Approved Products

This Wonder Woman bomber jacket has so many pockets you might not even need a purse. However, if you want to complete the look, the Lasso of Truth purse would do the job nicely. The Amazon Princess handbag is also a fine choice. Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]

We have featured a lot of fun knitting projects here on FG, and I’ve always admired/been jealous of those who have the required skills. Sure, I could learn—or I could back the Kniterate. [click to continue…]

The Rogue Class Ladies’ Faux Leather Jacket features shoulder and sleeve details inspired by leather armor. As you know, we can’t resist anything inspired by armor designs. Let’s take a closer look at the details: [click to continue…]

We’ve been seeing more and more superhero-themed activewear options lately, and Her Universe is jumping into the fray once again with an official DC line at Kohls that features Wonder Woman, Batman and Superman inspired designs. Check out more styles below. [click to continue…]

Do you need another bag? Probably not. But this isn’t just any bag—no, this bag looks like it was made out of Wonder Woman’s costume. Clearly, you can’t carry your stuff around without it. [click to continue…]

Lots of people buy Nike sneakers because they’re backed by famous athletes—but what about unicorn fans? I’m sure that’s the niche Nike is trying to fill with the iridescent Air Max 1 iD. [click to continue…]

Up until this point you were probably content without having a Little Mermaid Tote bag. We apologize for messing everything up with these two Loungefly designs. [click to continue…]

These Sailor Moon uniform backpacks aren’t big, but they are cute as hell. They feature a double buckle magnetic snap closure, front zipper pouch, main zipper pouch and two side pockets. Get them in Sailor Moon, Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Mars styles. Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]

Etsy seller ClawedByBennie sells blood drip press on nails that look dramatic and inconvenient. [click to continue…]

Her Universe is adding to their Studio Ghibli lineup with this Spirited Away No-Face-themed kimono wrap. So, it would seem that a third player has entered the kimono recruitment game. [click to continue…]