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If you find yourself having to catch up on sleep on your lunch break or during a bus ride, Los Angeles-based designer Josh Woodle may be able to improve your life with his new “Hypnos Hoodie”. The garment looks like a conventional hoodie, except the hood itself inflates to form “a perfectly ergonomic pillow”.

The hoodie is available in three colors and features an oversized design that conceals the pillow without being bulky. The pillow also inflates in just three seconds to maximize your nap time efficiency.

The Hypnos Hoodie is currently a fully funded Kickstarter campaign, but there is still time to nab one for a minimum pledge of $49.

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens may be everywhere right now, but Ryan Reynolds isn’t letting us forget about the Merc with a Mouth. Reynolds is counting down the 12 Days of Deadpool to spread holiday cheer. From Deadpool’s Christmas list to this lovely sweater, he’s keeping it lively.

If someone doesn’t make this sweater, I’ll be shocked. Of course someone will make it. It clearly needs to be a thing we can buy.

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superhero minimalism

This line of matching sweatshirts, underwear, t-shirts and tanks is described as “Superhero Minimalism”, but there’s nothing minimalist about completely covering yourself in brightly colored superhero faces. It’s a bold look for bold nerds.

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Recently, we saw these modern takes on hakama and haori coats and now we’ve discovered these amazing samurai parkas.

Your journey to becoming a modern Samurai continues.

The fashion designers at Kyoto-based Wazigen Shizukuya have unveiled a new collection of samurai-inspired parkas made using modern materials. They even have cool names like the Dubai, The Ulanbator (named for the Mongolian capital Ulaanbaatar), the Transylvania, and the Kamchatka.

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jurassic ugly sweater

Yep, ugly Christmas sweaters don’t get much better than this. If your friends don’t get the Jurassic Park reference, should they really be your friends?

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The Krampus movie was a surprise hit, and so you shall be at any Christmas party while wearing this official Krampus sweater. It’s made of 100% acrylic which, as everyone knows, wards off evil spirits.

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The Disney Store has created a new app called “Disney Store Become” which, when paired with this BB-8 Costume hoodie, lets you become BB-8.

Just download the app from iTunes or Google Play, activate the app and put your phone in the front pocket of the BB-8 hoodie. When you move, the app produces BB-8 noises, motion effects and more.

The BB-8 hoodie is only available for kids currently, but word from Disney is that an adult version is on the way, along with other interactive character apparel down the road.

Product Page ($34.99)

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Japanese company Trove has redesigned the haori (a traditional short coat normally worn over a kimono) with new fabrics that are designed for warmth as well as comfort and ease of movement.

The samurai look is going to be hot next year—I can feel it.

The navy wool haori has a wool shell and is lined with cupra rayon. It’s also understated enough to pair with contemporary clothing. The golden haori also has a wool shell, but the lining is made from a fabric developed for the British Royal Air Force called ventile (you learn something new every day).

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star wars retro

Somebody needs to bring these jackets back ASAP.

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This new plus-sized Doctor Who Fair Isle knit open cardigan is a stylish and nerdy way to embrace the winter and get into the holiday spirit.

It also works wonders on drying up all the tears from emotional character exits.

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