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If you listen to Pink Floyd’s 1973 album, The Dark Side of the Moon, eleven times in a row and you sing all of the lyrics to “Us and Them” while staring into a mirror, and if the stars are in perfect alignment, it’s entirely possible to summon a unicorn. Then, and only then, will you truly grasp what it means to witness “The Dark Side of the Unicorn.” You have been warned.

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You can turn yourself into a video game villain with this Bowser hoodie. It’s got metal studs and cool spikes all over the back which are attached by Velcro so they can easily be removed if they’re getting in the way (the hood as well).

The hoodie is made of fleece and can be worn as a jacket or even alone as more of a shirt. It’s even machine washable so it’ll be easy to keep it clean.

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Etsy seller Traffic Cone has been making Mario-inspired Pirahna Plant hoods and is now turning the idea into full on hoodies. The hood is the mouth with the teeth framing your face and there are leaves at the neck and on the sleeves. This is made to order in the size of your choice.

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hope love hoodie

The new Star Wars Rebel Hope and Empire Love hoodies from Her Universe are already a great way to show your love for the Dark Side or the Light. But Her Universe has put together a bundle for those of us who may live life on both sides of The Force depending on the day.

The bundle also means that you’ll save $15 vs. buying them separately.

It’s like Ashley Eckstein just gets what it’s like to be a Star Wars fangirl, or something.

Product Page ($65)


I saw this new Harry Potter Gryffindor cardigan from Hot Topic and all I thought was, “Well, that’s just perfect”.

Seriously, cardigans are so much cooler these days. I’m used to cardigans being boring, itchy and generally something your mom made you wear when you were supposed to “look nice”.

Is it bad that I hope they make one for Slytherin?

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If you’re anxiously awaiting the release of Batman Arkham Knight, you might be interested to know that there is an officially licensed jacket made by a company called Bay 57. The jacket is a limited run and they’re currently taking pre-orders.

The jacket comes in sizes small to 2XL and the company says they have free worldwide shipping. From the reviews, this jacket may run small so it might be best to consider a larger size or check with them before you order.

Product Page £69.99 (approx 106.00 USD)


Captain Marvel fans will definitely dig this handmade, Captain Marvel jacket from Etsy seller Dorisz1dSz (who has lots of other nerdy hoodies in her shop). All of the embroidery is sewn on and it comes in a range of sizes.

However, I did double check on this, it doesn’t look like this jacket grants its wearer the ability to lift cars, control magic lightning or even fly. I mean, the jacket looks great and all, but I want to control lightning! Is that honestly too much to ask?

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This cute costume hoodie will turn you into Charmander from Pokémon. It’s made from warm polar fleece with his face on the hood and a little fiery tail that curls up in the back. It’s available in a variety of sizes and can be custom cut for a perfect fit.

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Online retailer RageOn has some of the most insanely unique Pokemon items I’ve ever seen. That uniqueness, plus the fact that they’re having a sale means it’s a great time to check out their stuff.

I’m not sure if you ever thought you needed a tank with Charmander saying “Burndown For What?” Or if you wanted a Pokemon shower curtain or bedspread, but they’re here and they’re intense.

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As a plus sized lady, I’m pretty familiar with Torrid and, if you aren’t familiar with Hot Topic’s plus sized sister store, it’s a good time to get to know them.

While the store went off the rails fashion-wise for a few years, they’re definitely skewing back to the kinds of geek goth alternative styles many of us came to love—as evidenced by this Disney Nightmare Before Christmas drape cardigan.

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