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Harley wears her heart on her sleeve when it comes to her love for The Joker and so can you. Well, more like in the waist/hip area.

This cardigan features embroidered Harley “Puddin'” and heart designs with striped detailing.

Ain’t it cute?

Harley Quinn Heart Cardigan: ($44.50 – $48.50)


In Japan, the current trend is to put a modern spin on traditional garments—and these Star Wars hanten jackets and juban undershirts might be the best thing to come out of that trend so far.

The hanten come in three different colors and with two different patterns on the inside while the juban features and all-over Millennium Falcon/X-Wing print. All items are officially licensed.

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Take a spin around town as Spider-Woman in this women’s jacket complete with side buttons and those gorgeously vibrant colors.

Now you can become Spider-Woman with the 100% polyester Spider-Woman Moto Women’s Jacket! A near perfect replica of Jessica Drew’s latest outfit, the Spider-Woman Moto Women’s Jacket is a spiffy shirt that buttons on the side lapel…just like her costume!

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little mermaid cardigan

The Little Mermaid flyaway cardigan is perfect for cool summer nights at the beach. Made of 94% polyester; 6% spandex, this seafoam cardigan has an ivory lace raglan sleeve and back panel and ivory allover Ariel and shell print.

The Little Mermaid Flyaway Cardigan ($49.50-$53.50)

hug hoodie

Cuddling close with a loved one is a tried-and-true method of staying warm. Now you can share body heat AND the love while loitering with the Together Wear hoodie.

It has “special hugging pockets”.

The concept is “to be closer together and to share the warmth of love while hugging,” and to, “feel as one while remaining two.”

Hahaha…gag. It’s cute though. Seriously. Check out the Kickstarter project video below along with additional pics.

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alien sweater

As part of the Alien Day festivities yesterday, Mondo has released a new Facehugger ski mask and Chestburster sweater. Because of course they did. They’re Mondo and they’re awesome.

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We’ve been teasing the Her Universe Star Wars: The Force Awakens Collection for awhile now…but today is the day.

Reveal day.

The day you can actually own this stuff.

The entire collection is live at Hot Topic, and it includes that awesome Phasma jacket and leggings, a Finn jacket, a Rey cardigan, and a series of dresses based on Poe, Kylo Ren, Stormtroopers and BB-8.

Take a closer look in the pictures below.

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You are the darkness. You are the night.

The Shadow Hoodie from RolandeMode is the most comfortable way to look creepy as hell.

It’s made of sweatshirt fleece, with “a slight flexibility” for comfort. Features include a mask-like high collar, large hood and two pockets in the front. Note: the “Demon” gloves in the picture are sold separately.

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Fans of the classic anime series Robotech will definitely dig this Robotech Skull-One Sublimation Costume Hoodie. It’s a bad mother Fokker.

Check out another pic below.

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star trek sweaters

Yesterday we featured the Star Trek uniform sweater (with mesh collar) and tank top combo in blue, but the line has quickly expanded to include gold and red versions. There’s even a new Starfleet Varsity Hoodie for good measure.

Take a closer look below.

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