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I lost my real high school class ring. Never even considered getting one in college. I didn’t exactly have much school spirit. Besides, I did all that work and all I had to show for it was a piece of paper and crippling debt.

Amazingly enough, I can get a Jedi Order class ring for only $59.99 without actually earning it!

Well, I actually have to lift a finger to put it on. If I went to class then I could probably just float it on to my finger—but whatever.

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It would be a shame to store a cellphone in this leather Woodland Adventurer Pouch (then whip it out in the middle of a fantasy LARP), but these are the times that we live in.

Besides, the pouch IS good for carrying small items—and maybe a magical potion in the included glass vial.

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The Element Cube Kickstarter has fused 62 elements into one compact cube that sits on your desk. Yep, it’s a metal cube that sits there, anxiously awaiting the day one of your co-workers asks “what is that”?

Then you hit ’em with some science.

That pretty cool I guess, but we think the wearable versions are far more interesting. You can carry over half of the known elements around wherever you go in the form of a necklace or bracelet. Plus, all cubes will come with an SGS material analysis report, documenting that all 62 elements are present.

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five wives

We have seen some pretty stellar Mad Max cosplay at this point but…wow.

Cosplay by Love Squad, Elisabeth Avdoshina, Daria Kulikova, Diana Anochina and Evgoria Extra. Photos by Ksenia Makarova.

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star lord led shirt

Do you like Guardians Of The Galaxy? Are you thinking about what to wear for Halloween? Are you lazy?

If so, we have a solution.

This Star-Lord t-shirt features a hood mask with light-up LED eyes that can be turned on and off with a toggle switch.

You’re welcome.

Product Page ($34.99)


Etsy seller PipStarPop has a shop full of amazing steampunk designs—including a selection of intricate, eye-popping bracers with customizable acrylic gems.

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little red riding hood

The. Best.

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pensieve ring box

This custom Harry Potter Pensieve engagement ring box is the work of Paul Pape Designs. It’s one of several amazing Harry Potter-themed ring boxes he’s done over the years.

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ren fest cosplay top

Fashionably Geek reader Leia B. recently spotted the TARDIS and Link at the Maryland Renaissance Faire. You never know who you might run into at a Ren Fest.

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force lightsaber throw

A performance artist named FloWarrior was captured by Red Sapphire Media at the Edmonton Expo performing his Force lightsaber throw with a prop built by Genesis Custom Sabers.

Apparently, FloWarror and Kuma Films have something special along these lines planned for December, so stay tuned.

(via Nerdist)