The Olde Book Purse


First there was the Olde Book Backpack, and then there was the Olde Book Messenger Bag. Now that olde book is more compact than ever as a purse.

It looks like an old leather-bound volume you’d find in your grandmother’s library, but it functions like a handbag. It holds your wallet, your phone, possibly your eReader or your book, depending on their respective sizes. It has an adjustable shoulder strap that comes off entirely in case you want to use it as an oversized clutch or pop it on a bookshelf to sneakily hold something. Like all books, with this one you can use your imagination.

Check out additional pics below. Apparently, is’s big enough for Kiki to use on her deliveries.

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The North Face has unveiled a new Access Pack backpack that features a cool rigid panel that opens up with a press of a button and stays open until you close it. It also features ejector tabs and handles that will give you quick access to items like phones, pens and laptops.

Naturally, the bag won’t come cheap at $235. That’s a steep price for a backpack, but it might be worth it for a useful bit of gear that you’ll probably use every day.

Check out the demo video below to see how the Access Pack works.

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New Loungefly bags have just been added to their website and hoo boy.

While we’ve seen some of these styles previewed in the past, many are now available.

Star Wars anime, comic book, and tattoo patterns abound in everything from wallets to handbags to backpacks.

The Covet is strong with me. Check out more pics from the lineup below.

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Ideal for cyclists (or spies on stealth missions) the Adidas Y-3 Sport Backpack has a trim, fitted design, so you can actually wear the bag like a vest.

Of course, its carrying capacity is limited—Adidas notes that it’s designed to hold “light luggage”. That means stuff like your phone, wallet, a clean shirt, etc.

The Y-3 also features waterproof zippers, ventilated padding, reflective fabrics and a hanging system that allows for the addition of a Camelbak. Unfortunately, you’ll pay a ridiculous $410 for the stylish convenience.

Check out an additional pic below.

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dooney bags

Sorry, but there are even more Dooney & Bourke bags for all of us to drool over. Not only have they revealed new Mickey, Minnie, and Star Wars bags, but I also spotted a whole Haunted Mansion collection that’s to DIE for.

Check out all of the designs below.

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Move over, Optimus Prime — this transforming bag can go from heavy-duty work day to evening flair in a snap. Created by design house Luxilitatian, the “Bag Revolution” can easily convert into nine different styles.

Made from a combination of leather and waterproof nylon, the bag transforms six ways and comes with a great pouch insert (for that tricky tablet or your latest paperback obsession) that can be carried three different ways. There’s also an easy-to-access insert for all the important little things (keys, cards, and cash) and a handle that allows you to wear the bag in several different ways.

Check out the bag in action below.

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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice may not be a masterpiece, but everyone seems to agree that Wonder Woman is awesome. Also awesome? This BvS Wonder Woman backpack.

Made in Wonder Woman’s signature colors, this backpack has two main zipper pockets and two front pockets, so there’s room for all kinds of stuff as you battle through the day.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Wonder Woman Backpack $49.99


The Harry Potter Platform 9 3/4 bag is perfect for carrying around essentials as you go about your daily life.

After a day of maximum effort, you can bust out the Deadpool bag when you want to unwind and cause a little trouble.

Both of them are rated A for Awesome.

Check out more pics below.

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My purse addiction is being sorely tested by this Sailor Moon Character toss satchel.

This embossed faux leather purse has silhouetted Sailor Scout bust profiles and even has an extra compact coin purse.

Check out more pics below.

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Designer Olympia Le-Tan is known for her unique style, which includes intricate and beautiful embroidered clutches like the ones featured in her recent Star Wars comic-inspired collection.

Unfortunately, the clutches were a very limited edition priced over $2000 during a short pre-order period, so we’re super jealous of anyone who will be receiving theirs on May 4th.

Still, the clutches are definitely worth checking out—even if it’s just to appreciate them for the masterpieces that they are.

Check out more pics below.

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