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Mexican lucha libre wrestlers are known for unique costumes, like these guys who are dressed as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. What you’re seeing here is not one but three different teams inspired by TMNT. Only these turtles are fighting each other.

It starts with AULL’s Tortiguillos Karatekas versus IWRG’s Tortugas Ninja in an epic four on four match. Then Las Tortugas Mutantes jumped into the fray and attacked everyone else. Glorious chaos ensued and it was all caught on video. It’s not over either, as a 16-person fight with men, turtles, and ninjas is being worked on for the future.

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This beautiful space-themed clothing line features real images from space. There are hoodies, scarves, tights, and a range of swimsuits so you can look spacey on the beach this summer. I know, winter is here, but it has to go away eventually.

Each item is digitally printed with materials that are sourced locally by the Brooklyn based duo that are Shadowplaynyc. They design each piece very carefully so that almost every bit of fabric is used and nothing goes to waste—making them an Earth-friendly label that will help you get lost in space.

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Rocket Raccoon and Star-Lord might kick butt and save the galaxy, but here they are nothing but cute. The pair has been turned into chibi earrings that are metal charms attached to hypoallergenic ear wires. They’re just two of the styles available through Etsy seller laminartz.

There are also characters from Pokémon, Attack on Titan, Dragon Ball Z and more. There’s even a pair with the TARDIS.

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This Totoro wallet is an adorable way to carry your cash. It’s made by Bunkoya Oozeki, an 80-year-old company with a history of making a special white leather called bunkogawa. Images are pressed onto the leather and then details and varnish are applied by hand.

The wallet has a zippered pouch and divided pockets for holding credit cards and other small items. Look inside and you’ll even find a hidden Totoro image. There’s also a matching passcard holder. It isn’t cheap, but quality never is.

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Renato García was a Puerto Rican boxer who spent much of the last few weeks of his life dressed in a Green Lantern costume. After his passing, his family decided to dress him in the costume one last time and stand him up at the wake as a tribute to how they viewed him as a hero in real life. His sister, Milagros García, told Primera Hora in a translated interview:

He was always very helpful. He was left anyone wanting. Never say no. You beckoned and he was always there. …I was going to a regular funeral for him, but the neighbors and the community had this idea. I know he would have liked it.

It wasn’t just family, but the community who also felt he was a hero.

Lots of mourners, relatives, friends and residents of the village of San José in Río Piedras, wore shirts alluding to the famous character, as a symbol of mourning on the death of Renato, who attributed all attractive qualities and virtues. Neighbors said that when Renato found a Green Lantern costume in the trash can and decided to dress and embody the character, nobody scoffed at him, and were sympathetic when they out found what he did.

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These fun hats let you indulge in a little cosplay while keeping warm from this winter’s terrible weather. Each is made from toasty warm fleece and has long side flaps that you can wrap around your face. There are also built in pockets in case your fingers get cold.

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This incredible cosplay features Tesla Cosplay. The trio, which even includes an anthropomorphic Yakkul, looks fantastic and has been captured beautifully by photographer Jason DeSomer.

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“I’ve made a huge mistake.”

Broke up with your boyfriend and want to get that face tattoo removed? Ordinarily, that would mean that you’ve got a painful laser-removal process in your future. However, researcher Alex Falkenham of Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia has been working on a cream removal process and it looks like it might actually work. According to the CBC:

Falkenham’s topical cream works by targeting the macrophages that have remained at the site of the tattoo. New macrophages move in to consume the previously pigment-filled macrophages and then migrate to the lymph nodes, eventually taking all the dye with them.

There are lots of removal creams on the market with dubious efficacy, but this one looks promising. Plus it might be cheap. The estimated cost is just 4.5 Canadian cents per treatment to remove a 10 x 10 centimeter square.

Before you get too hopeful about painlessly removing that tribal tattoo you got in the ’90s, keep in mind that FDA has yet to approve any of the current creams on the market and Falkenham is still in the testing phase.

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The T-Rex was a fierce dinosaur, but this one probably won’t try to eat you for dinner. Maybe a nibble at your finger at most.

The T-Rex ring is available in either antique silver or antique gold finishes and is made of brass. There are a range of sizes available so you can have a chomping T-Rex on whatever finger you choose.

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Kid cosplay is generally really cute, but it’s rarely so well done as this. Owen and Dean are two brothers who cosplay as Nerdling 2 and 3. Their costumes were handmade by their Mom and took 2 weeks to complete.

Kudos to David of Lift-Off Studios in Charlotte, North Carolina for the awesome pics.

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