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fantasy wedding dress top

Earlier this week we featured an elvish wedding dress from Etsy seller Firefly Path, but we noticed another gem in her fantasy collection—the ‘Lady of the Lilac’ gown.

This gown is for the bride who desires a truly ethereal ceremony. The dress embodies all of the elements that come to mind in a fantasy gown: Princess skirt, corset, and off the shoulder sleeves that flutter in the breeze.

Like the previous gown, the details here are top notch. Materials include Dupioni Silk, spiral steel boning, taffeta, chiffon and beaded lace.

Check out more photos after the break. Apparently, the color of the dress on the mannequin is more accurate than the photos featuring the model. As you’ll see, they appear to be much darker.

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mgs wedding

We can’t get enough of nerdy weddings around here, but don’t get any ideas from this (admittedly highly amusing) Japanese PlayStation ad for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

Then again, you would save a ton of money on the gown and tux.

I’m not entirely sure what’s going on here, but I do know that the best part is 35 seconds in. Check it out after the break…

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This fleece Cheshire Cat scarf is pretty great. But should you go with the zombie cat scarf after the break?

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majoras mask cosplay

We don’t know who this Majora’s Mask cosplayer is, but bravo.

(Reddit via GAS)


Can you picture Picard wearing these Star Trek TNG Uniform Boot Slippers? Let’s find out what that would look like…

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crochet star wars hats for pets

We’ve featured Etsy seller iheartneedlework in the past with her crochet viking helmet for cats, but now she’s back with something even more fantastic—Star Wars-inspired Darth Vader and Princess Leia crochet hats!

Or should I say Darth Pug and Princess Kitty?

Product Pages: Dark Lord / Space Princess ($25-30)

(via GeekXGirls)

black cat bathing suit

Hey, summer isn’t over yet and this retro one piece black cat bathing suit is ridiculously cute. I mean, it has ears!

Both the lining and exterior are made from 80% Polyamide and 20% Spandex and it’s available in a wide range of sizes. It even comes with removable straps.

Product Page ($133)


Fashionably Geek has been given the exclusive reveal of WeLoveFine’s new Adventure Time apparel collection! Kudos go to Catherine Elhoffer for these amazing designs. There are items for both men and women (and we want them all).

Check out pieces from the collection after the break…

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leeloo cat

Here’s exhibit A from Comicbookgirl19. But did Khufu Beans the cat wear Leeloo better than this dog?

(via Uproxx)

221B Bag End Bag

Two iconic roles, one adorable tote bag.

Product Page ($18.77)

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