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rocket raccoon cosplay

Cosplayed by The Stylish Geek.

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hot topic union suits

When I was a kid, one piece PJ sets were pretty boring, unless you got the Doctor Dentons which were livened up by the additional feet and butt flap.

These days, union suits are a lot cooler and they’re not just for kids. In this case, they’re for guys (or girls if you do a little sizing math) and you can suit up like Deadpool or Darth Vader.

Looks like a fun way to stay warm, cozy and geeky for the winter.

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There aren’t many people who can rock a poncho like The Walking Dead‘s Daryl Dixon, but everyone can rock this awesome messenger bag.

If you have a zombie apocalypse survival kit, this would be a pretty cool bag to stash it in — just in case.

Product Page ($89.99)

firefly star wars guns

These awesome guns belong to Jordan Calderon.

Yep, he’s got Captain Malcolm Reynold’s trusty pistol on his left arm and Han Solo’s blaster on his right (the flags are a nice touch). The tattoo was done by Noska at Southside Tattoo ATX.

Those are pretty shiny, Jordan, I gotta say!

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Artist Tom Kurzanski imagines DC Comics villainesses Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy as Derby Girls in these awesome t-shirts.

As Kurzanski himself noted about the designs:

“What better way to portray strong female characters than the world where femininity and power go hand-in-hand? Roller Derby.”

The GC Rollergirls are already looking strong with Criminal Miss Conduct and Bad Seed on the roster. I’m thinking they might win it all.

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Channel your inner Dark Link with the new The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time Dark Link Zip Hoodie.

This hoodie has the Triforce design on the front, a Dark Link inspired Hylian Shield on the back, and an elongated hood.

It’s available in men’s sizes small – 2X, but us ladies can probably do a little mental math to make sure we get one for ourselves.

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jules verne

If you’re planning to get Dad a tie this holiday, hold up. Binary Winter has designs that are interesting, a little bit nerdy, and artistic at the same time.

The designs are created and illustrated by Cody and Shea, who silk screen every item by hand and who are committed to keeping it vegan and eco-friendly.

You also don’t pay a lot for that extra homemade love. The ties run $24 and are just some of the things you can find at their Etsy shop.

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Scarecrow cosplay main

This Batman Arkham Knight Scarecrow cosplay blew me away. The photography is by Rich Johnson and the mask was created by Matt Sprunger at Stage 1 Studios in Winter Park, FL with assistance from LuAndra Whitehurst and Robert Tuscani.

I’m still trying to track down the cosplayer under the mask, so if you know who it is, please drop it in the comments.

Update: I’ve discovered that the man behind the mask is the man who made the mask. So, double kudos to Matt Sprunger.

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anna and elsa dress

Hot Topic is having a very good time with their costume dresses these days and they’ve just debuted new Disney versions. You can choose Elsa and Anna from Frozen or you can go old school Disney with Aurora, Snow White, and Belle.

Now that I think about it, I bet an Esmerelda would look super cute.

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That’s not Santa. It’s Darth Vader pulling a sleigh piloted by AT-ATs and he’s probably going drop some explosive gifts on your neighborhood.

Part of me hopes there’s a Rebel version with Yoda piloting X-Wings, because a Yoda Santa would be pretty epic.

On a side note, that is a moon! Definitely should have been a Death Star.

The shirt comes in sizes small through 3X and it’s in stock now.

Product Page $24.99