Inkbox Temporary Tattoos Last Two Weeks And Look Like The Real Thing


Getting a tattoo can be daunting. They are a lifetime commitment, after all. Well, now you can have a temporary tattoo that lasts roughly two weeks, is made with organic, fruit-based ink that looks real, comes in a number of designs, and supports a good cause.

Brothers Tyler and Braeden Hanley started Inkbox and they’ve developed a system that uses ink derived from the Genipa Americana fruit, which has been used by the Embera-Wounaan and Kuna tribes in Darién Gap, Panama. In an effort to both give back and help keep their product sustainable, they also donate a percentage of the proceeds to The Darién Initiative, which helps out the local tribes and the forests.

So, super high quality temporary tattoos, from a natural source, that gives back to the community? When you add the fact that many of the tattoos are only $19, I’d say they’re doing something pretty cool. They’re also doing a Kickstarter to develop the technology to create custom designs online, so there’s a lot happening here.

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