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Attack on Titan is super popular these days. Case in point: Cosplayer Megan Coffey – starbuxx showed off her love for the show (and manga series) during one of her latest cosplay shoots at Tate’s Comics in Florida. Photographer Chasis Photos knocked it out of the ballpark with these awesome pics.

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dany trains her dragon

I really didn’t realize I needed this How To Train Your Dragon/Game Of Thrones crossover tee until I saw it. Dany and Drogon look so adorable that it almost hurts my face from smiling.

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TIE fighter ring

If you read us regularly, you know we love Paul Michael Design, so when we spotted a new X-Wing ring and a new TIE Fighter ring, you bet we had to show them off.

I love the colors on the X-Wing version pictured after the break. As someone who’s partial to sapphires, I’d love to see a version with them, but it looks pretty just the way it is. I’m also putting in a couple new Star Trek Bat’leth necklaces because, well, Bat’leth necklaces!

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These photos feature Warhammer fans at Smrtihlav 2014 which is held on the grounds of Orlik Castle in the Czech Republic. The group got together and went to battle, so now you can see how those little miniatures you painted would look walking around in the real world.

Photos: veverka983, Lukas Makovicka, Martin Janca

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star wars backpack 1

She may not look like much, but she’s got it where it counts… actually, this Millennium Falcon backpack can’t be called a hunk of junk. It’s a cool new design from Bioworld featuring the iconic spaceship, and it’s even got the Rebel Alliance symbol on the back.

And it’s not their only new Star Wars backpack! They’ve also got a classy Boba Fett backpack and a Chewbacca messenger style backpack. How many bags is too many for me to own?

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league of legends annie tibbers

Cosplay by Titanesque Cosplay.

Photography by Aperture Ashley.

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chell leggings and tank

Want to dress like Chell from Portal without investing in a jumpsuit? WeLoveFine has an everyday cosplay solution for you. You can pair their new Aperture Laboratories tank and orange leggings for an easy costume (just add a mini Portal gun), or you can wear them just because. The tank would look great with jeans, and the leggings would definitely work with a blank tank or tunic. I love the versatility built into the design of these two pieces.

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I wanna be like cap

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tricorder purse

Whether it’s time to beam down to a foreign planet for your next away mission or to visit a new city for a convention, don’t forget your tricorder messenger bag! This Star Trek Tricorder Replica Small Messenger Bag won’t scan for life forms, but it will keep your essentials safely tucked away. Since it’s a cross body style bag, it’s sure to be comfortable to wear.

I like that this bag is a mix of stylish and functional. You could wear it with a Star Trek costume or incorporate it into your daily wardrobe. It has a built in mirror, and the front pockets even have replica details. The bag measures 8.75 inches tall by 6 inches wide by 2.75 inches long. That’s just enough room for the basics.

Pre-order now to receive the tricorder purse in June.

Product Page ($39.99 via Geek Alerts)

adipose change purse

Have loose coins rolling around the bottom of your purse? Remedy that problem with an adorable, squishable Adipose change purse. The creature from Doctor Who may be made of fat, but this wallet isn’t – it’s silicone! Known as the Adi-Purse, this two inch tall purse with a snap closure would be ideal for change or even a few hair-saving accessories like ponytail holders and bobby pins.

Product Page ($15.99 via Geek Alerts)