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Artists Griz and Norm Lemay are feature animation artists at Walt Disney Animation Studio (visual development artist / character designer and storyboard artist respectively) who also enjoy working on their own Disney-themed creations.

Recently, they did a series of beautiful shoes inspired by Disney ladies. Personally, I hope some of these designs become real products. They do have connections after all.

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If you heard about that epic Harry Potter-inspired LARP in Poland (you know, the one that tried to buy their own Hogwarts), but it wasn’t what you’d call “geographically desirable”, you’ll be interested to know t that a similar LARP is coming to the U.S.

The New World Magischola: A College of Wizardry LARP will take place at the University of Richmond, and will allow attendees to live out their Hogwarts dreams over the course of four days.

They’ve already crushed their original Kickstarter goal, but there are some pretty awesome stretch goals and you still have time to be a part of it. Here’s a preview of what you can expect:

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Why get boring luggage when you can have this BB-8 hard-shell rolling luggage? You couldn’t ask for a cuter companion.

If you weren’t sold on “BB-8 Luggage”, additional features include:

-BB-8 screen art and shape
-Durable molded casing with double-zip closure
-Telescopic handle mechanism with push-button locking feature
-Fully lined
-Two interior compartments
-Zippered main compartment
-Locking elastic ties
-Quiet gliding full-rotation wheels
-Retractable top carry handle

Product Page ($59.95)

sailor moon watch main

If you’re a diehard Sailor Moon fan, you may be interested to hear that Japanese company WIRED f has created a special edition Sailor Moon watch to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the beloved anime.

Limited to only 5000 pieces, this watch has a face designed to look like the Crystal Star compact and features a delicate crescent moon on the end of the second hand. The band comes in pink gold metal or white weather-proof leather and the back is engraved with the 20th anniversary logo and edition number.

As a special treat, it also includes a message from Usagi’s Japanese voice actress, Kotono Mitsuishi:

”To those of you who, as a little girl, wanted to grow up to be a Sailor Scout: Close your eyes and remember. That warmth pulsing through you is from your very own silver crystal, born within your heart! Now, let’s transform together with the crystal star watch! Moon crystal power, make up!!”

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sunset hair

It seems like one awesome hair trend leads to another. Perhaps Mermaid Hair inspired Galaxy Hair and Galaxy Hair inspired Sunset Hair.

Whether you want bold or muted sunset colors, it’s a beautiful effect.

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bunni pokemon swimsuits 3

Last time we wrote about Blue Bunni Cosplay’s swimwear designs, she was inspired by Disney. This time, she’s all about Pokemon.

These designs aren’t available for purchase on her Etsy store yet, but Bunni is working on getting them made. Demand has overwhelmed supply—and with cute designs like this, I can see why.

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glitter beards

Maybe it’s the holidays or maybe it’s just people feeling the need to put a little sparkle into their lives, but glitter is making a splash in a big way. Not long ago we told you about Glitter Roots, and now we have discovered the joy of Glitter Beards.

Be warned: once you go glitter beard you’ll probably have to shave it to be rid of it completely.

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cape 4 edit

It’s a cape. It’s a poncho. It’s a lounger. It’s a hoodie. It’s a “Loungewear Cape” for men. Men who may or may not wear tights and no shoes.

Honestly, I got nothing.

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This new plus-sized Doctor Who Fair Isle knit open cardigan is a stylish and nerdy way to embrace the winter and get into the holiday spirit.

It also works wonders on drying up all the tears from emotional character exits.

Product Page: ($58.50 $43.87)


If there are two things I really like it’s neat hair accessories and stuff with wings. So imagine how charmed (and surprised) I was to see this Maleficent Wings hair bow clip by Etsy seller The Pink Poudo.

They’re each made to order, so feel free to ask for custom colors.

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