What better place to store your stuff than Darth Vader’s shrunken head? I can’t think of one.

The Star Wars Darth Vader Molded Crossbody Purse is definitely compact, but still big enough to hold your wallet, phone and keys. Plus it’s undeniably awesome looking.

See it in use after the break…

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Fashion designer Anna Sui recently did her own Sailor Moon line and now she plans to open pop up stores in six locations in Japan this May. The stores will feature exclusive purses, wallets, and pouches that are inspired by some of Japan’s most famous manga creators including Osamu Tezuka, Ryoko Ikeda, and Rumiko Takahashi.

If you’ll be traveling to Japan next month, maybe you can pick up a couple things for me? Sooooooo cute.

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I don’t know if I need to say anything other than OMG look at these Star Wars R2-D2 and Wonder Woman knapsack backpacks!

So awesome looking! So many buckles and pockets!

Product Pages: R2-D2 Knapsack ($44.99) / Wonder Woman Knapsack ($34.99)


We teased many of these items last week, but Her Universe has just launched 20 new Star Wars-themed fashions for Celebration. Everything from dresses and cardigans to an Ewok purse.

Head on over to Her Universe to check out the entire lineup.


Fantasy meets fashion in these Game Of Thrones-inspired dragon egg purses by Prissy Kitty Design.

Ranging from smaller dice bag styles to cocktail purse sizes, these bags are all hand made and come in numerous styles. My personal favorite is the Steampunk egg.

They’re beautiful and perfect for any Khaleesi.

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We recently featured this Han Solo inspired clutch and now Etsy seller Sent From Mars is back with this Princess Bubblegum inspired clutch.

I know it’s supposed to be for when you need to carry small, essential things, but I’d be tempted to wear it on my head.

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lego bag top

These LEGO brick exteriors make for a seriously eye popping handbag. Etsy shop owner agabag has been making jewelry and accessories exclusively with LEGO bricks since 2009 and quality is of utmost importance.

“Since I make my living with this, I have to be very strict with quality and cannot offer to sell anything that is less than perfect. This means the items you will get are as precisely and carefully crafted as “handmade” can be.”

So grab your heels and one of these fantastically unique bags. Check out more designs after the break.

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The new Sailor Moon Crystal collides with gaming nostalgia for this awesome collection of 8-bit pixelated gear. Pop culture shop Bandai just launched the fresh line of adorable accessories featuring Inner Senshi characters as well as Tuxedo Mask, Chibi Moon, and the cats Luna and Artemis. The new merch is titled Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal Dot Bit Series and it provides everything Sailor and pink you could ever need from totes to scrunchies and compacts to charms.

Get a closer look at these lovable friends in sweet pink awesomeness after the break…

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creature purses

We found these purses in an Etsy shop called Disturbingly Adorable, which is really an apropos name for these designs. From narwhals to unicorns to steampunk ocean battles, there’s something here for everyone.

Head after the break to see some of their designs.

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If you’re pocket-less or need a smaller purse, here’s a way to carry a clutch and show off your geek style.

I’m not sure this Han Solo-inspired clutch can hold a blaster, but it’ll carry your ID and other sundries just fine.

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