harley quinn cami

This Harley Quinn mesh camisole and panty set is just the thing for getting into mischief. It’s 95/5 nylon/spandex and features a harlequin pattern on the cami top and the panties.

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Now you can sleep like a superhero or supervillian as Batgirl, Harley Quinn, or Wonder Woman in these new stretch chemises. Or not sleep. I’d say that’s up to you.

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This unique dreamcatcher bodice is definitely eye-catching and absolutely perfect for your next Ren Faire. According to Etsy shop owner Firelight Fashions:

“This dream catcher bodice is totally unique and truly amazing! With a large crocheted dream catcher on the back, this bodice is guaranteed to catch the eye of just about anyone! It has been a favorite of many people and has been seen on the runway at LA Fashion Week!

This bodice has adjustable laces on the on the front, and both sides. It comes to a beautiful point at the back and down the front. It’s also fully reversible!”

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tribal pixie

This sexy hooded top is perfect for the summer. The fantastic pixie hood cascades down to meet a glitter knit section that gives the entire top that extra stand-out sparkle. Etsy shop owner Luna Design hand makes each top from super soft jersey knit so it’s durable and breathes easy.

The pixie top comes in ton of great colors too. Check out another pic of this must have summer-festival top after the break.

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The Sparkliest R2-D2 Bra


Decorated and bejeweled, this R2-D2 is ready to party. Using a real under-wire bra for comfort and support, this droid accessory comes in pretty much every size.

And there tons of awesome superhero and Disney-themed unmentionables worth mentioning from the Etsy shop, like Wonder Woman, Jasmine from Aladdin and Spider-Man. Check out more sparkly designs after the break.

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I love when cosplayers take characters outside their traditional roles for super viral photo ops. So Superman is totally smooching Arrow. Wonder Woman looks okay with it, but Black Canary looks piiiiiiissssed.

Photography by: Frozen Memories by CJ

Black Canary: AlyCat Cosplay

Green Arrow: Epyon Merquise

Wonder Woman: PhoenixForce85

Wonder Woman, a.k.a. Laura, posted this fantastic kiss on her Deviant Art page where she was able to catch the moment between this super hunky Superman (her boyfriend) and Arrow. They have an awesome combined cosplay page called JessoLauraRex for all their adventures together. And side note, Black Canary and Arrow are actually engaged in real life. That would explain the look. He’s in so much trouble!

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These adorable hooded tops will keep you cool in the coming summer months (if they ever get here) while proudly displaying your fandom. Etsy shop owner TheGr8Pretender has a tons of styles to choose from including Sailor Moon, Power Rangers, Pokemon, and even Totoro.

Now you can express your geeky self with these comfortable cotton tops for a price that won’t break the bank.

Check out more styles below.

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Redditor Manzinat0r custom made this super sleek Triss Merigold costume from The Witcher 2 as a booth promotion for WB Interactive and CD PROJEKT RED.

Model: Jessica Dru
Photgraphy: Greg De Stefano Photography

Details like the corset, half sleeve hood, and broken-in boots help to bring this siren sorceress to life. On his website, Manzinat0r explains:

“The bodice, pouches, belts and boots are real leather, custom fabricated and dyed. The sleeves and bolero are faux suede with real leather trim. This costume was hand made to match their models measurements.”

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Etsy shop Mitmunk has answered our call for sexy armored fashion in breathable, comfortable polyester-spandex fabric. And the sharp detailing is actually dyed right into the material so the colors won’t fade.

“The artwork is beautifully rendered and printed onto the fabric by the artist himself. Details and shading enhance the vividly coloured armour plates. Elements are carefully placed on the garment to be flattering for the body when worn. Side seams are overlocked for stretchiness and durability.”

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The shading is really what brings the details to 3 dimensions. And Mitmunk has dresses in bionic styles as well as armored panties. There’s even armored underwear for guys!

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Harley Quinn is the ultimate crazy and sexy villain, and this hot little number would totally have been in her closet. From the product description:

“This knee-length number has four diamonds on both the left and right chest and a removable black belt, ripe for all your “I have a black belt” jokes. The mallet you have to provide yourself.”

Your puddin’ couldn’t possibly resist.

Product Page ($49.99)