Jackets and Sweaters


You are the darkness. You are the night.

The Shadow Hoodie from RolandeMode is the most comfortable way to look creepy as hell.

It’s made of sweatshirt fleece, with “a slight flexibility” for comfort. Features include a mask-like high collar, large hood and two pockets in the front. Note: the “Demon” gloves in the picture are sold separately.

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Fans of the classic anime series Robotech will definitely dig this Robotech Skull-One Sublimation Costume Hoodie. It’s a bad mother Fokker.

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star trek sweaters

Yesterday we featured the Star Trek uniform sweater (with mesh collar) and tank top combo in blue, but the line has quickly expanded to include gold and red versions. There’s even a new Starfleet Varsity Hoodie for good measure.

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Here’s a good combination. The Star Trek blue women’s costume yoga tank top is good for exercising. Then you can wear the Star Trek blue costume women’s sweater afterwards when it’s time to relax. It even has mesh-see through collar (the blue section) to help keep you cool.

UPDATE: Now available in Red and Gold versions.

Or, y’know, you can just wear them to look cool as you sit around not working out.

Now I’m picturing Troi and Crusher wearing these during their work out heart-to-hearts.

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phasma jacket top

If you’re an aspiring fashion designer, Her Universe is looking for new designers for the third annual Her Universe Fashion Show at San Diego Comic-Con. Twenty-five finalists will be chosen to compete for the chance to design a Her Universe fashion collection that’ll be sold at Hot Topic.

They also teased us with a look at the Phasma jacket and leggings that will be part of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens collection (designed by last year’s fashion show winners – Leetal Platt and Kelly Cercone) that will coming to Hot Topic later this year.

You can enter online like previous years and, if you’re in the SoCal area, you can submit your geek couture fashion concepts in person to a panel of judges from Her Universe and Hot Topic at Hollywood and Highland in Los Angeles on April 23rd beginning at 10am.

In addition to the chance to participate in the fashion show, the entire process will be filmed for a docu-series to air the new Comic-Con HQ channel.

Submissions are open now, but head after the break to get the details and rules along with a better look at the Phasma leggings.

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Want to look like the coolest smuggler in the galaxy and help out a good cause? If you’ve got the means, the actual jacket worn by Harrison Ford while filming Star Wars: The Force Awakens is up for grabs.

Ford teamed up with IfOnly to auction off this piece of Star Wars history, with the proceeds benefiting the NYU Langone Medical Center and FACES (Finding a Cure for Epilepsy and Seizures). Ford’s daughter suffers from epilepsy, making this a very personal cause for the actor, who signed the jacket for the auction and said in a statement:

“This is a cause that’s near and dear to me, and unlike the cynical Han Solo, I’ve got a good feeling about this.”

The auction is now open and continues until April 11th at 6pm ET.

(via ComicBookResources)

samurai hoodies top

“If it doesn’t exist, why not bring it into existence?” This is what the creators of the Samurai Armor Hoodie asked themselves when they couldn’t find a version of medieval knight hoodies based on traditional Japanese armor.

The question then became, if they made it, would people buy it? The answer is yes. Tokyo Otaku Mode released a limited number of hoodies in 2015 for 32,000 Yen in Japan and the run quickly sold out.

Now faced with a product and a demand, it’s all become about supply and how to make more hoodies, more efficiently, with better quality for a worldwide audience. That takes money.

To that end, they’ve launched an Indiegogo campaign to help make it happen. The hoodies come in three different colors with all kids of awesome details.

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x-wing poe moto jacket 3

While we’ve never seen Poe Dameron on a speeder, there’s no doubt in my mind that he’d totally rocket around on one, so it’s not a stretch to think he’d be into motorcycles as well. Heck, I’m pretty sure any X-Wing pilot would have a motorcycle if they had a driveway to park it in.

Star Wars fan and Redditor CharlieMcN33l seems to have a lot in common with those pilots if his custom X-Wing pilot motorcycle jacket is any indication.

Charlie usually wears a “Carhartt Duck Detroit” or MA-1 Bomber jacket when he rides, so he took components of each jacket to make his newest creation. He says it’s “60% X-Wing flight jacket, 30% Carhartt jacket, 10% MA-1 Bomber jacket.” He forgot to say it’s 100% awesome.

He was also kind enough to detail how he made this bad boy, because he’s a good guy like that. Check out the gallery below.

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When the Harry Potter Gryffindor girls cardigan was released last year, I hoped that the other Hogwarts houses wouldn’t be too far behind. They were a little later than I thought, but they’re here now and that’s what matters.

New cardigans for Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin are now available and each one features the House crest and colors. They run in sizes xs to 3x, so they should fit students and fans of all sizes.

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I know I should suggest that you only need one jacket between this Boba Fett Bomber and Dark Side denim, but who am I kidding? Both of them are cool.

Of course, you may need to turn in a bounty or use Sith powers to get the money, but it’ll be soooooo worth it.

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