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Philip Odango aka Canvas Cosplay sent us this rough preview of the Maui cosplay photoshoot he plans to premiere just before the Moana film release next month. He calls it a character he was “born to cosplay”.

Based on his mystical Doctor Strange and his divine Ursula cosplays, we are very excited to see how the final product turns out (and share it with you of course).

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We’ve seen T-Rex faux gauge earrings in the past, but this Xenomorph-inspired version takes the concept to a creepy new level.

Xenomorph Faux Gauge Earrings ($13.50-$25.75)

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The NYCC cosplay videos are rolling in—three of which are available for you to watch below. You’ll definitely want to check out the beginning of the first video as it features Thomas DePetrillo of Extreme Costumes in a giant Overwatch Reinhardt cosplay with Reinhardt voice actor Darin De Paul contributing with a megaphone. How awesome is that? [click to continue…]


Cosplayer Kristin Killtastic sent us these pics of the Harley Quinn magic she worked on her roommate’s 8-year old daughter for Halloween.

She wanted be Harley Quinn for Halloween so I made her a costume and she rocks it better than most adults!

We have to agree—the most adorable Harley Quinn ever! Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]


As he is wont do do, Adam Savage went incognito in costume at the recent installment of New York Comic Con. This time he went as Totoro, and you can see how he built this wonderful costume in the video below. We’ve also added the video of his NYCC appearance because we’re thorough like that. [click to continue…]

High School Is Tough


You’ve got to be ready for anything.

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This Famicom cosplay by @RuiReiChannel was created for a Halloween contest in Japan and it’s a winner as far as we’re concerned. In fact, we want to see more gaming console cosplay. I mean an N64 cosplay with a partner dressed as a GoldenEye cartridge would be killer.

Check out more pics of the costume below. [click to continue…]


We’ve featured the work of makeup artist Tal Peleg many times in the past, but she’s got a few new Halloween-ready designs to share. The most notable of these is undoubtedly the Stranger Things-themed design pictured above. However, there are some recent Tim Burton and black cat-themed designs for you to check out below. [click to continue…]


Holy pumpkin spice lattes! UGG has unveiled a Frozen Anna and Elsa-themed boot collection to keep your toes cozy this winter. Unfortunately, the toes will have to be tiny as the boots appear to come in youth/tween sizes only—but some adults might be able to squeeze into the larger sizes. I just wish companies like UGG would realize that today’s adults want this stuff too.

Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]

This Woman IS Honey Lemon


It’s almost like Disney used her as inspiration for the Honey Lemon character from Big Hero 6. But her look isn’t where the similarities end. She writes on Reddit:

My friends joke that the character was based off me. I have had these prescription glasses for 5 years now and I wear round tip collars a bunch like she does in the movie. I also love organic chemistry. I am a double science major in Biology and Entomology and a minor in Chemistry. I am an undergraduate researcher at my university and wear a white coat frequently with my dresses and retro outfits like she does. I also owned the exact same dress she wore for the funeral in the movie before it even came out.

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