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dalek nails 1

You don’t have to take on the challenge of painting miniature art onto your fingernails, you can just buy pre-made ones. Etsy seller Gingerdead House offers some hand-painted press-on nails that will transform your fingers into tiny Daleks. You can put them on and wave your hands around while threatening to exterminate everyone, but it only counts if you use your best Dalek voice.

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frozen anna balloon dress

You don’t have to travel from Disney Store to Disney Store hoping to find Anna’s coronation dress from Frozen for your kids; there’s always the option of wearing a balloon version. Professional balloon art creator Brian Getz spent four hours crafting Anna’s dress, and his friend Christina Williamson wore it to an international magician’s conference. She looks lovely, and I adore that Getz made Olaf and snowflakes to accompany the ensemble.

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Cheering on sportsball teams doesn’t appeal to me, but geek jerseys are an idea I can get behind. Her Universe and Think Geek have just released a Doctor Who raglan jersey that has the logo on the front and the number 63 on the back. That represents the first year Doctor Who aired and is definitely an occasion to commemorate.

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apollo 11 sneakers

Walk on the streets like astronauts walked on the moon with new footwear from General Electric and JackThreads. To celebrate the 45th anniversary of the first manned lunar landing, the companies have made limited edition sneakers/moon boots that resemble the astronauts’ footwear. They’re off white and gray and feature translucent and thermoplastic soles.

The shoes go on sale this Sunday, July 20th, at JackThreads. They’ll be $196.90 per pair and will deliver in September.

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tattoos 1

Tattoo artist Chaim Machlev works out of Berlin and does incredible work with black ink to weave complex and geometric patterns. The tattoos mostly focus on lines, but he also incorporates mandalas and insects. The finished pieces are eye-catching. According to Beautiful Decay (NSFW link), Machlev said the following in a recent interview:

“I actually started to make those designs because it was weird for me that people try to categorize tattoos and other art forms. I could say that I have that split in my designs, just like in my personality; I make those art-minimalistic lines — the computer kid inside me — and very detailed mandalas, the spiritual man inside me.”

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great fairy cosplay 5

In Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, the Great Fairies heal Link and help him renew his magic power. Cosplayer Rachel Nycole looks postively enchanting as one of the characters, and it’s easy to believe she’s magical. She gets respect from me because it had to be hard to carefully apply those leaves and probably slightly painful to remove them.

Photos by Vancouver Cosplay.

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pixel sunglasses

Have people throwing disapproving glances at you every day? Slide on these snazzy sunglasses and tell them to just “deal with it”. In fact, “deal with it” is a good answer to almost any question. I love when memes turn into practical products.

Product Page (22.90€ or $31)

garrett cosplay 1

Every cosplayer has to start somewhere, and Ewenae Cosplay began with making a femme version of Garrett’s outfit. The character is the protagonist of Thief and talented at being stealthy. He’s sort of like a ninja.

Ewenae has gone on to cosplay several other characters, but it’s clear she started off on the right foot.

Photos by Aurélien Chevalier – Photographe.

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Dick Grayson is charming as Robin, but he’s amazing as Nightwing. The hero is fierce, sure, but he also has a much cooler costume. Cosplayer OkumuraFin captures the blues and blacks of Nightwing’s ensemble perfectly. He looks like he belongs in the pages of a comic.

Photos by UselessDevice.

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batman wolverine

The Stagmer Brothers take center stage in Man at Arms: Reforged. They don’t just recreate weapons from fiction, they mash-up the best of the best. In their latest episode, they put together two of the coolest superhero weapons: Batman’s Batarangs and Wolverine’s claws. The result is pretty much epic.

Watch how the combo is made in the video after the break.

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