light up unicorn slippers 4

Unicorns are cool. Unicorn slippers are super cool. Unicorn slippers that light up? Awesome.

These unicorn slippers are made of cotton and polyester and they’re one size fits most up to a women’s size 12. The batteries last 4 – 6 months unless you wear them all the time which, let’s face it, you totally would do.

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Frank the Rabbit would like to keep your feet warm. Because who wouldn’t want to have their feet covered in a terrifying rabbit from a cult movie favorite?

If they start whispering to you, I suggest you burn them.

Product Page ($36.29)


This Officially-licensed Batgirl Brushed Terry Lounger is a one-piece PJ that includes a cowl, Batgirl logo and a removable metallic cape.

The arms have cuffs with holes for your thumbs and it’s got a super-soft brushed terry lining, so you can sleep in it and then be dressed when crime happens at any hour (it’s kind of like the superhero equivalent of going to the supermarket in sweatpants).

There’s also a Batman Arkham version, so there’s plenty of comfy crimefighter coverage for everyone.

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unicorn slippers

It seems like you’ve been looking for a good pair of unicorn slippers for ages right? Well, your quest is over. These NUTTY Unicorn Slippers are the only unicorn slippers you need. Just make sure to grab them while you can because they’ll sell out in a hot second.

Unicorn Slippers ($26)

ASOS also makes a pair of unicorn slipper boots which are pictured below.

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sailor moon pjs for men

Japanese clothing designer Bibi Lab has figures that Sailor Moon isn’t just for girls. So, they took the unexpected step of creating new Sailor Moon pajamas for men. And they didn’t hold back.

Quick, somebody call Lady Beard to model these!

They also made a black version of the PJs, for formal occasions or something.

I don’t know about you, but I’m totally jealous of those thigh-high slippers. I bet they’re cozy!

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Everyone knows that stepping on a Lego brick with bare feet is the worst kind of pain. However, it seems that Lego has finally acknowledged the problem with these anti-Lego slippers that feature extra protective padding.

The slippers were created as part of a collaboration between Lego and ad agency Brand Station for a holiday promotion. Unfortunately, only 1500 pairs will be produced, but they are being randomly given away to people that create a wish list on the Lego France website.

Not to worry though. Even if you don’t secure a pair, these Lego slippers would probably be a suitable replacement.

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Let’s face it. PJ’s are awesome—and these Marvel sleep sets from Target are doubly so because they are completely covered with Captain America, Spider-Man and comic panel designs.

If only Target would offer some female superhero options.

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r2-d2 slipper boot

Crazy and comfy I assume.

I think you should pair these fuzzy R2-D2 Slipper Boots with these updated Batman Caped Slipper Boots for maximum fun.


While it may not feel like Fall for some of us, cooler weather is bound to come sooner or later.

That means you’ll need cozy clothes to keep you warm—which is where this pair of Harley Quinn plush slippers and a Harley Quinn cardigan come in handy.

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It doesn’t matter what side of the force you are on, these Star Wars slippers will keep your feet cozy. They definitely beat crawling into a taun taun on Hoth for warmth.

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