These Geeky Backpacks Will Make You Wish You Could Do School All Over Again

backpack Collage

We found a plethora of awesome geek-themed back packs, satchels and more..

Star Wars back packs, TARDIS back packs, Legend of Zelda back packs. Something called a Harry Potter suit up, Transformers back packs. Heck, there’s even a Guardians Of The Galaxy Rocket Raccoon back pack with a HOOD!

I feel some how robbed that we didn’t have back packs this cool when I was a kid. But I’m somewhat mollified by the fact that I can now buy one and run around carrying it and I don’t actually have to have any schoolbooks inside.

Of course, my generation was the first to have Fonzie lunch boxes, so I feel a tiny bit better.

Product Page ($39 – $69 / Pre-Order for April 2014)


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