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agent carter tattoo

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immortan joe

Rule 63 Immortan Joe cosplay by Variable Cosplay.

(via Jeff Is A Geek)


I’ve never been a math person, so I look at this dress I see an awesome pattern and leave it at that. However, the description by Etsy seller Shenova does a great job of explaining the inspiration for the design:

This mathematically fashionable dress is calculated to be fabulously figure flattering. The next number is found by adding up the two numbers before it. When we make squares with those widths, we get a nice spiral…It is that simple!

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Stay cool in more ways than one with this new Doctor Who Comics ladies’ tank top. The Doctor Who comic design is on both the front and back, which is nice to see on a racerback.

It’s available in sizes S – 3X.

Product Page ($24.99)

hex mortis

The amazing prop makers at Hex Mortis are at it again, this time with new Black Templar Champion helmets from Warhammer 40k. The folks at HM make most of their stuff for private collectors or film and TV projects, so these are likely going to a very loving home.

They sure are pretty.

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cosplay boom

When I first started writing for Fashionably Geek, I had almost zero idea what cosplay was about. It’s been amazing to get such a great education in what cosplay is and why people love to cosplay in the years I’ve been a contributor.

Recently, Cosplay Boom founder Todd Kenreck went to Geek Girl Con and interviewed some of the cosplayers who attended the Seattle convention. Each person has their own story and reasons for cosplaying, but one thread flows through every interview –– the empowerment and joy of being able to express yourself fully and be accepted and embraced by other people for being who you are.

As to why he chose Geek Girl Con, Kenreck told Polygon, “I go to GeekGirlCon to hear a perspective that isn’t inherently my own, that’s how you grow as a human being.”

Kerneck’s video is a lovely insight and it’s definitely worth checking out.

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sailor scouts

The thing I love so much about this Sailor Scouts t-shirt is that it’s almost exactly what I thought of when I first heard the term. Now I’m imagining Sailor Moon and the other Scouts selling magical cookies and wearing sashes with badges on them.

Product Page ($20 $12)


In a perfect world, this Doctor Who TARDIS Crossbody Bag would be bigger on the inside. Or it would actually be a TARDIS scaled down for easier carrying.

Still, it’s super cute and the addition of the interior is a nice touch.

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thorki family

Tiny Thor (Miley Romero) takes a stroll with Big Thor (ThorTV) and Loki (LokiHatesYou) in this lovely family photo by York In A Box.

There are more pictures from this superhero family shoot, including one that takes the Puny God meme to a new level.

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We can’t get enough nerdy and kawaii thigh high styles like these “Fur The Win” fox socks. I mean, c’mon, they sleep on your knees. That’s next level adorable.

See Also: This Cute Little Fox Dress Even Has Ears On The Shoulders

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