These ‘Sailor Moon’ Pendants Are Cosmic

Kuma Crafts is churning out some spectacular laser cut/3D-printed jewelry inspired by Japanese pop culture. We really fell in love with their Sailor Moon-themed collection, and their new Spectral Prism Compact definitely caught our eye with its embedded LED. Take a closer look at some of the pieces below.

Here’s the LED necklace in action:

After many months of development, this LED illuminated pendant is finally here! The LED inside shines through a clear center Swarovski crystal which sparkles and refracts the light with incredible luster while illuminating the rest of the pendant in a colored glow. The pendant features a button on the reverse side which allows for switching modes, adjusting brightness, and triggering sleep mode.

A single press will cycle through a number of included color modes: Rainbow, Rainbow Sparkle, Fast Rainbow, Rainbow Pulse, Random Pulse, And a number of solid color slow pulse modes, including: White, Red, Pink, Magenta, Purple, Indigo, Blue, Sky, Teal, Aqua, Green, Lime, Yellow, Orange. The wide selection of color modes allow it to be easily matched with most outfits.

Double pressing the button adjusts the brightness to one of 5 different levels, and holding the button puts it in a low power sleep mode. In order to save power, the pendant will also automatically go to sleep mode after 30 minutes, and can be woken up with a single button press.

Head on over to Kuma Crafts to check out the entire collection.


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