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Okay, now I want to see a Star Trek: The Next Generation series set in Starfleet Academy with the crew as young cadets. The series would start with a scene featuring Picard entering the bathroom wearing his sweet varsity hoodie. He’d stand in front of the mirror, pull down the hood and run a comb through his thick, luxurious mane. Outside, a peach fuzzed Riker would kiss his lady friend goodbye before class, burst in to the bathroom, sit on a nearby toilet all smooth like and toke up. Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]

deadpool cardigan

Won’t this cardigan be cozy come Autumn? Set the mood with a little classical music playing on vinyl, a roaring fire, a stiff drink and a Hello Kitty backpack full of weapons at your feet.

Deadpool Symbol And Straps Cardigan ($74.99)

pg vests

We recently spotted our first Pokemon Go cosplay and now we’ve discovered our first Pokemon Go-themed Trainer vests by Volante Design. These vests are handmade in the US and have a zipper pocket on each side to keep basic items secure—like two portable battery chargers. They also have webbing on each side of the hip for other stuff you may want to clip on—like extra battery chargers.

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Volante also says the first 40 orders will be numbered special editions, so if you want one, you may want to hurry. Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]


If you’re looking for officially licensed, good looking leather Suicide Squad jackets, you’ll want to check out these new jackets for The Joker, Deadshot, Killer Croc, and El Diablo.

I really like the embossing on both Killer Croc and El Diablo, but the detail on all of the jackets is fantastic. I’m surprised they don’t have a Harley Quinn, but maybe that’s coming later. Check out the entire lineup below. [click to continue…]


Like it or not, the affect that Resident Evil 4 had on the survival-horror genre is undeniable. It shifted the Resident Evil franchise away from fetch quests and towards a more action-oriented direction, which in turn had a knock-on effect on other genre staples such as Silent Hill. Arguably, neither franchise has properly recovered over the last decade.

But hey, clothes! Those are neat, right? Remember that leather jacket worn by Leon S. Kennedy for like seventeen goddamn seconds at the beginning of RE4? Well now you can own one of your very own! That is, of course, provided you have about $1,300 (or, in actuality, 129,600 yen) to drop on what looks to be a very run-of-the-mill leather jacket, because yikes. [click to continue…]


If you’ve been to SDCC in the last few years, it’s possible you saw cosplayer Tony Kim running around either at the show or helping people get ready for the con. I’ve known Tony for years, and he’s a passionate and super helpful person and cosplayer.

He’s also has a great eye for style, so it didn’t surprise me in the least when he announced his new, officially licensed Hero Within clothing line, which he describes as a fashion brand that blends sophisticated style with pop culture. [click to continue…]

hot topic suicide squad

It seems like eeeeeverybody is launching a collection of clothing inspired by Suicide Squad and, not surprisingly, Hot Topic went all in.

The collection can be pre-ordered now ahead of the July 22nd release. Keep in mind that plus sizes are only available online.

Check out more pieces from the collection below. [click to continue…]


If you were worried that it would be too hot outside for your Mewgaroo hoodie, worry not! There’s a new summer version for all of your cute cat carrying needs.

Like the long sleeve version, it features pom poms and cat ears on the hood. Clearly, you need this in your life.

Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]

attack on titan hoodie

We’ve seen a full zip Colossal Titan cosplay hoodie, and now Attack On Titan fans of the option of casually cosplaying as Mikasa.

This is actually one of the more elaborate costume hoodies we’ve seen. It comes with the cropped jacket, the white shirt, and her signature scarf that doubles as a hood.

Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]


ThinkGeek just made it easy for you to dress up in Anduin Lothar’s armor from the Warcraft movie.

This Warcraft Lothar Armor Hoodie is a full-zip costume hoodie with sewn on pauldrons and bracers, printed and embroidered details, an oversized hood, a custom brass Alliance shield zipper pull and thumbholes for the sleeves.

Stride into the theater wearing it with pride — and try and stay out of the Horde section. [click to continue…]