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Halloween will be here before you know it and these great video tutorials will help you create the perfect look. There’s Captain Miss America as well as Spider-Woman, both done by the talented Elsa Rhae. We’ve featured her work in the past, watching her transform into a White Walker, Master Chief, and Joker—so she’s got all your costume ideas covered.

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These gorgeous pictures by Saraisana feature cosplayer Lenora of Lenora Genwandungen Clothing who is wearing an outfit she designed herself for a very special character:

“I´m playing this character as part of our LARP-group “Aurerijahr“. I love this role, because it is a great acting challenge for me… and I have great fun with fighting :o)

The wildelves are living hidden deep in the woods and mountains, their culture is archaic and kind of barbaric (that´s why the other elves would call them “wild” ;D). This one here is a hunter, a fighter and really dangerous. She is proud of her folk and would give her life for them.

The costume is a ritual clothing, made for ceremonies where a won battle or a successful hunt is celebrated. Then the wildelves are painting their skin with different colors, dirt or the blood of their enemies and are dancing to the sound of their battle drums. So I wear a wide skirt, which rotates while dancing and a short leather top, so that the painted skin can be seen largely.

The combination of a great costume and well-applied makeup really make her look like she’s stepped right out of the forest.

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pokemon fett

What if Boba Fett was a Pokémon? He’d clearly have to be Wobbuffet and be called Wobba-Fett. It’s never a mash-up I saw coming, but it’s clever and kind of perfect – plus, that helmet is rad. Boba Fett could certainly benefit from Wobbuffet’s psychic abilities. He’d find Han Solo all by himself if he had those.

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Fantastic Falcon Cosplay


This Falcon cosplay features Fashionably Geek reader Deshon (aka Cue, aka Falcon). in a costume that he created for Wizard World Comic Con this past August. He did a great job on the overall look, but the money shot is when he opens up the wings. They’re absolutely huge and they look just amazing.

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crochet big barda

Armor may keep you safe from injury, but will it keep you warm? A cosplayer at Portland’s Rose City Comic Con has a solution: make crocheted armor! This is a different look than any other I’ve seen for Big Barda, but it totally works. I can’t imagine how many hours it must have taken to crochet that entire outfit, and I adore the look of the scale maille.

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skellington skater

I officially envy anyone who can wear skater dresses because this new The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington cosplay skater dress from Hot Topic is just adorable.

I’m also guessing you could wear a pair of dress pants with it, which lets you NBX cosplay for just about any occasion.

It comes in sizes XS to 3X and is in stock now.

Product Page: ($34.50)

star-lord jacket 1

Guardians of the Galaxy’s Star-Lord is quickly becoming a popular costume. But of all the items in the outfit, the red jacket is probably the hardest to find. New American Jackets is making that easier with their replica Peter Quill coats made from synthetic leather. They’re tailored and beautiful, but the best part? They have a Star-Lord jacket available in women’s sizing and cut, too! A Star-Lord jacket that will fit ladies properly. Huzzah!

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kaylee cosplay

Cosplayed by Maya Dinerstein.

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Syndra is one of the many champions in League of Legends, and she has a wickedly cool outfit. Cosplayer Kinpatsu did an impressive job taking the costume from screen to real life, and she made the entire thing herself. It looks as though she used EVA foam and worbla for the armor and also incorporated leather and vinyl into the ensemble. The final result is simply stunning.

Photos by GiantShev.

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