This motorized patriot cosplay from Bioshock Infinite will blow you away (perhaps literally). The costume and hair are perfect and the make-up is expertly applied. It features cosplayer Erri Kitten Cosplay in photographs by Whiskey and Rye Photography.

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The CSPLYeu photobook is a wonderful Kickstarter project developed by Kyman Cheng, a photographer from The Netherlands. Partnering with Stefan Dorresteijn, his mission was to unite the European cosplay community through a stunning display of vivid images:

“CSPLYeu will contain pictures from over 50 cosplayers originating from over 12 countries. Cosplay is a form of storytelling so our photo shoots will put cosplayers in their character’s natural environment to capture the complete story in a single image. Alongside the book we’ll be creating and selling prints of images featured and not featured in the book.”

For $33 you can back the project with an early bird signed edition of the 11 x 11 (in) book, expected to ship February 2016. And for $67 you can get the book plus 4 prints of your choice.

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Redditor miasundance totally nailed this adorable Bulma cosplay from the Dragon Ball series.

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Lane Huerta of Lovelane Designs is selling a beautiful and imaginative line of handmade capes with matching hats for kids. Seriously, I cannot get over how cute these are.

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Now you can look just like Immortan Joe from Mad Max: Fury Road without having to be a demented despot thanks to Etsy seller thomasotom:

This is a lifesize wearable mask measuring 19cm wide, cast in cold cast aluminium fibreglass with resin and rubber parts. It comes with an adjustable elasticated strap and foam padding on the inside.

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jack skellington cosplay edit

If you’ll be at Denver Comic Con, keep an eye out for this Jack Skellington cosplay by Redditor platnumcy. Something tells me he’s going to get stopped for a lot of pictures.

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Xing Yile, a 26-year-old art teacher in China, is clearly a bigger Avengers fan than you are because he went through the trouble to make a life-size Hulkbuster suit.

It took he and assistant two months to build this 3.4-meter, half ton behemoth and he even build a downsized Iron Man as a companion piece.

He’s my new hero.

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Even Sailor Scouts need to relax every now and then, and these Sailor Moon-inspired pajamas look so very cozy. Super Groupies got the inspiration for these pajamas from Usagi Tsukino’s school uniform.

The pajama dress sports a detachable Juban Junior High ribbon, full length zipper, and is made from fluffy polyester which is easy to machine wash. It’s adorable, cozy, and available for pre-order for 9,800-yen (US$82).

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unicorn horn top

Remember those Unicorn boots we shared the other day? Well, tipster Ryan M. alerted us to headdresses that are a perfect match.

The headdresses from Idolatre Clothing Company come in several different styles that cater to unicorns with a bright side or a dark side. They’re also customizable with options to alter the colors in whatever way you choose.

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Brandon Lee’s daughter wanted to cosplay as Honey Lemon from Big Hero 6 for Philadelphia Comic Con, but there was one problem. Disney doesn’t make the merchandise. There isn’t a costume out there for the character, not even her chem-ball purse. So, Lee decided he’d make one from scratch, complete with lights, and the end result is fantastic. She looks absolutely precious!

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