light up unicorn slippers 4

Unicorns are cool. Unicorn slippers are super cool. Unicorn slippers that light up? Awesome.

These unicorn slippers are made of cotton and polyester and they’re one size fits most up to a women’s size 12. The batteries last 4 – 6 months unless you wear them all the time which, let’s face it, you totally would do.

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When it comes to footwear, humanoid warrior turtles don’t have many options. Our favorite mutant chelonii needn’t worry, though – artists Hussain Almossawi and Quintin Williams have got them covered.

Despite the fact that the Ninja Turtles are, in fact, fictional, they’ve designed special sneakers for them. Designed for comfort, ergonomics, style and – importantly – for feet with two honkin’ great big toes on them, any self-respecting radioactive reptile should find these a rather comfortable option for their day-to-day ninja-ing.

They’re even color-coded for each turtle, which is a nice touch.

Check out some photos of the artists’ work below.

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Screen-Shot-2015-12-28-at-12.47.52-PM copy

These Air Jordan 11 moon landing-themed sneakers, which were supposedly created by Spanish shoe company sivasdescalzo, were set to debut on December 28.

However, the 28th happens to be “el Dia de los Santos Inocentes”, which is basically the Spanish-equivalent of April Fools Day.

So, I’m sad to report that they’re a hoax. An awesome, awesome hoax that I’d totally buy if they were real. On the plus side, they do mention the possibility of making the design a reality in the future.

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I mean, come on.

These heels are an ankle-breaker if I ever saw one, but if you would like to try and make them yourself, a full set of instructions from mikeasaurus is available on instructables.

Check out a short video below to take a closer look at the final product.

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simpsons shoes

I know the perfect nail art to match these shoes.

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So, we’re finally getting sneakers with power laces and shoes that can change designs at the push of a button. The future is now.

Indeed, New York shoe designer David Coelho’s “ShiftWear” sneakers feature a flexible, HD color e-paper display that can depict nearly any design that the wearer inputs.

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Artists Griz and Norm Lemay are feature animation artists at Walt Disney Animation Studio (visual development artist / character designer and storyboard artist respectively) who also enjoy working on their own Disney-themed creations.

Recently, they did a series of beautiful shoes inspired by Disney ladies. Personally, I hope some of these designs become real products. They do have connections after all.

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Designer Nicholas Kirkwood has gone retro for his ten-year anniversary with made-to-order shoes that are inspired by nerdy ’80s nostalgia.

We’re talking Star Wars, Pac-Man, Back To The Future and more. I wasn’t able to find any prices on the Kirkwood 10 Collection, but similar styles for his shoes will set you back over a thousand dollars.

However, looking is free and they are pretty.

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chewbacca boots

There has been some speculation that Rey is crying over Chewbacca’s body in the Force Awakens trailer. If that turns out to be the case, let’s hope these boots aren’t made of real Wookiee.

Actually, these boots from Irregular Choice are brown faux fur with silver laces and digital Chewbacca prints. So Chewie basically has your back when you wear them.

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Mohamed Sanu, a wide receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals, recently showed off his awesome new Joker-inspired cleats. The shoes, designed and painted by KreativeCustomKicks, feature an image of the Joker from The Dark Knight on one side, and the Joker’s famous quote “Why so serious?” on the other.

But that’s not all of the nerdy cleats Sanu owns. As you can see below, he also has a pair of Dragon Ball Z-themed cleats.

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