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You’ve been up all night playing the game and now you can be out all day in great Witcher 3 apparel. There are awesome raglan shirts for men and women with Geralt and Ciri. There’s also a fantastic hoodie with thumbholes at the cuffs and an MP3 player holder and eyelet in the front pocket. All are officially licensed products.

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This awesome varsity jacket inspired by Pokemon is hand-made to order by Etsy shop Player1Clothing. It comes in a variety of colors and includes hidden pockets for headphone cords and loops below the neck line to secure them.

There’s also jackets inspired by Mario Kart, Zelda, and Star Fox. Go get your gaming spirit on!

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horror hoodie

All the classic cinema killers are rolled into one fantastically frightening hoodie. It’s made to order and includes famous villains like Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger, Leatherface, Pinhead, Hannibal Lecter and Pennywise.

Oh, and I love that it also has Jaws.

Waaaaait—is that the scary chick from The Grudge on the inside of the hood? Okay, forget it. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope.

Product Page ($69.84)


This amazing hooded vest looks like costume gear straight out of a high-tech, steampunk, Mad Max-style movie. Verillas makes these super hot, high quality vests from ripstop lined with silk. You can even request a fur or faux fur lined collar, a detachable zip off double-mohawk hood, or the leather edition. As for the interior, Verillas notes:

“On the inside a fusion of silver or golden metallic textures represent Arabic geometries from the Ayasofya Mosque Istanbul and ancient wall relief patterns from the famed Eygptian [hathor].”

Needless to say, this vest is badass and made to last.

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WeLoveFine has debuted a whole new line of Spider-Gwen apparel. There’s a hoodie, hooded tank, sweater, and three different styles of leggings. You can preorder your favorites now with shipping expected on September 1st.

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Dragon Ball Z fans that like their products with an intensity level that’s over 9000 will love this insane jacket with all over print featuring Goku and his companions. It also has a zip front and a hood as well as two side pockets.

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Guys, this is the best hoodie I have ever seen. It has ears, thumb hooks, little paw prints, pom poms, and a pouch for your fur baby. I repeat, this hoodie comes with a cozy space for you pet to cuddle in.

Unihabitat, famous for making adorable pet beds, has just announced their brilliant new pet/person product called the Nyangaroo Parka (or the Mewgaroo Hoodie in English).

The soft pouch sits comfortably right at belly level and provides plenty of room for your cat to walk in a million circles before finally curling up to nap. And the second best element is the double layer pocket which allows you to remove the inner pocket for easy cleaning. It even has extra long drawstrings with fluffy ends to give your pet something to play with.

The Mewgaroo Hoodie goes on sale May 26 for 7,000 yen (US$59) in a medium size. A larger version will be available sans the ears.

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Etsy seller SiSartoriaCreativa caters to manga and anime fans around the world. The seller’s distinctive OTAKool line features hoodies that are inspired by popular manga and anime, including Evangelion, Naruto and Totoro.

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This fantastic cardigan adds some shark style to your wardrobe. It’s a 100% cotton cardigan with two shark images on the front and a giant, toothy shark on the back. The elbows get wave embellishments and the shredded side cutouts show that this shark means business.

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This hoodie is made by Etsy seller PaperCatsPL who has options that range from cats to koalas. However, this bat hoodie is probably the most awesomely unique thing in her store.

Made of black cotton, this handmade costume hoodie has bat wings that spread out from each arm and a hood that pulls up to show two little bat ears. It’s also available in a range of sizes.

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