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sailor scout widow and winter soldier 1

The Sailor Scout outfit template seems to go with every character’s costume, and it definitely works for Black Widow and Bucky Barnes. Abby Rou Cosplay and Michelle Norris took on the mash-up recently, and they look awesome. I like this take on the Winter Soldier’s costume better than the one we saw in the film – especially the boots. I’m not sure if Sebastian Stan could pull it off though.

Photos by Carlos Adama Geek Photography.

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hair comic 2

I always say that I keep my hair long because it gives me styling flexibility, but most of the time I just put it up in a hair clip. That’s because I can never wrangle it with products or anything else. Artist Cassandra has come up with a series of comics that perfectly showcases the differences between hair expectations and reality. I pretty much feel this way every time I attempt to style my hair.

See more hair problems after the break. Also, Winter Is Coming (and you know what that means)…

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Daenerys Targaryen might be the Mother of Dragons, but she could sure use some help from How to Train Your Dragon’s Hiccup. He and his dragon Toothless have become friends, and Hiccup can help keep dragons in check – skills Dany could stand to learn. Casey Renee Cosplay mashed up the two worlds and dressed as Daenerys with a Toothless at Dragon Con. She even met up with a Mortal Kombat Kano who fed Toothless a heart he pulled from an enemy’s chest.

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hu ghibli 5

Her Universe has brought a delightful collection of Studio Ghibli tees to Hot Topic. Ashley Eckstein announced the partnership at the Her Universe Fashion Show during San Diego Comic-Con, and the first wave of t-shirts includes styles inspired by Kiki’s Delivery Service and My Neighbor Totoro. Many of the tees feature fun text, and I’m already looking forward to seeing more designs.

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cosplay music video

I’ve seen my fair share of cosplay videos over the years, but YouTuber RealTDragon’s compilation from this year’s Dragon Con is extra fantastic because it’s an “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” cosplay music video. Cosplayers lip-sync and boogie to the peppy tune, and it’s hilarious and awesome. This is definitely my new favorite style of cosplay video.

Watch the video after the break – especially if you need to smile.

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wonder woman top

The Injustice: Gods Among Us fighting game introduced different costume designs into the DC Comics Universe, and Wonder Woman’s outfit from the game is a look that I just adore. Nikita Cosplay did a tremendous job replicating the costume and recently won preliminaries with her Wonder Woman cosplay for the European Cosplay Gathering at Japan Expo 2014.

Photos by Florian Fromentin Photographe.

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Asuna of Sword Art Online is a heroine who doesn’t back down from a fight. I’m not sure if cosplayer Victoria Vaughn can jump right into battle, but she certainly looks like she’s walked out of the game in her Asuna cosplay. She did a wonderful job capturing the details – especially when it comes to all that trim!

Photos by Fawkes Photography.

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bathing suit hq

If you live in a warm climate, swimsuit season is never over and that means it’s the perfect time to order some creative and lovely comic book bathing suit designs by Suckers Apparel. You can also plan ahead for next summer with this dazzling line that features designs based on Harley Quinn, Aquaman, Captain America, Batgirl, and more.

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Astrid and Stormfly

How To Train Your Dragon continues to inspire cosplayers. I’ve seen several Hiccup and Toothless costumes at conventions, and I’m starting to see even more Astrid ones. They don’t often come with a giant dragon like this though! This Astrid and Stormfly were spotted, appropriately enough, at Dragon Con. They rock.

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comic con bag dress 1

What do you do with your giant swag bags after San Diego Comic-Con is over? Mine live in a closet and occasionally get used for storage, but io9 commenter stellastar42 turned her collection of bags into a lovely dress and hat. It took her five years to gather enough bags for the project – now that’s patience! She showed off the finished design at Comic-Con this year.

Check out more photos of the dress and matching hat after the break.

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