The Best of Fashionably Geek: February 7th-13th, 2011

Here are the top ten <a href=””>Fashionably Geek Products</a> for the week of February 7th-13th, 2011:

Star Wars Volkswagen Commercial: Blooper reel [Video]

QWERTY Keyboard Slippers: Enjoy the luxury of walking around on a QWERTY cushion of softness

Samus Nouveau: Megan Lara is back with another Alphonse Mucha-inspired design with a dose of Samus.

Apple Pi: At least Apple hasn’t managed to rebrand pi and turn it into the “iPi”.

The Real Star Wars: Reagan isn’t dead—he’s been reborn as a cyborg.

Terrible Artwork Tees From Yu Kobayashi: By the looks of things, you could cram markers into your anus and produce better artwork on a shirt or tote bag than “artist” Yu Kobayashi.

Video: Transformer turns up to sing on American Idol

OAT Shoes: Are completely biodegradable

Contest: Enter to win 5 more character scents from BPAL! (Round 2)

The Contra Sweater: If grandma knitted me this Contra sweater I would wear the hell out of it.

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