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Love Skyrim? Love comfortable but attractive hoodies? Then you can stop right here and drool over this new Dark Brotherhood ANGL hoodie design from Treehouse and Bethesda. It’s made especially for women so it has a tailored, flattering fit.

They’ve carefully considered each detail when designing this hoodie too. You’ll find an asymmetrical zipper, an oversize hood that also serves as a cowl, and my favorite: thumb holes! Another perk? There’s a headphone feed in each pocket.

This hoodie design is the most flattering and warm sweatshirt I’ve ever owned. Seriously. And I have a bit of a hoodie obsession. The black and wine color palette and Dark Brotherhood hand print with the ominous words “We know” are icing on the cake.

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You might see folks with tattoos and denim vests covered in buttons and pins and patches wandering around Disneyland and think they’re in a gang. The reality is that Neverlanders SC is actually a social club of hardcore Disney fans who have regularly scheduled gatherings at the park. They have an active community of 60 members that even includes kids.

Check out more on Vice who spent one afternoon with the group and shares their wonderful story.

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First, it was a Mass Effect leather jacket, featuring authentic N7 markings. But now the folks at Jammy Munkey have taken it to the next logical step: Mass Effect varsity jackets. Now you can hang out with the cool kids in the high school cafeteria, bragging about giving Husks wedgies in the hallway.

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Commander Shepard from Mass Effect rocked some pretty spiffy N7 armor, but do you know what might’ve looked better? Leather. Probably would’ve offered very little protection from lasers, but it would’ve looked really stylish.

Indeed, Bioware will soon release a limited edition leather jacket with all of the classic N7 markings. It’s currently available for preorder, and it should ship in April. But reserve your jacket quickly, folks: they only have 600 and they’re going to go pretty fast!

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This hooded sweatshirt will turn you into everyone’s favorite psychotic jester in the most adorable way possible. It’s got a zippered front that helps divide it into the black an red color scheme and the hood is even a jester’s hat.

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Japan has had its share of cold weather this year, but that doesn’t mean everyone should run out and buy a pile of sweaters. Blogger Mr. Sebuyama suggests another approach: wear a single sweater and nothing else. If you put your feet in the sleeves and tuck into yourself, you can cover your most of your body with a sweater and also look like a turkey. I don’t even have the words.

He wore the sweater inside and even ventured outdoors in bare feet in the snow. It just proves the theory that yes, you can and will see everything on the internet.

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Etsy shop Rarity’s Boutique is known for unique hoodie designs that are both functional and also serve as casual cosplay. We’ve featured some of her designs in the past – including rad Doctor Who sweatshirts. Lisa Lou (owner of the shop) has given us an exclusive preview at her new hoodie line that features Sailor Moon! It has five different colored designs, one look for each of the five primary scouts. The bows have snaps and are detachable so you can wear them in multiple ways. I love it!

The Sailor Moon line launches on March 3rd at 12am CST at Rarity’s Boutique on Etsy. Get your clicking fingers ready and set a reminder; the hoodies will probably fly out the door faster than the Sailor Scouts transform.

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hp sweatshirt 1

Pull on this comfy-looking sweatshirt to cozy up with all seven Harry Potter books at once! Etsy seller So Effing Cute has fit the essence of all the titles onto a shirt design without making it look crowded. I’m impressed. It’s a cool, minimalist design that’s made to order. You can choose the size of the shirt, and you can pick from a couple of different colors. Turnaround time for the shirts is 1-2 weeks.

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deathball shirt copy

The Magic Death Ball is not a moon or a space station–it’s a t-shirt. The triangle dice in the little window (where the planetary laser should be) reads: “I have a bad feeling about this.” If you shake the T-shirt again, a peaceful planet without any weapons will be blown up as a message to all that rebel scum in the galaxy.

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robogirl crewneck

OMOCAT just made our day with this Robogirl Crewneck. Anime cute meets Westworld with a distressed look (the word reads “robot!”).

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