

(Sole Collector via Gizmodo)


You won’t actually be able to travel through time and space with these TARDIS boots, but you will look amazing. They’re boot-style slippers with a faux-suede surface and embroidered details and even come in a TARDIS themed shoe box. There’s also a Doctor Who logo on the ankle.

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These gorgeous shoes are one-of-a-kind designs by ESKJ Shoes and Art. She makes them to order so you can contact her to make exactly the pair you want to wear. She’s done everything from this beautiful pair of Frozen shoes to Adventure Time, Marvel characters, BioShock and even Fraggle Rock.

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exploding tardis heels

These Doctor Who Exploding TARDIS Heels are custom made by Made By Bunny and you can have a pair for your very own.

Bunny’s business model is a bit different than you may have seen before. The customer is asked to send in their own shoes. As the description explains,”that way you have the option of choosing your preferred style, heel height, and size. Not carrying shoes in stock helps me keep my prices lower, gives my customers options, and avoids any sizing issues.”

It’s also a great option for people who may want custom painted heels but don’t have the ability to craft their own. In addition, Bunny even includes links to shoes that would work well for the design.

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unicorn shoe

You don’t need to sprinkle fairy dust on your toes to make your feet more magical, you just need to buy heels adorned with a fantastical creature. These striking unicorn heels are part of Irregular Choice’s upcoming spring/summer 2014 release. They’re rather dazzling. I love that they are both covered in sparkly gold stars and also have unicorn heads instead of pointy heels. Please note the unicorn’s horn is also gold and shiny.

Note: no actual unicorns were harmed in the production of these shoes… as far as we know.

(SM via BB)


This pair of Nike Air Force sneakers has been custom painted by Sekur D. It’s designed to look like Donatello from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. There are purple accents just like his mask and if you check out the Nike Swoosh you’ll notice it looks a lot like his Bo Staff.

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kitty shoes

If you love cats so much that you refuse to go anywhere without them, Tel Aviv-based designer Kobi Levi has designed the perfect pair of shoes for you.

Called “Miao”, this pair of pumps look just like a kitty stretching. Paws, tail and even a pretty pink collar. But I should warn you, these custom kitty feet are pricy enough to make you hiss.

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