Dresses and Skirts

mermaid tail skirt

We’ve talked about how you can make an elaborate mermaid tail before, but this option is easier and much more comfortable at cocktail parties (on land).

The four way stretch lycra spandex is comfortable and figure flaunting.
The skirt hugs the thighs down to the knee, and the hemline is a full circle cut, for tons of flirty, swingy movement when you walk. And it is actually quite easy to walk in!

Product Page ($55)

star wars dresses

Attention Star Wars fangirls! These new dresses at Macy’s from Mighty Fine and Hybrid are as bold as it gets.

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This is a sneak peek of Living Dead Clothing’s Alice collection and, wow. The fashion line is all based on original illustrations by John Tenniel from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. The styles and the artwork are both gorgeous.

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doctor who black milk top

We’ve seen a lot great Black Milk Clothing collections in the past, but I’m thinking this new Doctor Who collection may be my favorite. With a variety of styles, cuts, Doctors, villains and iconic characters, there’s something here for all sorts of Who fans. If there’s one piece I like best, it’s the Don’t Blink reversible crop top, which can be worn racer-front or scoop-front for a serene or attacking angel.

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Ally and Daisy are besties with a wonderful sense of humor. Back in September Ally and Daisy agreed that if they could get 15,000 retweets for the Minion tutu costume Ally found then Daisy would have to wear the dress to homecoming. Daisy thought there was no way in hel…oh she was so wrong.

The original bright yellow dress tweet got over 20,000 RTs, and Daisy followed through and donned a replica costume made by Ally’s mom for the school dance. I think Ally might be the evil mastermind in this friendship.

Daisy told MTV News:

“Since the original dress was for ages 3-8, Ally’s mom ended up making it from scratch!She bought all the fabric from [Jo-Ann Fabric And Craft’s], took my measurements, and ended up making it in about a day. However, Ally and I did help with the making of the eye!”

Check out the tweets and more images of her adorable minion dress after the break.

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zelda link cosplay dress

This Legend Of Zelda Link Cosplay Dress is screaming for a hat like this. Ooh..Ooh…you could also wear this hooded fleece dress over it when it gets really chilly.

Product Page ($38.50 – $42.50)


Looks like a certain Time Lord parked his TARDIS in the middle of a forest light show with a sparkling city in the background. This pretty underbust dress from Etsy shop Fan Plus Friend is perfect for a convention or grabbing a cocktail after hours.

The skirt is made from a fully lined imported thick moss crepe, decorative double-breasted front, shoulder belts with adjustable buckles, and a matching detachable waist belt. The back of the dress also laces up like a corset for a sweet vintage appeal.

This is probably one of my favorite TARDIS dresses I’ve seen. Check out more pictures below.

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This Darth Vader pattern works as a Victorian Gothic-style dress, but it would also make for a pretty badass looking wallpaper.

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black widow long sleeve dress

ThinkGeek has unveiled an exclusive long sleeve Black Widow dress that’s 94% cotton, 6% spandex and 100% awesome. Unfortunately, it’s not suitable for battle and it will definitely draw attention. Honestly, I don’t know what S.H.I.E.L.D was thinking with this design.

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EY_EY3489_1_SD2015 edit

We all remember where we were the first time we saw “The Dress” because no piece of clothing has ever caused so much anger, dissension, or sheer madness. The quandary of whether it was white and gold or blue and black may well have caused a divorce or two for all we know.

Anything that pop culture momentous is destined to be made into a Halloween costume and this dress may be the solution the Universe was waiting for.

White, gold, blue, and black. One dress to be them all. One dress to bind them.

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