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Are you Sam and Dean’s biggest fan or their most terrifying enemy? Perhaps both. A fan that’s so obsessed (possessed?) that the hunters become the hunted. To make matters worse, your gigantic onesie doubles as a wingsuit so you can attack from the sky. That’s an episode of Supernatural that I would love to see. [click to continue…]

Japanese lingerie brand Peach John has made a name for itself creating offbeat collections based on popular properties like Sailor Moon, One Piece and Pokemon. However, they really outdid themselves with this Kirby 25th anniversary line. Most of it appears to be designed as sleepwear, but I know that some of you are just dying to step out dressed like a whoopee cushion. [click to continue…]

We’ve seen plenty of union suits—some of which even have capes. This Wonder Woman union suit has the cape, but then goes to eleven with the tiara. [click to continue…]


I have a birthday coming up this month and if there’s one thing I know, no matter how old I get, I’ll always love things like these Disney onesies. They make these in adult sizes for a reason, people. Check out more examples below. [click to continue…]


Seriously, how can you?

Indeed, these Giant Pufferfish Slippers look cozy—and your feet are protected from predators. Unfortunately, your feet will also be considered a deadly delicacy.

Giant Pufferfish Slippers ($40.49)

batman beyond robe

More like Batman Bed Bath And Beyond. Amirite?

ha Ha HA…eh.

Batman Beyond Costume Robe ($59.99)


What’s cuter than a cuddly, lovable Pokémon? Well, how about a whole mess of baby Pokémon wearing adorable onesie pajamas? GeekXGirls turned us on to ItsBirdyArt‘s fun illustrated series, and if you look closely, you’ll notice that the Pokémon are wearing onesies of their respective final evolutions. Which one is your favorite? I’m thinking Squirtle, hands down.

Check out the rest of the series below.

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salior moon top 2

When you have to fight evil by moonlight, and then win love by daylight (right after!) one way to get through your struggles is to feel good by suiting up in your favorite outfit. Thanks to Japanese department store Isetan and some of the world’s most famous designers, Sailor Moon fans can fill their closets with even more pieces inspired by the legendary anime itself.

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The collaboration reaches far and wide into the world of fashion to offer an array of choices in jewelry, sleepwear, and everyday clothing for the modern-day magical girl on the go. The line is now expanding to three locations in Japan: Tokyo, Osaka, and now Nagoya.

The collection’s release features some incredible daily outfit ideas featuring the various products available from the line:

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Pajamas. Jim-jams. Mr. Slick’s Bedtime Uniform. Whatever you call ’em, they’re great to wear while sleeping, lounging, or paying for slightly-bruised produce using already-used postage stamps you’ve steamed off of the envelopes that one weird aunt uses to send you her Full House erotica.

Jimble-jambles are already pretty golly gosh darn comfortable. But last year Japanese company Bibi Lab took things to the next level with their Dame Gi full-body pajama suit.

The Japanese Internet tends to describe outrageously comfortable items such as this as “hito wo dame ni suru” which, literally translated, means “it will ruin people.”

Naturally, they’ve been pretty popular, and now Bibi Lab have released a new variant of these jormp-jomps for the discerning lady otaku. Appropriately named Dame Gi-Chan, these pajamas feature flaps for a solo ponytail or twin tails. It also features a smooth, soft interior lining, and a rear zipper for easy access to your pooper for when you’ve got to make dirt, thus reducing the amount of time you have to spend away from your Crunchyroll binge-watch.

Check out more pics below.

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light up unicorn slippers 4

Unicorns are cool. Unicorn slippers are super cool. Unicorn slippers that light up? Awesome.

These unicorn slippers are made of cotton and polyester and they’re one size fits most up to a women’s size 12. The batteries last 4 – 6 months unless you wear them all the time which, let’s face it, you totally would do.

Check out more pics below.

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