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mathematic mister fox edit

Mr. Fox gets mathematic on this adorable wallet that will hold your money, license, cards, checkbook (we still use those) and whatever else you can stuff in it.

Dare I say, it’s fantastic?

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Dragon Ball Z fans that like their products with an intensity level that’s over 9000 will love this insane jacket with all over print featuring Goku and his companions. It also has a zip front and a hood as well as two side pockets.

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ewok celebration

Considering the cuteness factor, it’s easy to forget sometimes that Ewoks were warriors that kicked a lot of Imperial butt. Think about it—the first time we really got a great look at them, they were planning on cooking and eating Han.

This shirt is only $12 for a limited time so grab it on the cheap while you can!

Product Page: $20 ($12)


Guys, this is the best hoodie I have ever seen. It has ears, thumb hooks, little paw prints, pom poms, and a pouch for your fur baby. I repeat, this hoodie comes with a cozy space for you pet to cuddle in.

Unihabitat, famous for making adorable pet beds, has just announced their brilliant new pet/person product called the Nyangaroo Parka (or the Mewgaroo Hoodie in English).

The soft pouch sits comfortably right at belly level and provides plenty of room for your cat to walk in a million circles before finally curling up to nap. And the second best element is the double layer pocket which allows you to remove the inner pocket for easy cleaning. It even has extra long drawstrings with fluffy ends to give your pet something to play with.

The Mewgaroo Hoodie goes on sale May 26 for 7,000 yen (US$59) in a medium size. A larger version will be available sans the ears.

After the break there’s tons of “aww” inducing pics and a video too. Check it out.

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clockwork, steampounk, heart, necklace, pendant

This beautiful steampunk heart pendant is extremely intricate with some parts measuring less than 2mm. Etsy shop owner Steelhip Design has true passion for vintage and for making inspiring pieces like this. Her signature mechanical heart pendants take about 16 hours of labor and are made from tiny watch gears, optical screws, a 3D copper heart, and wonderful artisan detail.

This heart in particular is already reserved. Now I truly need a mechanical heart because mine is broken. However, like most Etsy shops, you can request another design.

There are more wonderful photos of the magnificent mechanical heart after the break.

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It’s R2. On a pencil skirt. I mean, come on. What do I even have to say? It’s an R2 Pencil skirt!

Go. Buy it. You know you want to.

Product Page ($35)


This sterling silver dragon atop and old castle bracelet began with a pencil drawing and was then hand sculpted, molded and cast into a magical piece of jewelry. Etsy shop owner Mystic Swan describes the piece thusly:

“A mystical dragon prowls the passages of an ancient keep, the magic he holds shows through the swirls on his wings. The stone archways of the keep are draped with vines that show views of the world surrounding his liar; another castle with a moon hovering overhead, yet the sun shines through another archway, and another dragons flying nearby. All these work together to make a truly magical and unique fantasy jewelry bracelet.”

See More: Dragon Bracelets

Although the price tag may make you want to spit fire, you have to admit this is truly a unique piece. Check out more pictures after the break.

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This adorable pinup dress is full of pizzazz and just perfect for sassy math/science geeks.

“Featuring and all-over print of equations to strike fear into the hearts of middle schoolers, this cotton dress offers a cute white collar, white trim, and pockets big enough for small calculator (not that you’d need one, right?!?). Finished off with a back zip and intelligent design from top to bottom”

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Lane Huerta of Lovelane Designs is selling a beautiful and imaginative line of handmade capes with matching hats for kids. Seriously, I cannot get over how cute these are.

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Another unique and handmade piece from Etsy seller LizGlizz, this lovely Ocarina necklace can be customized with the Zelda song of your choice (Song Of Time pictured).

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