A giant t-rex is roaring out of this catsuit, and I think even the model is scared. Etsy shop Pokosha explains the level of awesomeness best:

“T-rex humor may be cute but there’s nothing adorable about the bloody jaws on this dinosaur catsuit! And, unlike T-rex and his limitations, we guarantee this suit will move the way you do! It’s smooth and shiny fabric feels silkier than freshly waxed legs and gives you the freeing sensation like you’re wearing nothing at all. Once you experience how smooth the fabric feels and how flattering the fit is you’ll never want to take it off…”

It’s like you’re wearing nothing at all…nothing at all…nothing at all.

Stupid sexy t-rex!

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aot cosplay manga top

Believe it or not, but Hajime Isayama–the creator of Attack on Titan–is still a relative newcomer to the anime and manga game. He was pretty much unknown before AoT took off. Some creators are quick to point out that Hajime’s art skills are still rather unrefined–Yoshiyuki Tomino (Gundam), for instance, labeled Hajime’s art as “crude.”


Isayama seems to have a knack for letting those harsher criticisms roll off of him (money and fame will do that), but he’s also working on improving his art skills. For example, when a few Survey Corps cosplayers sent him a pic, Isayama responded with a sketch. Looks pretty good to us.

We say “cosplayers”, but the dude in the middle is actually Yuki Kaji–he voices Eren Yeager for the anime version of AoT.

Check out a close-up pic of the drawing after the break…

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domino vs harley

The new episode of Super Power Beat Down features a Joker and Harley vs Deadpool and Domino super battle. Definitely NSFW for language and a couple other things, but that’s pretty much expected for Deadpool, right? The Harley/Domino fight is especially epic and the ending is perfect.

Check it out after the break (jump to the battle at the 5:00 mark):

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sinister sith top

Say what you want about the Dark Side, but they’ve always had cooler outfits as far as I’m concerned. Especially in the games and the rest of the Expanded Universe aka Legends. The coolness (and sexiness factor) is more than evident in this female Sith cosplay by MissSinister.

Photos by Robert Fousch.

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This Borderlands cyborg Claptrap cosplay is the work of Ricochet Cosplay and photographer Tony Julius with costume design by NoFlutter. Makeup was done by Courtney Leigh Creations.

Soooo cute.

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This awesome Leshen cosplay features idromy aka Angelique Heikens in a costume that she created. The whole thing is extra imposing because she’s on stilts that make her 2.25 meters tall if you include the horns. The whole thing was made from scratch using sculpting, molding, latex and resin casting, and hand-painted leather.

Photos: Henry Ghammache

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I think these two are going to make it (if they don’t kill each other in battle that is).

Recently, two aspiring Jedi Knights enlisted the aid of Mezame Shashin-ka, a photographer from Singapore, to create a Star Wars-themed engagement shoot complete with epic lightsaber light-rapier duels, spaceships and more. The end result is pretty fantastic.

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death cosplay

We love a good Sandman cosplay and Dahlia Thomas has delivered two.

Photos by David Love.

Death is pictured above, but you can check out her equally amazing Delirium after the break (slightly NSFW).

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This Lana Kane cosplay is looking good thanks to Highwinded Cosplay. She created the Archer costume for Fan Expo Vancouver. The gun holsters were made from scratch and she styled her own wig with “looots of hairspray”.

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Cosplayer Charles Battersby recently dressed as two princesses at once during New York City’s FlameCon. He’s half Cinderella, half Belle, and all fantastic. So, is this CinderBellea or Bellerella?

(Cosplay America via Neatorama / Image: Girl Gone Geek)