This Compact Knitting Machine Can Make All Of Your Clothes

We have featured a lot of fun knitting projects here on FG, and I’ve always admired/been jealous of those who have the required skills. Sure, I could learn—or I could back the Kniterate.

Kniterate is bringing an affordable and compact version of industrial knitting machines to your workshop. It automatically turns your digital designs into knitted garments.

We’ve made the process of designing and making knitwear very easy. Start creating scarves, beanies, ties, ready to be worn and assembling your own dresses, sweaters or even shoes.

Keep in mind that, in this case, “affordable” means $4,699. In truth, this machine would probably be best utilized for small businesses. Still, the Kniterate Kickstarter project has nearly tripled its funding goal in only a matter of days. If you’re interested and can handle the risk, head on over to the Kickstarter page to pledge. Better hurry though—there aren’t many units available to purchase at this point.

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