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Ethereal Galadriel Cosplay

galadriel costume 1

It’s hard to choose the most enchanting elf in all of Middle-earth, but even with many other contenders, Galadriel wins as far as I’m concerned. She has compassion, bravery, and wisdom, and I admire all of those traits. Plus, she looks like an angel. Cosplayer Lopti, a.k.a. nomokis, nails the ethereal and otherworldly appearance of Galadriel with her costume. She could definitely step in as a younger version of the character if/when Peter Jackson adapts The Silmarillion.

Above photo by The Sisters Mischief.

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playstation 20th anniv 1

If you were around when PlayStation got its start, brace yourself because this might hurt. PlayStation hit its 20th anniversary in 2014. Twentieth! Though we’ve passed into 2015, you can still celebrate the console by purchasing a sleeveless jersey-style shirt, a messenger bag, and a varsity jacket from Insert Coin Clothing. Each item follows a similar motif with the PlayStation logo, the number 20, and the recognizable gray of the console. That shade of gray isn’t my first choice for clothing, but the designs do have a nice retro vibe.

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knit link gauntlets 1

It’s January, and that means many of you are dealing with chilly weather. A pair of arm warmers can be just the extra touch you need to feel more cozy outside (or in an overly air conditioned office). And yes, you can make them geeky. Emily Hastings has two styles of fingerless gloves that look like Link’s gauntlets from Legend of Zelda, and you can download the patterns for free. She has both knitting and crochet options available.

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What if things didn’t go so well between Ariel and Prince Eric? If she didn’t decide to become a mermaid again, she’d probably want to be close to her ocean home. It’s not unreasonable to think she’d become a pirate. Let’s go with it. Model Mistress Zelda put together a pirate look for the redhead from The Little Mermaid with scaled tights, a corset, and several other fun touches!

Photos by Keith Jones, a.k.a. Maxnex Photography.

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punk princess peach cosplay 1

Has Princess Peach ever looked so tough? I think not. This punked out take on Peach by Amanda Finley Cosplay is sassy and so very cool. I bet she doesn’t need to be saved. Peach is part of an entire Nintendo Punk Rock cosplay group that appeared at Ichibancon earlier this month; here’s hoping we’ll see more photos soon!

Photo by Double Stomp Productions.

bastion tattoo 1

Redditor Blackspearr has some fabulous new ink for 2015: a half sleeve inspired by the video game Bastion. The art replicates the game’s cover, and the tattoo artist did quite an impressive job with all the colors and shading. It looks so textured! When Blackspearr shared it, a Redditor who worked on the game commented. From SG_Greg:

I worked on the game that inspired this tattoo, so if you’re wondering what it’s like to see this from the perspective of someone like me… it’s pretty wild. The gentleman who got it done sent a nice note to us earlier in the day but I felt like I ought to post something here too.

Bastion was our first game, made by seven people based in a living room (we’re now like 10 people and moved out of the house). I grew up playing games that burned themselves into my brain in the best possible way, so as a game developer I and all of us wanted to make something that had a chance of leaving a lasting positive impression on people. It was wishful thinking during development, but to see something like this years after the game came out…? Whew. I just hope I’ve got it in me (and will continue to be lucky enough) to keep working on stuff that can make people feel this strongly.


The tattoo was inked by Maciej “Enzo” Sowa at Ink-Ognito in Rybnik.

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Carmen06 Collage

Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? It was a question I asked many times growing up while I learned about geography and solved crimes with the hero. She’s been on my mind this week too because I can play Carmen Sandiego again along with 2,400 DOS games thanks to the Internet Archive, and then these fantastic photos of Tara Cash as the character came our way.

You may remember Tara from her awesome Lara Croft cosplay earlier this week. Carmen Sandiego is an entirely different look, but she pulls it off wonderfully.

Photos by City Light Studio.

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Magic card armor

It can be hard to stop buying Magic: The Gathering cards once you start. I purchased a stack in high school that I still have even though I almost never play the game. This cosplayer found a use for his old cards though. I’m assuming he checked to make sure none of these were valuable and then turned them into magical (pun intended) armor. I especially appreciate the color coordination.

(via The Superhero Method)

metallic temp tattoos 2

There’s a new way to dress up your skin without adding permanent ink: metallic temporary tattoos. I had no idea these were a thing, and I’m such a fan. The tattoos work like paper ones: you cut them out of a sheet, apply upside down to your skin, and apply water to the paper backing with a sponge. The tattoos are available in silver, gold, bronze, and black metallic colors in all sorts of styles. You can get arm bands, symbols, or necklaces. I think the arm bands would pair nicely with a sleeveless dress, and hey, these could come in handy for cosplay.

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deadpool hawaiian shirt 1

Deadpool is what I consider a casual superhero. He’s a little irreverent. Or a lot irreverent, actually. This Hawaiian style shirt suits the Marvel character to a tee. It features Deadpool, grenade pineapples, and your standard flowers and fronds. I hope to see cosplayers wear this button-up shirt over their Deadpool spandex suits.

See a close-up of the print after the break.

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