This year’s Wondercon must’ve been a blast because, from what I’ve seen so far, the cosplay from the event is very impressive. For example, check out these Bombshell Avengers costumes. Classy, right? Justin Davidson did a little photoshoot with the girls, and he managed to take some great pictures!

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sailor tardis scout

The look of the TARDIS can be combined with just about any kind of dress including the Sailor Scout uniform. Instagram user atomictronic sported the ensemble (which appears to be from Darling Amy) at Sakura-Con, and it’s such a fantastic design. I love that she made the crown with a blue jewel and that her eye shadow even matches. The tattoo is awesome too. Gold stars all around.

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This might just be the most spot on cosplay of Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine that you’ll ever see. It features cosplayer Lonstermash who actually isn’t a mutant but still has Wolverine’s physique. He cosplays as Wolverine at parties and special events, and he also has a great sense of humor if the pictures of him helping out the Easter Bunny are any indication.

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Predator and Boba Fett may both be deadly, but here they are only killing you with cute. If you recall from yesterday, he was also spotted with the Power Rangers, posing his little heart out.

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alice top

If you’re a fan of Alice in Wonderland, and especially of the game Alice: Madness Returns, then these looks inspired by the game are going to blow your mind. They’re all done by Madeyewlook who is a self-taught makeup artist and body painter. She’s done everything from Rayman to Rob Zombie to Ursula, but these Alice looks are just incredible. She’s not only come up with these designs, but she’s got video tutorials so you can see how she did it and try to replicate the looks on your own.

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The trolls were all kinds of ready to marry Kristoff and Anna in Frozen and this cosplay takes that moment and brings it to life. The two of them are dressed in their finest troll-inspired garb, complete with crowns, and there’s even a plush Sven tucked into Kristoff’s belt. You know he wouldn’t miss the big day.

(via 8biteric)


Witch Doctors in Diablo III tend to focus much of their powers on conjuring up zombies and other various netherworld vermin to do their fighting for them, but cosplayer SpcatsTasha looks like she could do some damage with that impressive staff.

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dragoon 2

Fantasy costumes don’t have to be based on specific characters – it’s a blast to come up with original designs. Lillyxandra of Firefly Path loves thinking about different looks and imagining what those around her would like in fantastical apparel. She came up with a Dragoon Warrior Collection to capture the elements of earth, wind, fire, and water. There are reds, blacks, and some crazy cool wings. Each of these outfits look fierce.

Photos by Indigoverse Productions, collection modeled by FantasyNinja and Laura.

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lulu 1

In Final Fantasy X, Lulu has a talent for black magic. I have no idea whether cosplayer LadyDaniela89 has those skills or not, but she did a great job replicating the character’s costume and hair. Plus, a bonus of this outfit is that you get to carry around a cute little Moogle!

Top Photo by M&M Photographic.

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Scooby-Doo and the gang wouldn’t be the same without their trusty Mystery Machine. Cosplayer Lyght Strife decided to take the colors from the familiar vehicle and transform it into a set of Iron Man armor, and it totally works. His friend Desiree Cosplay joined in on the fun by becoming Velma, and the duo took their creative costumes to Wizard World St. Louis!

Photo by BackBeat-Photography.

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