Jackets and Sweaters


Do you want to make a fashion statement that says “I’m a survivor”? Then look no further than Demobaza.com.

Actually, the tattered jackets and pants would be perfect for a Mad Max or Walking Dead cosplay. The site has a ton of creative options for men and women to combine and layer for that perfect neo-futuristic vibe.

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If there were biker gangs in Star Trek, then the Klingons would be the scariest of the lot. This denim jacket makes you an honorary member of the Sons of Stovokor.

This jacket features the emblem of the Klingon Empire embroidered on the chest with a back patch which reads “Onward to Sto-vo-kor” in transliterated Klingon characters (well, technically “Sthovoqor” – it’s like a Klingon with a slight speech impediment said it – maybe as the result of a jaw broken in battle?) on the top and “It is a good day to die” in tlhIngan Hol beneath a Klingon skull and crossed bat’leths. This design is a ThinkGeek exclusive. The black denim is 100% cotton. Machine wash cold, inside out. Dry flat. Do not put in dryer. Imported.

Today is definitely a good day…to ride.

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star trek cardigan

You can lounge like a member of Starfleet in these Next Generation cardigans. Choose from gold or teal in a 100% cotton cardigan with front button closures and the Starfleet emblem on the breast.

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These unique knits are the work of Anna Mo who uses crazy thick strands of wool and equally gigantic needles to make her creations. The stitches are each three inches thick and will make it look like you’ve been rummaging around in a giant’s closet.

She has blankets, bags and other items available in her shop and you can buy the yarn and needles if you want to stitch a chunky creation of your own.

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I know it’s coming up on summer, but when it gets chilly, you’re going to need a sweater. Plus, this is a Captain Marvel sweater which makes it way more awesome than your average sweater. All you need is the mohawk and you’re good to go.

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For cool summer nights, grab your favorite Marvel Avengers-style hoodie from Etsy shop Kusuriurisan’s awesome collection. There’s both cotton long sleeve and short sleeve hoodie t-shirts available representing Captain America, Hawkeye, Winter Solder, Black Widow, and more.

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Catch ’em all or just keep warm in this Pokemon Pikachu cardigan. It’s cute, it’s cozy and it has Pikachu on it. But the best part is that it has Poke Ball buttons!

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You’ve been up all night playing the game and now you can be out all day in great Witcher 3 apparel. There are awesome raglan shirts for men and women with Geralt and Ciri. There’s also a fantastic hoodie with thumbholes at the cuffs and an MP3 player holder and eyelet in the front pocket. All are officially licensed products.

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This awesome varsity jacket inspired by Pokemon is hand-made to order by Etsy shop Player1Clothing. It comes in a variety of colors and includes hidden pockets for headphone cords and loops below the neck line to secure them.

There’s also jackets inspired by Mario Kart, Zelda, and Star Fox. Go get your gaming spirit on!

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horror hoodie

All the classic cinema killers are rolled into one fantastically frightening hoodie. It’s made to order and includes famous villains like Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger, Leatherface, Pinhead, Hannibal Lecter and Pennywise.

Oh, and I love that it also has Jaws.

Waaaaait—is that the scary chick from The Grudge on the inside of the hood? Okay, forget it. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope.

Product Page ($69.84)