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five four avengers

Clothing company Five Four combines the benefits of a personal stylist and a subscription box service to deliver affordable fashion to your door monthly.

Now, Marvel has teamed up with Five Four to create line of clothing inspired by The Avengers. The clothing line takes cues from characters like Iron Man, Captain America and Thor and works them into subtle, stylish designs.

I don’t know about you, but I personally hate shopping. So, if I can have someone curate $120 worth of clothes for $60 and deliver it to me monthly, with free shipping both ways and easy exchanges? I’d try it.

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Larson Jewelers, the company that made this awesome Battle Of Hoth engraved tungsten ring, is back again with two new geeky silhouette designs.

These tungsten rings feature the Death Star Battle from Star Wars or Gandalf and the Fellowship (which seems fitting to be on a ring). They even offer custom engraving in a variety of geeky fonts so you can personalize them.

Yes, those fonts include Elvish and the Star Wars font. How cool is that?

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One thing’s for sure, ECCC brought out the variety in Han/Leia cosplays. Points for originality and skill to both this genderswapped Han and Slave Leia and a cosplay that reminds us that true love never grows old.

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creature purses

We found these purses in an Etsy shop called Disturbingly Adorable, which is really an apropos name for these designs. From narwhals to unicorns to steampunk ocean battles, there’s something here for everyone.

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Here’s a fun way to add a little Sailor Moon style to your outfit. These Sailor Moon Crystal Star leggings by Sun and Stars Creative have a an original print using Sailor Moon symbols and are great for everyday wear.

They come in two fabric options, think tights vs. winter leggings, and they are made to order.

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deadpool costume

The amount of fun that Ryan Reynolds is having with the Deadpool movie makes me think it’s going to be amazing. This morning, Reynolds tweeted out a first look at the new Deadpool costume…in the most Deadpool way possible.

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If you’re pocket-less or need a smaller purse, here’s a way to carry a clutch and show off your geek style.

I’m not sure this Han Solo-inspired clutch can hold a blaster, but it’ll carry your ID and other sundries just fine.

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The next time you’re out LARPing, you need to take something like this fantasy elven hood with suede leather maple leaves. It’s medieval nerd camo!

This hood is made made to order and is completely customizable; from the colors of the wool, lining, and suede, to the shape of the leaves, the fabric, and the pattern. That’s pretty cool, if you ask me.

Product Page ($145.66)


While I love talking about fun and geeky dresses for adults, little girls love dressing up with their favorite characters too.

This Baymax print dress by Nana’s Sewing Closet is made to order in sizes 2T to a girls 8 and I think it’s so cute.

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Spring has sprung and so it’s time to start thinking about bathing suits for the summer.

If you like your suits with a little extra cosplay flair, these Black Butler and Sailor Moon-themed versions should do the trick, especially if you’re planning to hit up Colossalcon.

Product Pages: Black Butler Ciel Costume Swim Top $18.38 / Black Butler Ciel Costume Swim Bottoms $18.38 / Sailor Swim Top $18.38 / Sailor Swim Bottoms $18.38