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If you live in a warm climate, swimsuit season is never over and that means it’s the perfect time to order some creative and lovely comic book bathing suit designs by Suckers Apparel. You can also plan ahead for next summer with this dazzling line that features designs based on Harley Quinn, Aquaman, Captain America, Batgirl, and more.

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This femme Star-Lord cosplay is so good, it’s the second time we’re featuring images from this cosplayer for you to enjoy. Jill had a few more photos taken in her Peter Quill garb, this time on some deserted sandy planet that surely has plenty of deadly artifacts hiding beneath the surface.

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When Santana Cosplay tipped us to her Soul Eater Maka Albarn cosplay, she mentioned that Soul Eater is one of her favorite animes and that Soul is probably her favorite weapon of choice at a con.

I can see why. It’s a pretty epic weapon.

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There’s something about the delightfully different sweaters by Middle Of Beyond we just can’t get enough of.

Sure, it could just be the fact that you’re not going to find Yeti and Bigfoot sweaters and cardigans anywhere, but it’s also the variety we love. After all, if you’re going to wear a “tacky christmas sweater”, why not go with Zombie Santa or Krampus? It’s in keeping with the season and it’s a lot more fun than reindeer.

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dog spider

Polish prankster and You Tuber SA Wardega may have tapped into the cosmic fear consciousness with his latest prank.

While I’m sure the photo above will haunt the dreams of some of the people who clicked on this story, there are others who might just grin and comment on that adorable dog face in the middle of all that fake spider.

But I defy you to keep smiling when it’s dark and all you see is the terrifying dog/spider from The Thing after you.

I hope the rest of you will join me in being terribly amused at video of Chica The DogSpider in action even though we all know we’d run screaming in terror if we saw it in real life.

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This gorgeous messenger bag is the only logical choice for Star Trek fans. It features the Vulcan salute carved into the leather with the the words “Live Long and Prosper” handstamped around it in a circle. From the product page:

This Star Trek inspired laptop bag is made to accommodate a laptop that is 15″X11″X3″ or less. This includes enough room for your computer and you charger cord as well as several small items. It can also be used as a messenger bag for school books. It is made from vegetable tanned leather which is fairly non-pliant and very tough. I hand stitch it with nylon sinew that has at least 70 test.

This is made-to-order so you can even customize it with pockets or a lining to make it the perfect bag for your needs.

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This wonderful cosplay of Flemeth from Dragon Age features cosplayer Mono Abel. The costume and makeup are just fantastic and loaded with detail. It’s all perfectly captured in photos by Dzeta.

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brienne cosplay

Cosplayer Galacticat brought a number of different cosplays to Dragon Con, but her Brienne of Tarth is so good that I wanted to give it it’s own post.

I have a feeling a lot of time, energy, Worbla, Craft Foam, and sleepless nights went into making this, and it definitely paid off. Not to mention, she says it was her first time crafting armor! It sure doesn’t show.

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goldeneye belt

Make a fashion statement by embracing the memory of the best Nintendo 64 game ever: GoldenEye 007. Fashion designers If Industries remembers the good ‘ole days and came up with two belt buckles inspired by the game. One features a remote mine, and the one other is modeled on a proximity mine. Yes, they’re amazing, and no, they’re not available for sale – not yet, anyway.

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This beautiful watch contains sand right from the Tunisian set where the Star Wars Tatooine scenes were filmed. It’s currently a kickstarter which is fully funded with plenty of time to pledge and get your own watch. Each case is made of solid 316L medical-grade steel with Seiko-Epson quartz movements and leather bands. The sand is sealed inside the case and actually moves around as you move your wrist.

Funds from the kickstarter will be used to make the watches and also to help restore the crumbling sets in Tunisia. Some are even at risk of being swallowed by growing sand dunes. This is the second series of watches and it will be the last since the molds are reaching the ends of their lifespans.

These are being made in limited quantities so don’t delay if you want one on your wrist!

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