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While I love talking about fun and geeky dresses for adults, little girls love dressing up with their favorite characters too.

This Baymax print dress by Nana’s Sewing Closet is made to order in sizes 2T to a girls 8 and I think it’s so cute.

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Meet the hippest 3-year old geek with the best fashion sense ever! She’s the daughter of stay-at-home dad and blogger Simon Ragoonanan. He loves her unique style so much that he decided to let her start dressing herself, and the results went viral.

Simon writes on his blog Man vs. Pink that girls can be more than just princesses and “that pink doesn’t have to be the only colour they like.” He lets his amazing little girl have her own voice and allow her personality to shine…with  capes and all.

“Since she’s turned 3, I’ve decided to stop doing that, as I’m trying to raise an independent, empowered girl. I’m kind of sending mixed messages if I decide what she wears every day! So every morning, she chooses herself.”

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Not all girls like pink and hearts and rainbows, including the daughters of Rebecca Melsky and Eva St. Clair. In a bold attempt to break the stereotype of “girly” prints, Rebecca and Eva launched their own clothing line called Princess Awesome. Some of the more popular prints include images of pirates, robots, and the math symbol PI.

The duo’s Kickstarter project quickly blew past their goal, becoming the highest-funded children’s clothing line campaign after only three days. They explain on their Kickstarter page:

“We believe that if a girl likes purple and also likes trucks, she should be able to wear a purple truck dress. And if a girl likes princesses and also aliens, then an alien princess skirt is for her.”

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Ever wonder what it would be like to have a clone of yourself? Well, with the DOTA 2 Meepo Cowl you can finally clone up to four versions of yourself! Eh… just kidding. This Cowl doesn’t have any special cloning powers. Still, it’s made from a comfy jersey knit/cotton blend, and the ears are made from something called Velboa, with is a very soft acrylic fabric. So, no on the cloning and teleporting, but yes in regards to the cowl being extremely comfortable. At least that’s something, right?

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Titan Cosplay 1

Stephanie at All About Ami recently went to Anime Expo and dressed up her child Myla as the scarf-wearing soldier Mikasa from Attack on Titan. If you’re not familiar, the show is an anime taking place in the future where humanity has been rendered nearly extinct due to giant human-consuming monsters simply called Titans. The heroes attack the Titans with swords and are equipped with 3-D maneuvering wire gear attached to their legs. Mikasa is an amazing character from the show and Mila’s proportions compared to any adult Titan cosplayers at the Expo just made her that more accurate. It’s surprising that an adorable cosplay like this can come from such a violent and often terrifying series.

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science shirts top

Geek girls know from experience that many retailers don’t understand that we like the same things geek boys like. So, we often get girlyfied versions instead of something that’s just made in a girl’s size.

One such retailer, Lands’ End, was taken to task by a mom who wanted to know why the boys got space themed tee’s with the solar system or a NASA logo and girls only had options for “cute” shirts with colorful stars (see above) or dogs in tutus.

What’s interesting here is that, while many retailers might not give it another thought, Lands’ End responded and even went a step further by updating their t-shirt selection for girls.

You can check out the mom’s letter and Lands’ End’s response after the break.

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This poodle skirt does one better than having a fuzzy dog applique to make it cute. Instead, it features everyone’s favorite robotic dog, Doctor Who‘s K-9. Denise and James decided to make this for their daughter Sabrina’s sock hop. They started by getting an image of K-9 from the internet which Denise then worked onto the skirt. All three of them are Whovians, so although this was made for one dance, they expect it’ll see use again at their local con.

(reddit via io9)


Speaking as a Mom, you have no idea how close every single one of us comes to making this type of mistake on a daily basis. Personally, I live in fear of Spirit Week and the possibility that I’ll send my daughter to school with Crazy Hair on Mismatch Day and she’ll be traumatized for life. For this kid, it’s too late. You can just see on his face that this moment will be the one that has him in therapy in his thirties. The day Mom mixed up Pajama Day and Picture Day will never be forgotten.

(reddit via Happy Place)


Blogger Ilana Wiles of Mommy Shorts recently discovered the art of what she calls “baby suiting”. Basically, it’s all about putting a baby in a business suit (or oversized hockey jersey, flight suit, etc.) and taking a picture. On a side note, is it just me, or do the babies end up looking like little reverse bobbleheads? It’s all very endearing to say the least.

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Meet Lilith Barrial. I’d say she’s a geek girl in training, but since I know she’s already got her own pull list and she can talk Teen Titans with the best of them, I’m just gonna call her a geek girl.

This weekend, Lilith was at ECCC to help her mom and dad at the Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab booth and they sent us these awesome pics.

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Update: This Raven cosplay was made by Miko Simons.

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