Sean Fallon

This rolltop backpack looks a lot like Link…without limbs or a head. Still awesome—but I must say that it would look even better with a Master Sword poking out from the back. [click to continue…]

The following video packs all of the emotion of a Disney film in a mere 24 seconds. It features a little girl named Rayna that has fallen in love with an abandoned water heater that she thinks is a robot. If only this water heater could come to life! They could learn about the world together, and be best friends forever. Watch it on Nerd Approved

Would you spend $199 on a custom watch made with the fur of your pet? Analog Watch Co. has announced that very thing, with pre-orders starting on April 1st. So yeah—odds are this is a joke. However, we’ve seen many absurd April Fools products become real, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the demand was high. [click to continue…]

Yesterday was Nathan Fillion’s birthday, but you might be the one getting the gifts. Fillion has teamed up with Prizeo to give away a package that includes roundtrip airfare to Los Angeles, a 2-night hotel stay, and lunch with Captain Malcolm Reynolds himself. Read more on That’s Nerdalicious

The unsung heroes of any convention are the repairmen and women that roam the floor selflessly assisting cosplayers with the inevitable rips, splits and breaks. However, if such a service were to be backed by a big brand, Duck Tape would be an obvious choice. On that note, Duck Tape is launching a free cosplay repair station at WonderCon. [click to continue…]

Check out more photos and details from Blunt Force Cosplay on this Roaring ’20s Bowser and Princess Peach cosplay below. [click to continue…]

It’s safe to say that Tokyo residents who lived through Kaiju Day in 1968 will never forget it. Fortunately, that event was more adorable than it was destructive. It is not to be confused with the events of August 10, 2013.

For a limited time, this Kaiju Day T-Shirt can be had for only $12 (40%)!

Bandai has added the “Pokémon Gotta Catch ‘Em All Chocolate Maker” to their “Create-Your-Own Snack” line of treats. The kit allows you to make a chocolate Poké Ball with Pokémon from the Pokémon Sun and Moon anime series stuffed inside. Read more on That’s Nerdalicious

Officially licensed Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Star-Lord and Gamora jackets are now available to pre-order, and the designs look like something that you might feel comfortable wearing outside of cosplay. Check out the Gamora version below. [click to continue…]

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story arrives on DVD and Blu-ray April 4th but, according to this fan-made commercial, it’s been available on VHS since the ’80s. Watch it on Nerd Approved