The Serpent Slayer Hooded Cardigan

Elhoffer Design has launched a super soft cardigan with a removable hood that’s inspired by the sweater Neville Longbottom wore when he slayed Nagini in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2. You will also slay while wearing it.

The Serpent Slayer Hooded Cardigan is now LIVE for Preorder!! This is our STRETCHIEST and softest piece to date! It has Lycra knit into it, so it is INSANELY stretchy!!! It has a removable hood, full length sleeves, and three buttons down the waist. Ships in August at the latest (MIGHT be able to ship in July, but I can make NO promises, as I’m slammed with cons in July >.<) and, as always, will order sizes based on the preorder. SO please try and lock your order during preorders, as I can’t promise you can get one in a few weeks when I place the order with the factory as we can sell out! Preorders never close, they just risk selling out after the first week of launch! Seriously. This is probably my favorite thing, as it’s based on one of my favorite characters. I’ll photo it on a model very soon, but I have to run errands today! I just wanted to get this up as it’s EXTREMELY gorgeous and I’m totally in love with it!! So, who wants to pair it with a @pinupgirlclothing Jenny dress and bound at potter world with a Sword of Gryffindor necklace and snake bracelet! (THIS IS THE DREAM FOR ME) #harrypotter #potterbound #disneybound #geekbound #geekfashion #potterhead #hogwarts #nevillelongbottom #knit #neville #madeinla #cardigan #pinup

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Pre-orders for the Serpent Slayer Hooded Cardigan are open now for $56 with shipping slated for August. Stay tuned, because more designs are on the way:


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