High heels look great, but they are never comfortable. London College of Fashion graduate Silvia Fado Moreno has come up with a solution in the form of high heels with built-in hydraulic springs to cushion your every step. The Kinetic Traces collection was developed by Moreno through studying impact absorption, shoe weight, traction, and durability and then adding components to make the shoe more comfortable.

There are springs and even rubber balls worked into the designs which have lots of unique wood and leather elements. The shoes were created using both traditional leather and woodworking combined with laser cutting and 3D printing.

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These fantastic shoes and helmets are the work of design firm Mathery Studio who created them for the National Gallery of Victoria. The idea was to encourage kids to be creative by letting them put on the helmets and shoes and create their own art on the floors, walls, and pretty much everywhere they could reach. Unfortunately, they’re not made in adult sizes and aren’t available for sale—but it’s a brilliant idea.

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magnetic shoes

Remember the guy who made retractable Wolverine claws? Of course you do. He didn’t stop there. Colin Furze has developed a pair of magnetic shoes that are strong enough to let him walk upside down on the ceiling. While they’re labeled Magneto shoes, the only thing the footwear has in common with the mutant is magnetic power. Close enough. It looks like the magnet shoes took a ton of effort, but walking upside down seems like a lot of fun.

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Vans Star Wars shoes 1

If you’ve been thinking you didn’t have enough Star Wars sneakers in your closet, Vans is here to help you bump the number up. They’re releasing two galactic collections for the summer. The Vault line, pictured above, has six different shoe designs, and they’re all limited. Less than 300 pairs of each style are available, and they’re already on sale at select locations.

You don’t have to track down exclusive shoes to add some Force to your feet though, Star Wars footwear is also headed to Vans’ general collection beginning June 1. So far, they’ve released images of sneakers and slip-ons featuring Stormtroopers, Yoda, the poster from A New Hope, and a “Classic Repeat” print that features several characters. I’m tempted by these because Star Wars plus comfortable shoes equals happiness.

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adidas instagram shoes 1

When you look through the photos on your Instagram feed, do any of them jump out at you and say, “Hey, please print me on shoes?” If so, you’re in luck because Adidas is going to make that dream a reality. With their upcoming Photo Print App for the ZX Flux, you’ll be able to take a photo (please don’t choose a selfie or a food pic) and get the image printed onto their ZX Flux sneakers. The app will be available for iPhone and Android users this August.

It’s a neat enough idea, but I’m not convinced the images will look crisp and defined on shoes. I also imagine that there will be rules preventing the use of images with copyrighted brands and potentially offensive content. We’ll see.

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star wars wedding 1

Geeky weddings can be classy affairs, and Chris and Ann’s fancy Star Wars-themed nuptials are proof. The bride wore custom painted R2-D2 heels that may be the best Star Wars shoes I’ve ever seen—but that’s not all. The groom’s cake looked like a Star Wars: The Old Republic lightsaber, the main cake featured Star Wars symbols, they used a lightsaber cake cutter, and gave away wedding favors in Rebel Alliance orange (it’s an official color) bags.

Can I sign up on a list to be invited to all the geeky weddings ever?

Photos by Pink Posh Photography.

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walking dead

If you want a pair of shoes that are unique, custom made, and tailored to your particular fandom, check out these hand painted custom Converse by Bubblegum Fusion.

I don’t know how much they cost, but I’m definitely going to look into it. Some Firefly Chucks would be shiny.

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Reebok is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Instapump Fury by releasing 27 special variants of the shoe over the course of this spring and summer. Two of those special designs will be Gundam-themed. The RX-78-2 takes its color palette from the OG Gundam with lots of gray and blue with red and yellow accents. Then there’s Char Aznable’s MS-06S Zaku II which is bright pink and red with purple and gray accents. Pricing is expected to be $190 with the shoes appearing in stores very soon.

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Now you can wear a pair of bootie-style slippers that make your feet look and sound like you’re a robot. This ThinkGeek Exclusive creation makes a step-reactive vrrrrrr-clank noise but comes with an on/off switch in case you need it to be quiet.

These are one-size fits most adult humans. The interior space for your foot is 8″ wide x 13″ long. We intended them to fit up to a U.S. Men’s size 12 (Ladies’ 14), but they might even fit a bit bigger. How they work, the leg is made to hug your calf, so even if your foot is much smaller than a men’s size 12, they should hang on. (Not kids. But adults. We put our tiniest Merchant Assistant into a pair, and she stomped around just fine. And sounded HUGE.) That also means that the circumference of your calf is likely to be the limiting factor. Measure 10″ above the sole of your foot. If it’s more than 15″ around, these are probably not going to fit. If there’s a spot lower on your leg that fits the parameters, you might be able to get away with scrunching them down. But we can’t promise.

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boot wings

Though Dick Grayson can probably borrow cash from Bruce Wayne for super fancy shoes, why would he when he can don this Bootwing design? Griffin Works Leather showed off the boots, and they have awesome black wings with red accents. Though they may not be inspired by Nightwing, that’s how I see them and I’m already imagining how they would look with blue leather in place of the red.

(via Griffin Works Leather)