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We never knew we wanted to dress up like an Ewok, but after seeing this tease of a new Her Universe hoodie it’s all we can think about! Her Universe founder Ashley Eckstein teased the new product on Tumblr writing “For all of the Ewok lovers out there, this one’s for you!”

It looks like the photo was part of a shoot for new products that will be coming soon. Eckstein also offered a sneak peek at some cute  Star Wars and Doctor Who-themed dresses. No word on when these might be released, though the #sww2014 tag used on the Ewok post may indicate we’ll see the Star Wars designs appear at next month’s Star Wars weekends.

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Maleficent  batwing pullover

There was a point there when I began to despair for Hot Topic because there was absolutely nothing I wanted, but now I’m worried because they have so much stuff I want that they’re going to make me broke!

They’ve already created some gorgeous Disney items, but this time they’ve partnered with Disney on a Maleficent clothing line that is more about fashion inspired by the movie than branded merchandise and, I have to say, I like it. Especially the Batwing pullover hoodie.

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fiber optic dress 1

Nothing brightens a design like fiber optics, and Instructables user Natalina put that theory to the test. She created a gorgeous dress that swings and glows like the most elegant jellyfish ever. The fiber optic whip she used has one central light source, and she designed the dress to include a pouch for it on the back of the dress. Perfect.

In her tutorial, Natalina goes into detailed explanations about the fiber optics, the pattern and sewing of the dress, and making it all work together. Since the result is so stunning, I have no doubt others will bookmark the instructions and put making the dress on their to-do list.

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batman disney princess

This Batman as a Disney Princess cosplay by Sunday Cosplay was inspired an awesome drawing that’s been doing the rounds on the internet over the last couple of years.

It makes sense. I mean, we already know Batman is into cosplay. Maybe he likes to cosplay as a Disney Princess on weekends.

It could happen!

Photo by Decade Three Pictures.

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meet the robinsons talullah 2

Cosplayer KateSonic looks like she stepped right out of a frame of Meet The Robinsons in this Tallulah cosplay. The attention to detail and the overall look are spot on.

Plus, I just love the shoes.

Photography by Pugoffka-sama.

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Fit ‘n’ flare style dresses are awesome. They look flattering and most importantly for me, they’re comfortable. WeLoveFine has been expanding their offerings in this area (some of their dresses were even worn by a bridal party), and they’ve just added a Lumpy Space Princess dress to the line.

Though I’m sure the Adventure Time character would like to see more lumps, I think it looks awesome. The top fits like a t-shirt, and the bottom is all tulle and sparkle. It’s such a fun look and adding it to your wardrobe is great justification for purchasing purple shoes.

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X-Men Rogue Skater Dress

I’m loving this trend of cosplay skater dresses. They can be worn casually for daily life or you can dress it up a bit for a cosplay or a night out at the bar at your favorite con.

Plus, with a 95% cotton 5% spandex blend, they’re pretty much wash and wear which is good when you have to save the world in a hurry.

Product Page: ($39.99)


Black Milk Clothing has returned to the world of Harry Potter with its Hogwarts 2.0 line of fashions. They’ve got a huge selection that includes leggings, dresses and even bomber jackets. It features character clothing with house elf Dobby and Sirius Black as well as designs with the Marauders Map, Weasley Weather Bottle, Patronus and more. The full line will be available for purchase beginning on April 8th.

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If you’ve been debating what to wear to the premiere of Captain America: The Winter Soldier next week, look no further than Gold Bubble Clothing’s latest line. The company’s new limited specialty collection is inspired by the superhero and features leggings, a skirt, and two types of dresses, including a new A-Line design. They are also offering a high neck style for the first time.

Each item features Captain America’s iconic star symbol and comes in either stylish stealth blue or classy gunmetal grey.

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black milk superheroes collection 1

Black Milk Clothing has been launching product left and right. Their Batman line recently hit the web, and in just ten days, they’re expanding their superhero collection. While it’s still all about DC Comics (this Marvel girl has a sad face), it focuses on non-Gotham City heroes.

You’ll be able to choose from Wonder Woman and Superman suits with capes, a Rorschach tee, a Black Freighter tee, and star covered leggings that look like they’d be at home in Wonder Woman’s closet. The line also features shiny blue and silver pieces, and a sexy and fun Catwoman bodysuit design. You’ll be able to acquire these items at 9am AEST on March 27th.

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