The Best of Fashionably Geek: April 4th-10th, 2011

Here are the top ten Fashionably Geek Products for the week of April 4th-10th, 2011:

SpongeBob Boba Fettpants: In an undersea pineapple far far away…

TARDIS: Deadly to Angry Birds, Unicorns and Sith Lords

ElfQuest Fan Imagining: An ElfQuest fan’s dream come true

The TIE Fighter Helmet: What enemy wouldn’t be intimidated by someone entering into the field of a cosplay battle wearing this?

Hipster Ariel: Ugh—Hipster Ariel is so mainstream now.

The Bluth Family Crest: Inspired by the Arrested Development episode “Pier Pressure”

Video: George Takei auditions for Spider Man: Turn Off The Dark

Cortana Halo Cosplay: Amazing

Sesame Street Fighter: Miss Piggy is no stranger to violence.

Avenger Time!: It’s Captain America and his best pal Iron Dog with his magical suit of armor!

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