The Paxis Does Something Brilliant With Backpack Design [Video]


Backpacks are great, but a major design flaw is revealed every time you need to take the whole thing off just to get a protein bar in the front pocket.

Thankfully, Paul Vierthaler has developed Paxis—a backpack that makes it easy to access your essentials.

The backpack comes with two main sections: the upper portion is a standard compartment that’s meant for items you don’t need to have constant access too. The bottom portion, on the other hand, is perfect for important items like snacks, water or basic camping gear since it’s attached to an articulated arm that can swing around to the user’s front.

The bag comes in two sizes, 22-liter and 18-liter, and it’s also available in a number of different colors. The price ranges from $240 to $275, so it’s a little steep–but I can see a bag like this being huge with photographers and outdoorsy types.

Check out the video after the break…

(Gizmag via Gizmodo)


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