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Black Widow Hoodie 1

Wear this Black Widow zip-up jacket while you hang out with your buddies and plan how you’re going to stop alien invasions. Widow’s Bite electro-weapons not included.

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zelda 1

It seems as though Princess Zelda has stepped out of all her games and embarked on her own adventure in Finland. Eisy Cosplay spent about 30 hours planning the Zelda ensemble and 92 hours making it. The finished costume is absolutely striking and worth every second, and the setting in the above photo (the Nuuksio National Reserve in Espoo, Finland) adds to the wow factor.

Photos by Askar Ibragimov Photography and Degre Digital.

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Kim Possible 1

What’s the sitch, Kim Possible fans? Whatever you’re up to, we think you’ll appreciate this costume of the teenage crime fighter from the Disney series. AmberSkies Cosplay looks adorable as Kim Possible, and it looks like she’s got all the character’s signature moves down. Amber is planning to wear the costume at Comic-Con.

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Evil Queen Jacket

Black Milk clothing has given geeks yet another reason to give them money. The Princesses and Villains line includes jackets, dresses, bodysuits and leggings that nod to or straight up feature the many Disney women that have entertained fans of all ages for decades.

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Senior Living Communities is a retirement community chain with branches in Georgia, Florida, and both North and South Carolina. Now, residents have assembled to create an 18 month calendar featuring nods to different movies, TV shows and even music album covers. It was inspired by a similar project from a nursing home in Germany that debuted earlier this year.

Sales from the calendars are set to go to charity. You can order your own calendar and choose what local community you’d like to support.

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Fans of Halo 4 are probably already familiar with The Didact, but if you’re somewhat new to the series, here’s a quick breakdown on the character: He’s basically this massive armored warrior who battles Master Chief for most Halo 4. He’s a Forerunner/Promethean and in the game he set out to resurrect his missing-but-actually-dead people utilizing some dastardly means (read: possible genocide).

Evil FX created a cool cosplay costume of The Didact back in 2013, and they recorded the whole process. The final product is amazing, and the video highlights just how much work went into building the absolutely astounding costume. Now that’s some professional cosplaying!

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her universe

Her Universe has released info on the seriously awesome geek fashions they’re debuting this year at SDCC.

With licenses like Star Wars, Marvel, Doctor Who, Star Trek, The Walking Dead and Transformers, they’ll be offering several new designs along with dresses, cardigans, fashion tops and much more. In addition, they’ll be selling the new Nerdist Ultimate Convention Hoodie.

For those of you with a passion for jewelry, the Star Wars by Her Universe R2-D2 My Hero Jewelry Collection is making its convention debut as well.

Plus, they’re giving away a free Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy slap bracelet with every purchase made at the Her Universe booth located in the Lucasfilm Pavilion, #2913-E.

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Cosplayer Irene Astral dressed up as Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite, and she totally nailed all of the details: the dress, the hair, the rose and Elizabeth’s love of books, it’s all there!

Photo Credit: SpirosK Photography

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trek tote

Totes and purses come in all shapes and sizes, but it’s not always easy to find the geek style and theme that fit you best.

I highly recommend checking out BrookVanGoryDesigns.

From diaper bags to clutches, she’s got a little something for every situation, and most of them are available for custom ordering. That means you can get a Trek hobo bag and a Star Wars diaper bag and have the best of both worlds.

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Oh, Spider-Man. Well, at least he never has to buy his own waxing kit.

(Dragonarte via Geeks Are Sexy)