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pokemon leggings top

Choose from either water or fire Pokémon in an all-over print on these fun leggings. They’re made of polyester and spandex for a snug and comfortable fit and come in a range of sizes.

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We’ve done the math and these scarves full of equations and beakers from Etsy shop Dream Express definitely compute. They’re stylish and affordable.

Plus, they remind me of my notebook doodles from school (I was totally paying attention).

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While you may not need to carry around things like thermal detonators, this Star Wars Boba Fett backpack does have a hard shell that means whatever’s inside will have a little extra protection. Perfect for the bounty hunter on the go.

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tattoo dresses

Etsy shop owner Pajamasquid translates bold tattoo-style art into these fun skater style dresses. Each pattern brings eye-popping graphics to the fabric for a perfect mix of sweet and sassy.

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I’ve never been a math person, so I look at this dress I see an awesome pattern and leave it at that. However, the description by Etsy seller Shenova does a great job of explaining the inspiration for the design:

This mathematically fashionable dress is calculated to be fabulously figure flattering. The next number is found by adding up the two numbers before it. When we make squares with those widths, we get a nice spiral…It is that simple!

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marvel dogs

A few days ago we featured a delightful series of Marvel-inspired dogs created by illustrator Josh Lynch on Nerd Approved. Now we’ve added the series to our shirt store!

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lace and lore

What better place to shop than a store created by two gals who love video games, sci-fi, comics, and anime? We just discovered Lace and Lore and we dig their quirky and cute style that covers dresses, skirts, hand bags, leggings, and accessories. Their fun patterns and designs cross over so you can mix and match accessories with the clothing.

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Mario, Donkey Kong, Samus and more are crammed together on this tote bag for what looks like a Nintendo family reunion in a very tiny room. Etsy shop EmSeeItch illustrates tons of your favorite Nintendo characters with adorably round faces for this 15″ by 15″ bag.

There’s also a Legend of Zelda and Pokemon version that you can check out after the break…

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It might be hot now, but the weather will be cool again before you know it. Nothing beats a good hoodie when it comes to comfort in chilly weather—especially when there’s an element of cosplay thrown in. Enter the BMO Adventure Time hoodie. It’s a 60/40 cotton/polyester blend and even has a little BMO zipper pull!

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sailor scouts

The thing I love so much about this Sailor Scouts t-shirt is that it’s almost exactly what I thought of when I first heard the term. Now I’m imagining Sailor Moon and the other Scouts selling magical cookies and wearing sashes with badges on them.

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