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This Lilo & Stitch bomber jacket has the same cute vibe as that poular Mulan bomber jacket we featured a few weeks back. We love it.

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Imagine riding your motorcycle down an empty desert highway with a canopy of stars above you. This is the jacket for that ride.

Ladies, this jacket will work for you, no matter what flavor your “bike” is – even if you don’t have one. This asymmetrical full-zip hooded jacket features a print of Hubble’s image of “Mystic Mountain” in the Carina Nebula. On the outside? A sweet, fitted faux leather jacket with nice lines. On the inside? Epic space geekiness. It comes with a removable hood, also lined with space, and the sleeves feature zippers for a snug fit. We hear it gets cold in space.

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Etsy shop Pretty Little Earth specializes in crafting laser-cut wood jewelry—specifically space-themed jewelry. My personal favorite? The lunar lander necklace—but there’s a lot to choose from. Check out more designs below. [click to continue…]

You can’t help but smile looking at this Wall-E tire tracks button down shirt. He’s fully explored the front apparently, but not the back. All it needs is a plant popping up out of the pocket.

Wall-E Tire Tracks Shirt ($31.92 – $35.12)

Kay Jewelers is all in on their Star Wars collection and these new rings are some of their best designs yet—especially the TIE Fighter ring ($159) pictured above. It’s sterling silver with diamond accents.

The second new ring in the collection is a sterling silver rebel design ($199) with criss-cross bands. You can take a closer look at both rings below. [click to continue…]

The Harry Potter Hogwarts Trunk Crossbody Bag does, in fact, have a magical power. And that power is the ability to sell itself. I mean—holy friggin’ crap.

It measures 8″x6″x4″ with a 100% polyurethane shell and 100% polyester lining.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Trunk Crossbody Bag ($52.42 – 25% off)

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Clothes are great and all, but it’s the accessories and tchotchkes that make life so much fun. Especially when Disney, Marvel and Star Wars characters are involved. [click to continue…]

This Space Invaders Arcade Cabinet Backpack has a lot of potential beyond simply carrying around your stuff. For one thing, it has a coin slot that you can actually stick a coin in. We’re not sure where that quarter goes, but it could be the starting point for an even better idea. Seems like it wouldn’t be too difficult for a talented modder to turn this thing into a playable arcade backpack. Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]

I think it’s safe to say that many of you would be perfectly fine with Niffler attempting to steal your necklace if the end result was this adorable. This Fantastic Beasts-inspired creation is the work of Aisha Voya but, sadly, the pre-orders have sold out. It might be worth contacting her on her website or through her Etsy page to see if a custom order is possible. [click to continue…]

The Disney Parks Blog has revealed new “Words Are Powerful” Alex And Ani Color Infusion bangles with sayings chosen by readers. Make Your Own Path (Pocahontas), Be Forever Brave (Merida) and Unlock the Magic (Jasmine) will arrive in Disney Parks starting in the spring of 2017. But that’s not all! [click to continue…]