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Projecting computer graphics onto surfaces isn’t anything new, but the technology is becoming more and more precise. Nobumichi Asai and his team have managed to create a system called Omote to track the movements of a human face and project images and makeup upon it to look realistic. It’s amazing that the graphics can fit over the curves and lines of a face and look natural.

Though Asai has worked with CGI projection mapping in the past, his focus has typically been on objects like buildings and cars. Omote is a new challenge, and I can’t wait to see how it develops.

Watch the technology in action in the video after the break.

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new batgirl

As soon as DC Comics showed off the design for the new Batgirl, my first thought was about cosplay. I knew creative folks would jump all over making the ensemble before the first issue of the new series hit shelves in October, and I wasn’t disappointed. EPBOT spotted this new Batgirl cosplayer at Tampa Bay Comic Con, and she looks just like the concept sketch that was released. Amazing.

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If you need a rocking Xena: Warrior Princess ensemble, Todd’s Costumes has a highly detailed, screen accurate version. Actress and model Jessica Crouse shows off the awesome cosplay in this series of of badass portraits.

Photos by FirstGlance Photography.

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Game of Thrones skirt

Can’t decided which Westerosi house you’d support in a battle? You don’t have to pick sides with this Game of Thrones skirt from Etsy seller Frockasaurus. The design features sigils from all the major houses including Targaryen, Stark, and Lannister. It’s made to order to the size you request, and the skirt is fully lined with a net underskirt. Turnaround time is 8-10 weeks.

See a close-up of the house sigil pattern after the break.

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lady deadpool 1

Wanda Wilson, a.k.a. Lady Deadpool, is a lot like her male namesake. She possesses similar powers and wears an almost identical costume. Cosplayer Betty Nukem looks just like the comic book character in her Lady Deadpool ensemble, and she definitely manages to evoke the necessary sass and irreverence.

Above photo by Andreas Schneider of ASPhotography.

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Ghibli pouch 1

Storing your coins, Nintendo 3DS, or cosmetics in a bag adorned with characters from Studio Ghibli is the best way to keep them safe. Probably. If nothing else, would-be thieves will be so distracted by this adorable print from Etsy seller Fawn Feather featuring Totoro, Catbus, and more that they won’t know what to do with themselves.

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hipster frozen cosplay

Sisters Christie and Robyn dressed as Elsa and Anna from Frozen at Tampa Bay Comic Con, but they didn’t do your average take on the costumes. No, they went hipster – and it’s hilarious. Elsa points out she’s lived off the grid, and Anna has organic carrots for your snowman. I love it.

(EPBOT via Neatorama)

boba fett bag 1

Go back to school like a bounty hunter with this Boba Fett striped backpack. The minimalist design captures the basics of Fett’s costume, and it’s much lighter than wearing full armor. If you’re not headed back to school, remember that backpacks can come in handy for conventions.

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genie tattoo

Tumblr user aaronjamesjuice thinks the late Robin Williams was a hero, and as a tribute to the gifted actor and comedian, he got this Genie tattoo. We ain’t never had a friend like him.

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Pixar’s Monsters, Inc. featured endearing characters and an enchanting setting. Monstropolis was a colorful and friendly place that I’d love to spend a weekend in, and while I can’t travel there, I can carry a little piece of the monster city around with me. Production designer Harley Jessup worked on the film, and his concept art appears on a new line of bags from LeSportsac. The collection features the residents and sights of Monstropolis and is printed on totes, makeup bags, purses, and more.

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