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valeera sanguinar

Photography by David Ngo.

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sw purses

If you thought you had seen all the Star Wars purses you might want or need, I have three more that may just make it onto your holiday wish lists.

These three different faux leather Star Wars purses each have their own distinctive styles and design. There’s a Dia De Los Muertos style Stormtrooper, a retro tattoo style, and a black and white grid style that I’m definitely partial to.

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Well, here a frickin’ gorgeous League Of Legends Blood Moon Akali & Shen cosplay. The costumes were made by Giulietta Zawadzki who’s also cosplaying alongside Sam Dowse.

Photos by Kevin Hennequin, Alex Laberge & Paper Cube.

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More awesome stuff from ShoeFury today. This time, it’s this epic Rising Tide design by Matias Bergara. With Godzilla rising from the water on one shoe and a boat in jeopardy on the other, these high tops are a walking movie moment.

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I saw it on tumblr

How strange is the Internet world? Well, this post is inspired by a tweet about how people say they saw things on Tumblr.

Anyway, here’s the tote bag. I’m pretty sure when you buy it and a friend asks, you can now say “I saw it on Fashionably Geek, who saw it on Twitter, who saw it on Tumblr”.

Product Page ($24)


I’ve never played The Witcher: Battle Arena, but this cosplay of Philippa Eilhart by Issabel Cosplay have definitely intrigued me. This version of Philippa is from a rare skin called Avian Legacy and I think it’s gorgeous.

While we’re talking gorgeous, the photos by MLC foto are that and more.

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star wars tree sweater

(Dakota Hommes via Boing Boing)

amell firestorm

Robbie Amell seems to be following in his cousin Stephen’s footsteps when it comes to teasing his fans on the Internet. He recently posted a first look at Firestorm for The Flash and it really is a tease. He managed to make it intriguing and frustrating all at the same time.

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beat down boogie

We got tipped to this X-Men Epic Cosplay video, and when you put “X-Men”, “cosplay” and “video” in the same sentence we’re probably going to like it.

This video by Distractotron definitely brings all manner of X-Men cosplayers together at DragonCon 2014. t’s a nice blend of cosplay, special effects, music and staging.

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These Star Wars Bowling Bag Style purses come in either either Boba Fett or R2-D2 designs and I’m betting they’ll look pretty awesome the next time you want to go retro on a night out.

Do they make Star Wars bowling shoes? Now I have to do some research.

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