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pokemon go dress top

Of course there is.

Add this unofficial Pokemon Go-inspired dress to the list of must-have Pokemon Go accessories. Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]


If you’re looking for officially licensed, good looking leather Suicide Squad jackets, you’ll want to check out these new jackets for The Joker, Deadshot, Killer Croc, and El Diablo.

I really like the embossing on both Killer Croc and El Diablo, but the detail on all of the jackets is fantastic. I’m surprised they don’t have a Harley Quinn, but maybe that’s coming later. Check out the entire lineup below. [click to continue…]

death star bikini

Musterbrand is making new Star Wars items with a little less fabric than their coats from last year.

They’re getting into swimwear, including this Star Wars bikini. Not to be confused with the Slave Leia metal bikini, this one features art of the Death Star Battle by John Berkey. It’s a polyester/elastane blend that is completely lined and comes with detachable pads for the top and adjustable bottoms.

It runs in sizes XS to XL with A/B cups for XS/S/M and B/C cups for L/XL.

Star Wars Battle Bikini ($49.99)

(via The Kessel Runway)

rainbow unicorn bag

This rainbow unicorn shoulder bag is a tiny bit of happiness in a sh*tty, sh*tty world.

Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]

pokemon go accessories

By now, several of us have begun our journeys as trainers in Niantic Labs’ hit new augmented reality game, Pokemon Go. The new mobile title based on Nintendo’s hit game franchise is helping people explore their surroundings in new ways, and it’s getting tons of us out of the house. But when it comes to long-haul trips like those required by the game, even the most physically fit trainer can find themselves weary.

So, here are a few suggestions for creating a trainer ensemble that will make your journey a bit easier (which you should cap off with comfortable shoes, of course). [click to continue…]


We’ve featured the unique handmade hats of Etsy seller HandiCraftKate in the past, but now there are comfy hood versions in her whimsical and (mostly) colorful style.

Check out more examples below. [click to continue…]


This Star Wars Stormtrooper bag and matching wallet is pretty classy looking right? Don’t worry, this isn’t one of those pricey Dooney & Bourke designs. The bag and wallet are available at the Disney Store for an affordable $34.95 and $29.95 respectively.

Stormtrooper Bag ($34.95) Stormtrooper Wallet ($29.95)

Take a closer look at the designs below. [click to continue…]

wonder woman collar necklace

Yep, there’s no delicate little charm on this Wonder Woman necklace. The metal symbol is a whopping 6-inches wide.

Wonder Woman Symbol Collar Necklace ($15.99)

(via GeekAlerts)


These Warcraft Durotan plush slippers may be my new favorite WoW gear to date.

They come complete with spikes, fur, and the Frostwolf symbol on the side. Plus, if you’re a klutz like me, you’ll be thrilled to hear there are no-slip dots on the bottom.

They’re one size fit most, but even if your feet are a little small, just wrap some leather around it and upgrade your gear. [click to continue…]


Accept no imitations.

Officially-licensed Harry Potter Quidditch Goggles, handcrafted with amazing details including golden snitch icons on the sides, to look just like the ones from the movies. Perfect for cosplay, Halloween costumes, or joining your house team at Hogwarts! The elastic strap gives lots of stretch and even has a metal buckle for further size adjustment, so you can wear these comfortably during a match or an all-day convention.

Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]