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Online retailer RageOn has some of the most insanely unique Pokemon items I’ve ever seen. That uniqueness, plus the fact that they’re having a sale means it’s a great time to check out their stuff.

I’m not sure if you ever thought you needed a tank with Charmander saying “Burndown For What?” Or if you wanted a Pokemon shower curtain or bedspread, but they’re here and they’re intense.

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As a plus sized lady, I’m pretty familiar with Torrid and, if you aren’t familiar with Hot Topic’s plus sized sister store, it’s a good time to get to know them.

While the store went off the rails fashion-wise for a few years, they’re definitely skewing back to the kinds of geek goth alternative styles many of us came to love—as evidenced by this Disney Nightmare Before Christmas drape cardigan.

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There’s no doubt that the people over at Anovos make great costume replicas, and this gorgeous Captain Picard jacket is no exception.

Patterned and color-matched after a screen-used jacket from a private collection, this replica comes complete with a satin interior lining, full body front zipper closure, and an inner pocket.

The original jacket was designed by Robert Blackman with direct input from Sir Patrick Stewart himself. The synthetic fibers in the replica jacket have been color matched to the preserved screen-used jacket and it is made from from polyester, cotton, and microsuede.

Just stunning. You can pre-order the jacket now with shipment slated for April 2015.

Product Page ($299.99)

tardis pullover

If you want to travel through time and space, you’re going to need to hop into a TARDIS. If you just want to advertise your nerd cred and look good doing it, then all you need to do is pick up this Tessellated TARDIS Pullover. Just make sure you get the sizing right, because it’s definitely not bigger on the inside.

Product Page: ($40.00)

elder scrolls hoodies

These costume hoodies from Elder Scrolls Online include Nord Pact, Altmer Dominion, or Breton Covenant versions in a cotton/polyester blend. Each is an officially licensed product and the Breton hoodie even comes with a detachable face mask.

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coyote pop

If you have a love for superhero hoodies, Coyote Pop has some kickass new styles that you should definitely check out.

The hoodies are released in limited waves and they’ve got sizes for men, women and kids. While they don’t have the names of who each hoodie represents, I’m guessing you can figure it out.

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harley hot topic

Hot Topic is giving Harley Quinn all sorts of fashion love with their new Harleen collection.

The new additions consist of two new Harley Quinn tank tops, a Harley themed cardigan, and a really cute pair of Harley Quinn red and black garter leggings. Everything looks like it’s made to work together or separately and it’s all in stock now.

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playstation 20th anniv 1

If you were around when PlayStation got its start, brace yourself because this might hurt. PlayStation hit its 20th anniversary in 2014. Twentieth! Though we’ve passed into 2015, you can still celebrate the console by purchasing a sleeveless jersey-style shirt, a messenger bag, and a varsity jacket from Insert Coin Clothing. Each item follows a similar motif with the PlayStation logo, the number 20, and the recognizable gray of the console. That shade of gray isn’t my first choice for clothing, but the designs do have a nice retro vibe.

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sherlock coat 1

BBC’s Sherlock has inspired its fair share of geek chic fashion. One of the newest items I’ve seen is this femme take on the Sherlock Holmes coat by Evening Arwen. It would work wonderfully for a gender swapped Sherlock costume, but it’s also suitable for every day wear. The inside of the short coat is even lined with the now iconic Sherlock wallpaper pattern. Pair the jacket with Union Jack leggings like the ones in the picture after the break (from Gold Bubble) or a skirt or jeans or just about anything. It’s versatile.

Coat modeled by Scruffy Rebel. Keep an eye on Evening Arwen’s site for availability.

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breaking bad guardians of the galaxy mash-up

Which character do you like more, Groot or Heisenberg? While it’s an easy choice for me (Groot all the way!), some of you might not be able to pick. This pullover hoodie is for you. It features a sprinkle of Guardians of the Galaxy’s Groot and a dash of Breaking Bad’s Walter White. Also, it makes me want to see someone cosplay as Groot while wearing Heisenberg shades and a hat. Fingers crossed I’ll see that at a convention this year.

Product Page ($36.95 via Geeky Merch)