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top gun pajamas 1

Goodness gracious, great balls of fire, Top Gun pajamas are a thing that exists. Though they’re technically called the “Aviator Onesie,” the back of the onesie says, “I feel the need, the need for sleep.”

The concept is so silly that it’s kind of fantastic. And bonus: the pajamas sound like they’d be more comfortable than actual flight suits since they’re made from cotton. The onesie also has plenty of pockets for… whatever it is you take to bed with you.

See the back of the pajamas – and you really need to see them – after the break.

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Harley Quinn is one tough cookie, and that aspect of her personality inspired cosplayer Kathryn to design a pirate version of her costume for Dragon Con this year. Tada, pirate Harley Quinn! She made the awesome bracers with craft foam, Plasti Dip, eyelits, a ripped t-shirt, and paint. That approach really makes them look like leather, and I’m definitely taking notes so I can try the technique out on a future costume.

Photos by Glimpse in Time Photography.

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frozen Quinceañera 1

If Anna and Elsa were younger and went to the Arendelle High School prom, their dresses might look like these Quinceañera gowns. They’re poufy and sparkly, and I would happily wear one. I especially love all the ruffles on the purple and blue dress inspired by Anna. The Frozen dresses are part of the Disney Royal Ball line for spring 2015 and are priced at $530 and up.

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Shrek 1

Designers are at New York Fashion week showing of their spring/summer 2015 lines, and Jeremy Scott’s creations feature a lot of Shrek – as in the big green ogre from the DreamWorks Animation films. Scott has items for men and women in the collection including crop tops, bras, and sweaters. There’s even a t-shirt that says “Shrek Happens.” The bold Shrek face design the above model is wearing? It’s already sold out even though it was priced at $270. I wonder what Donkey would have to say about this.

See the collection on the runway in this YouTube video.

Product Page ($225 and up via Betty Felon)

elsa corset

If you’re not ready to commit to full costumes from Frozen, you can start with a corset. Etsy shop Lovely Rat’s Custom Clothing has come up with designs for Anna and Elsa, and the underbust corsets are made to order. The Elsa one is blue trimmed with white, lighter blue and crystal accents. The Anna corset is currently on sale and features warmer colors and lovely embroidered flowers. They could be worked into costumes or worn as part of an everyday ensemble.

See the Anna design after the break.

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genderswapped vi 1

League of Legends’ Vi is one of many champions in the game. One of her most helpful assets are the giant weapons she wears on her hands. Cosplayer Ryan Brandt did an incredible job with his genderbent version of the character including those hefty mega fists. They look like they must weigh a ton.

Photos by David Ngo.

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A Super Stylish TARDIS Wallet

TARDIS wallet2

When you need a wallet that’s bigger on the inside, a TARDIS design is the only way to go. Especially if it’s as pretty as this one! The Doctor Who ladies wallet looks like it has plenty of slots and places to store your IDs, credit cards, cash, and psychic paper. Even though it’s bright blue, the design manages to be chic and suitable for daytime or nighttime events.

There’s also a similar version for guys, which you can see after the break…

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steampunk boots

Tired of carrying a purse while wearing your favorite steampunk ensemble? These fantastic vegan leather boots can help you with that problem. They have pouches! Plural! This design is so clever and cool looking I can’t stand it.

The mid-calf boots have three completely functional pockets with snap closures. They have reasonable one inch heels and would look great with jeans, skirts, and every steampunk and renfaire outfit ever. They’re available in black, brown, and dark red.

Product Page ($99.88)

selfie brush 1

So, it’s come to this. Smart phone selfies are all over social media, and it doesn’t seem to be a trend that’s going away anytime soon. Some manufacturers are trying to dive into the selfie wave and Wet Brush is one of them.  Enter the SelfieBrush. It’s a hairbrush that’s designed to hold an iPhone 5 or 5s.

You can brush your hair with one side and flip it over to take selfies; the side of the brush with the phone also has a mirror. I understand that they’re trying to be hip or whatever, but I can’t imagine consumers purchasing tons of these gadgets. Am I wrong?

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bag end necklace 1

Ever want to escape and hide in a hobbit hole? Me too. While I haven’t figured out how to construct a portable hobbit hole just yet, this Bag End necklace is a fine start to transporting to the Shire. The antiqued bronze design by Nedda Szylewicz is hand-painted to look like the front door of the Baggins’ home. It’s a locket so you can keep small photos or notes secret and safe.

Check out more photos of the lovely locket after the break.

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