The Overwatch cosplay keeps getting better and better. This time it’s Jannet “Incosplay” Vinogradova doing one helluva Widowmaker with Ardsami as Tracer.

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The folks behind Espanto played host to an epic reunion between Predator actress Elpidia Carrillo and the Predator himself.

As you’ll see in the pictures below, the years have mended any bad blood between the two. In fact a really weird romance may have blossomed. [click to continue…]


Cosplayers Thousand-Faces totally knocked it out of the park with their Borderlands cosplay. All of the details, from the crazed looks to the cell-shading effects, are totally spot on. Check out more pics after the break…


Costume and prop maker Bryan Doell must really like a challenge because he brought a life-sized Juggernaut to MegaCon.

Doell knew this would be a monster project, but after two years of procrastinating, he started work in April and his 7-foot 2-inch Juggernaut was done in time for the con.

“I can’t even express what I’m feeling right now, this project pushed me to work outside of the box, way out of my comfort zone, and now it’s done. 100% scratch built, hand carved, freehanded, gigantic awesomeness.”

Well done, Bryan. Seriously. Check out more pics after the break…

zootopia cosplay top

Truly excellent Zootopia cosplay isn’t easy, but we’ve seen it done before. Now we’ve seen it happen again thanks to gnitae as Judy Hopps, TimFowl as Nick Wilde and anna_berten as Dawn Bellwether.

Photos by TimFowl.

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16-year-old makeup artist Lara Wirth, has a talent for being creepy–and I mean that as a total compliment. She’s entirely self-taught, and she enjoys using her makeup skills to transform herself into terrifying creatures. Check out more examples (and videos) below. [click to continue…]

warhammer jasmine

These new illustrations by Australian game developer and artist Emre C Deniz are a reminder that princesses can do anything if they just put their minds to it. They can even be Warhammer 40k Space Marines. See more after the break…


This Fallout photoshoot from Viverra Cosplay and photographer BSTEphoto is pretty spectacular—especially when you consider that all the leather accessories and weapons were handmade.

Then there’s Rex from Intrepid Productions as Dogmeat. No Fallout cosplay is complete without a good Dogmeat. Check out more pics below…


Cosplay of the day goes to this Ant-Man and Antony made by the awesome people behind Walkin’ & Rollin’.

Walkin’ & Rollin’ makes amazing costumes like this for any child with special needs, free of charge to the family. How cool is that? See more after the break…

elsa rey

Imgur user trustmeimasuperhero dressed up his daughter Stormie as Jedi Elsa Rey for Wizard World in Des Moines. The results, as you can see, are impossibly adorable.

If that wasn’t enough, his friend made a custom Lego based on the costume. Check that out, along with additional pics below. [click to continue…]