This Leather Bag End Bag Is Brilliant

bag end leather bag 1

Before you go out your front door and risk dangerous business, you should make sure you have the right bag for the occasion. This Bag End leather bag by Forgiantica Leather is the best possible bag for every day. It features the bright green front door of Bilbo Baggins’ home, and Gandalf’s been by because the door is marked with a rune that’s painted with UV light sensitive paint. As you can see, the leather is textured and painted to look like stone and wood. It’s gorgeous.

See more pics of the Bag End design and equally beautiful World of Warcraft bags after the break.

bag end leather bag 2

bag end leather bag 3

leather bag - wow 2

leather bag - wow 3

leather bag - wow

leather cuff - wow

leather wallet - tolkien

Items are made to order and turnaround time is listed at 1-2 weeks.

Product Page ($110 and up via SGC)


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