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Hot Topic has revealed a brand new fashion collection inspired by the upcoming film Pride, Prejudice, and Zombies. These new pieces are Victorian-themed, sexy and stylish, but they still allow for free range of movement when you need to go out and kick some zombie ass.

I’m sure the Bennett sisters would approve. I sure do. Check out more designs below.

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Living Dead Clothing has followed up their cosplay catsuits with a dive into sci-fi in this new collection.

Organics meet mechanics and it works. Check out more designs below.

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Dragons, as we all know, have a thing for bling. From gold to diamonds, they just love to horde expensive shiny things. Etsy seller BeeesBeads clearly understands this, so she designed a ring featuring a dragon’s claw holding a colorful and shiny geode crystal. She makes the rings by hand, and they can be adjusted for size too.

Check out more pics below

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You can finally have the pet dragon you’ve always dreamed of! These pet dragons are fully wearable as a ring and their tails curl around your wrist as a bracelet.

As an added plus, their eyes glow in the dark. There are ten colors to choose from, and each is handmade by the talented Sarah Evans of MadMarchMoon, so you can be sure that your pet dragon is the only one of its kind.

Take a closer look at the ring/bracelet in the video below.

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This dress is the most stylish way to get swallowed up by No-Face.

Product Page ($42.50-$46.50)

Return Of The Kitten

return of the kitten

Admit it—you would watch the hell out of this movie. But would you wear it on a sweatshirt?

Product Page ($79.95 $59.84)


If you’re a witchy, pagan, goth, fairie, hippie type, I have a feeling you’ll like the clothes by Etsy seller Abstractika Crafts. I know that’s a lot of types, but the fun thing here is how small details on a basic design make all the difference.

The pentagram gothic dress was the one that got our attention initially, but we saw lots of other designs for dresses, skirts and tops that we liked as well.

Check some of them out below.

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Artist Tom Hodges has a real knack for Star Wars and Disney mashups, as this Jedi Disney Princesses series demonstrates.

I think Jazmiin, Poe Kahantaz, and M’Laan are my personal favorites, but they’re all pretty awesome. Speaking of awesome, many of these designs are available on t-shirts and hoodies!

Check out the rest of the designs below.

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kylo ren hoodie

No, we didn’t find it at Hot Topic.

However, this Kylo Ren hoodie is a lot easier to put on than a real costume. That’s very convienent when you’re storming out of the house because your parents don’t understand you.

Check out more pics below.

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As far as I’m concerned, Dooney & Bourke bags are the Louis Vuitton of the geek world. I finally understand why people pay loads of money for a purse.

These new Star Wars: The Force Awakens bags and wallet are stylish, geeky, and beautifully made. I’m getting them all—right after I win that big Powerball jackpot.

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