Cosplayer Anna Vic has put her spin on Aquaman, and it’s one of the best rule 63 cosplays I’ve seen in a while. The details are top notch, and Anna looks like she knows how to use that trident.

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Redditor eikyuu made the world a better place with this brilliant group cosplay mash-up of Power Rangers and Pokemon. He and his friends unveiled their inventive PokeRangers during Baltimore’s Otakon convention this past weekend.

Their bright costumes and glorious weapons led to a fantastic photo shoot. Their mash-up characters included: Mega Garchomp, Mega Scizor, Mega Charizard X, Mega Rayquaza and Magikarp.

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We’ve seen excellent Witcher cosplay before, but the character Yenn is often overlooked. Photographer Catherine Badulina captured cosplayer Niamash‘s sultry sorceress in this somber and haunting shoot.

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green arrow comic

Over the years, Arrow fans have been asking a couple of persistent questions:

-Will Oliver Queen ever take on the mantle of the Green Arrow?

-Will Amell ever sport Green Arrow’s signature goatee?

One of those questions are likely going to be answered by the first episode of season 4, which is titled “Green Arrow”. But the facial hair? Well, Amell finally answered that one (definitively) in a series of hilarious tweets.

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space city

One of the best parts about a convention is all the incredible cosplay. Space City Comic Con in Houston, Texas was no exception. Mineralblu Photography put together this wonderful video featuring all the cosplayers having a great time showing off their hard work.

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anime dresses top

The latest in adorable geek wear from Darling Army includes a line of anime-themed cosplay dresses and tights. They can be worn separately or together as the perfect tribute to your favorite characters.

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It’s no secret that I’m a huge Star Wars Rebels fan and I’m pretty sure I’ve declared my love for Hera more than once, so imagine how thrilled I was when I saw this gorgeous Hera Syndulla cosplay by Feyische.

The lekku alone get a thumbs up from me. Wow.

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These beautiful engagement photos evoke the love between Oberyn Martell and Ellaria Sand from Game of Thrones. Betrothed cosplayers Jesse and Nick first met online because of their passion for the series and specifically for their belief in the R+L=J theory. They even have R+L=J tattoos.

Jesse hand painted the trim details on their costumes while the jewelry was 3D printed by Etsy artisan PrintMyProps.

Instead of a desert climate like Dorne, the pair took photographer Matthew Druin to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. The deep greens and old stone structures are the perfect backdrop for their vibrant costumes.

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This fantastic body paint is the work of twistinbangs aka Corie Willet. It’s impressive work, especially when you know that she applies it all herself without help. She’s created all sorts of brilliantly colored looks from zombies, to mermaids, to melting faces.

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