Etsy shop Makosla Creations designs incredibly detailed custom dragons that rest upon shoulder armor. The dragons and armor are crafted with epoxy clay with hand painted eyes and Swarovski crystal accents. You can choose the dragon size, colors, and pose—the only limit is your imagination.

If I has a shoulder dragon like this I would just take him everywhere, they are just beautiful works of art. Check out some of the finished custom designs after the break.

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wonder woman tights

Take these tights and throw on some red Chucks and you have a simple, comfortable pair of Wonder Woman boots.

Product Page ($14.50)

stuck pikachu

This Pikachu is too plump to fit through the door! Their bodies are made for dancing in wide open spaces.

Check out the hilarious video after the break…

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Shirley Chua, affectionately known as Aunty Shirley on Facebook and in the Singaporean cosplay community, is 68 years young and has a badass repertoire of cosplay outfits. Her sparkling personality shine through in every picture and she epitomizes the mantra “you’re only as old as you feel.”

Inspired by her son’s active participation in cosplay, Shirley began making her own costumes and attending conventions. Her talent for costume making is amazing and her smile really sets the cosplay off.

Check out more of Aunt Shirley’s iconic cosplay after the break.

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mgs wedding

We can’t get enough of nerdy weddings around here, but don’t get any ideas from this (admittedly highly amusing) Japanese PlayStation ad for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

Then again, you would save a ton of money on the gown and tux.

I’m not entirely sure what’s going on here, but I do know that the best part is 35 seconds in. Check it out after the break…

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zelda vs peach

It’s the princess vs. princess battle you’ve been waiting for! Peach vs. Zelda in a no holds barred match! Nevermind that it’s weirdly set off by Goomba golf!

See Also: “Fallout vs Skyrim” Mashup Video Is One Heck Of A Battle

Zelda (Olivia Wells) and Peach (Raven Duda) know the Princess rule. There can be only one.

Check it out after the break.

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Who do you think would win in a dance-off between Spider-Man and Deadpool? That question has burned in my mind for years. Fortunately, Deadpool recently met Spidey on a rooftop in L.A. to settle the matter.

Honestly, my money was on Spidey, and he looked like he was going to win, but then things got weird. You’ll see.

Check out the dance-off after the break…

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Cosplaying Chewbacca is generally a warm, maybe itchy, and generally uncomfortable affair.

This new Star Wars Chewbacca Women’s hooded tank top lets you stay cool while you play one of the hairiest co-pilots in the galaxy.

Product Page ($34.99)


Cosplaying with one giant eyeball can’t be easy, but Holly Brooke had a clever solution to this problem. With the help of Keroga Forge who fabricated the gun and Lucky Monkey photography, Holly totally nails the character.

Check out her full Leela awesomeness after the break.

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majoras mask cosplay

We don’t know who this Majora’s Mask cosplayer is, but bravo.

(Reddit via GAS)