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Iron Man hoodie

Hot weather is upon us. If you aren’t ready to give up your comfortable hoodies yet, short sleeve costume sweatshirts from Thailand-based Summer is Coming are just what you need. The shop has designs featuring Iron Man and the Winter Soldier, and they look stylish and lightweight. The Iron Man shirt features the arc reactor and Stark Industries logo, and the Winter Soldier hoodie has a red star on the sleeve. Each sweatshirt is screen printed by hand, and turnaround time is 2-3 weeks.

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This hoodie will set you up perfectly for stomping through the nearest major city. It looks just like Godzilla and the hood zips over your head to complete the effect.

As you can see in the image, there’s mention of this hoodie requiring batteries. We’re guessing (hoping) that you can even let loose with Godzilla’s roar. Preorder now for delivery late this summer.

Product Page ($42.99)

star-wars-chewbacca-han-solo-reversible-hoodie- header

It doesn’t seem like it should be possible to dress like Chewbacca and Han Solo at the same time, but this reversible hoodie lets you do it. The amazing part is that it doesn’t look ridiculous. The Chewbacca half is covered in faux fur, and his iconic bandolier is an embroidered applique. The Han Solo side is inspired by the puffy blue jacket he wore on Hoth.

This cozy jacket would probably keep you toasty enough that slicing open a tauntaun for warmth would be unnecessary.

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zelda hoodie 2

You can never own too many hoodies. The lightweight jackets are ideal for so many seasons and climates. Any time you need to build up layers, turn to a hoodie. This Legend of Zelda design from Gamer Heaven was made for going on adventures. It will keep you warm and cozy on a hike in the woods, by the ocean, or on the way to Lake Hylia. I love the Hylian crest on the back and the chevron patterns on the sleeves.

Pre-order now to receive the hoodie near the end of May.

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The movie doesn’t arrive in theaters until August 1st but you can already get your hands on a replica of the jacket worn by actor Chris Pratt in his role as Star Lord. It’s a screen accurate replica made of red leather with a viscose lining, embossed accents, two inside pockets and an erect collar. It’ll look perfect when you line up for that midnight showing.

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You might not be able to pull of his feats of daring heroics, but you’ll look just like Captain America in this jacket designed after the one he wore in Captain America The Winter Soldier. It’s available in either synthetic leather or real leather in dark blue with the silver star logo across the chest and back. It’s also got padding on the abs and deltoids to give you muscles even if you haven’t been hitting the gym.

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Sure, Carnage is a psychopath and one of Spider-Man’s most terrifying enemies, but his overall look is actually pretty cool. So, if you’re looking to tap into your inner supervillain, you’ll probably want to pick up this official Carnage hoodie.

It’s made from cotton and polyester, and it also features a mesh mask that can help you achieve that genuine (and definitely scary) Carnage vibe.

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The level of comfortable a well made sweater or cardigan adds to your wardrobe cannot be overstated, and if you’re going to track one down, it may as well be geeky. Middle of Beyond has you covered with their offbeat designs featuring Cthulhu, Sasquatch (Adam Savage of Mythbusters has one), Krampus, an Ancient Aliens pyramid, and more. Their styles definitely make a statement and will help you stand out in a crowd.

They’re taking pre-orders for their collection, and the 100% acrylic sweaters and cardigans will ship in May.

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Black Milk Clothing has returned to the world of Harry Potter with its Hogwarts 2.0 line of fashions. They’ve got a huge selection that includes leggings, dresses and even bomber jackets. It features character clothing with house elf Dobby and Sirius Black as well as designs with the Marauders Map, Weasley Weather Bottle, Patronus and more. The full line will be available for purchase beginning on April 8th.

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Turn yourself into one of the most destructive races in the galaxy with this Dalek hoodie. Its got graphics on the body with all those little balls and the plunger and whisk attachments down each arm. There are even fake lights on his head to make the look complete.

Order now for delivery in July 2014.

Product Page ($49.99 via Geek Alerts)