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We’ve seen lots of Mass Effect cosplay but none are as cute as this Commander Shepard Jr. looking ready to take on all comers. This picture was snapped right before the Pittsburgh Comicon costume contest, and we hope he won because he’s just precious.

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There’s plenty of excitement about the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion Warlords of Draenor, and some Chinese players set about creating hilarious cosplay just to get early access. It’s all thanks to the Sina World of WarCraft weibo page which started accepting cosplay pictures on September 26th and will continue to take submissions through October 7th.

Photos are entered when they’re submitted with a Chinese hashtag that translates to “Have Cos Have Beta Key” which has already reached over 8 million users. I don’t even know what most of these are, but every single one is wonderfully laughable.

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Keep your feet warm in these Batmobile slippers based on the 1989 Batman film. They’re available in a range of sizes with a soft inner lining with no-slip grip soles so you won’t fall while you’re busy fighting crime, or heading off to bed.

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These gorgeous sneakers are the work of Etsy seller Beressy Art who hand-painted them with characters from The Walking Dead. They’ll look great on your feet while you watch the upcoming 5th season of the show. You can even customize them with the characters of your choice. These are black and white, but you can change that too, and make them bright and colorful if that’s your preference.

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Great things happen when cosplayers coordinate their efforts, like this beautiful Dragon Age: Inquisition cosplay. What makes this unique is that there’s not a single guy in the bunch, just women playing the lead characters from the game.

Morrigan: Tarah-Rex Cosplay
Cassandra and Leliana: Armed and Dangerous
Sera: Emmabellish

Individual Photos: The Will Box
Group Photo: Photosassin

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The Grady twins are one of the many creepy parts of The Shining and now they’re even creepier thanks to this cosplay. It features Kyla P. and her boyfriend Brando at this year’s Saskatoon Entertainment Expo. Looks like I’ll be sleeping with the lights on again tonight.

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Halloween will be here before you know it and these great video tutorials will help you create the perfect look. There’s Captain Miss America as well as Spider-Woman, both done by the talented Elsa Rhae. We’ve featured her work in the past, watching her transform into a White Walker, Master Chief, and Joker—so she’s got all your costume ideas covered.

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These gorgeous pictures by Saraisana feature cosplayer Lenora of Lenora Genwandungen Clothing who is wearing an outfit she designed herself for a very special character:

“I´m playing this character as part of our LARP-group “Aurerijahr“. I love this role, because it is a great acting challenge for me… and I have great fun with fighting :o)

The wildelves are living hidden deep in the woods and mountains, their culture is archaic and kind of barbaric (that´s why the other elves would call them “wild” ;D). This one here is a hunter, a fighter and really dangerous. She is proud of her folk and would give her life for them.

The costume is a ritual clothing, made for ceremonies where a won battle or a successful hunt is celebrated. Then the wildelves are painting their skin with different colors, dirt or the blood of their enemies and are dancing to the sound of their battle drums. So I wear a wide skirt, which rotates while dancing and a short leather top, so that the painted skin can be seen largely.

The combination of a great costume and well-applied makeup really make her look like she’s stepped right out of the forest.

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Rene Auberjonois recently shared this rather horrifying picture on twitter so we’d have enough nightmare fuel to make it until Halloween. It shows the Star Trek actor in the process of removing the makeup that turned him into a Changeling.

He said it took about two and a half hours to turn him into Odo, and that he couldn’t wait to take the masks off at the end of the day. Still, he kept a few when the show ended. Now he’s using them to raise money for a good cause, as he’s auctioning one of the masks to support Doctors Without Borders.

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Fantastic Falcon Cosplay


This Falcon cosplay features Fashionably Geek reader Deshon (aka Cue, aka Falcon). in a costume that he created for Wizard World Comic Con this past August. He did a great job on the overall look, but the money shot is when he opens up the wings. They’re absolutely huge and they look just amazing.

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