Magical Unicorn Wedges


Can we take a moment together and just squee at these amazingly adorable unicorn wedges!?! Guys, I’m going to be honest, it warms my heart to bring you finds like this!

These sparkly heels of magical perfection are made to order just for you. While you wait for your beautiful pink-horned heels of enhancement, you can dream of the perfect outfit to compliment the fur and sparkles. The detail with each pastel pearl adds a wonderful and whimsical charm to these unique shoes.

Now if I could just learn to walk in high heels. Can I cosplay a clumsy, yet beautiful pink princess unicorn? I’m thinking glitter and band aids. Okay maybe not.

Product page ($100)

Zelda Kicks Of Courage


Characters in video games get power ups all the time, but most of us in real life have to rely on more mundane things like energy drinks or a protein bar. While we’re not likely to ever have something as cool as a Triforce to give us courage, wisdom, or power, you can own these Kicks Of Courage by Pancake Squad.

Think of all of the adventures you and your high tops could have.

Product Page ($79.99)


These Doc Martens will put your favorite Adventure Time characters on your feet. You can choose from Finn, Jake, or both on one boot. They’re available for preorder now in both men’s and women’s sizes with delivery expected at the end of March.

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The ShoeFury plan to take over the world and make us all a little broker continues with both Siren and Sea Witch by Tim Shumate. These themed slip ons are both lovely and I love the idea of wearing them “mismatched” so Ursula and Ariel can face off during the day.

Seriously, these guys are bad for my wallet.

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These sneakers generally look matte black with a neat pattern, but the second a flash goes off that all changes. The Adidas Flux Xeno and Superstar Xeno sneakers are made with a material that reflects bright light back in a rainbow of iridescent color:

In natural light, the black material appears faint with deep shimmers of iridescent colors. But with the flash of a camera, the material explodes with bright colors, spanning the entire rainbow spectrum. The material doesn’t just reflect one color but changes as the angle of the light shifts. The shoe is completely transformed through the lens of a smart phone camera in both video and photos, appearing at first glance as an optical illusion.

They’ll retail from $110 to $140 when they go on sale at retailers February 13th.

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handmade pokemon shoes

I wish I could explain to people who didn’t grow up in the ’70s and ’80s how wonderful hand painted shoes are and how cool it is that you can get them on Etsy now.

These custom Pokemon shoes are made to order and Etsy seller Sara says she can either replicate these designs or make you a pair with the design of your choice. Imagine the possibilities.

Head after the break to check out more of her Pokemon shoe designs.

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It’s becoming clear to me that ShoeFury’s actual goal in life is to make us own 50 bajillion pairs of shoes. I mean, each design they release is cooler than the last one and now they’ve gone and made these Star Wars-inspired Bounty Hunter hi-tops.

Seriously, just take my money. I can’t even at this point.

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I was already in love with the Gamer Nouveau shirt in our store. Now the design has been added to ShoeFury and I sort of flailed all over the place.

How cool would it be to wear the shoes and shirt at the same time? Nouveau from head to toe.

Product Page: ($69.99)

Iron Throne shoes

Remember when we talked about these incredible Iron Throne heels by artist Nikki Rose?

Well, you can now purchase a pair of your very own as Nikki has decided to start offering them for sale. She also went ahead and posted a tutorial in case you’d like to make a pair yourself.

Product Page ($170)

You can check out the tutorial video after the break…

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Sometimes you just don’t want to carry a purse, but you still need to carry a few essentials. These shoes by Double Agent have a secret compartment in the heel hidden behind a spring-operated door. There’s just enough room for your keys, lipstick, and whatever odds and ends you need with you for the day.

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