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He calls himself a Dancin’ Fool on Reddit an The RPF, but I’d call him a darn good costume maker thanks to this Bowser cosplay.

It always amazes me to see what time, effort, and some EVA foam can create.

Check out more pictures after the break. The one with little Mario is my favorite.

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party on garth and wayne

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samus varia suit

When redditor talaaya set out to make a Samus Aran cosplay, she went all out and created this amazing 3D printed Varia suit.

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dc oh noes

Female geek friendly apparel has come such a long way that it almost hurts my neck from whiplash when I see something this…bad.

The Superman version first came to my attention thanks to a tweet by fellow Fashionably Geek contributor Alan Kistler (thank you Alan!) which cut pretty much to the heart of why they were so…icky. Apparently,  Wonder Woman is a thing to win and girls can only grow up to be Batman’s wife. Amazingly, someone at DC approved these designs.

It’s a bummer because there are a lot of licensed tees out there that empower women to BE the superhero instead of belonging to one.

In this day and age, it’s too bad that these these regressions still happen. However, I content myself with the knowledge that, overall, things are better than they used to be and that we’re making strides all the time.

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tortoise tardis

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sailor moon

Sailor Moon, transformation, and collectibles combine to create this mirror case based on the Sailor Moon Light Memory Transformation Brooch. It also has a few secrets when you look at it a little more closely. It’s perfect for any Sailor Moon fan who’s looking for a 20th anniversary collectible (or a cute mirror compact).

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black knight cosplay

This brilliant Black Knight cosplay is the work of Daniel who undoubtedly stole the show at the Edmonton Expo.

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Remember when we showed you these fantastic, comic book-inspired swimsuit designs by Suckers Apparel?

They’re available for order now and they look even better than we expected.

Each suit is hand made to order and they also do plus size and custom orders with no additional charges, which is amazing for some of us fuller figured gals.

As this is considered a “soft launch”, the suits will be available until October 10th. They do plan to be fully up and running later in 2015, with these suits and much more.

See more of this awesome swimwear after the break.

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TARDIS backpack

It’s great to have a TARDIS, but you have to admit that it’s not always easy to take with you everywhere you go. That’s why you can now get one in a handy backpack size.

It’s got lots of places to stash your stuff. Not sure whether it’s bigger on the inside, but at 10″ x 4 1/2″ x 20″, it should hold a good amount of Jammy Dodgers.

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brienne lightane main

I love a good Game Of Thrones cosplay, but I do find that a lot of ladies tend to cosplay Danaerys and, as much as I love Dany, I think Brienne is one of the most interesting female characters on the show.

So a good Brienne cosplay, like this one by cosplayer Lightane or this one by Galacticat will always get a little extra love from me.

With this Brienne from The Bear and the Maiden Fair cosplay, Lightane gets all of the details perfectly and the photography by Torrance Levon Neal takes it to a whole new level.

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