Buy Quidditch Jerseys In Olympic Style

When I first heard the words Quidditch and Olympics in the same sentence, I was worried. For just a moment I thought that the fictional sport from Harry Potter had somehow become an accepted Olympic sport. Leagues do play it around the world, and the games are being hosted in the birthplace of the boy who lived, the United Kingdom.  Thankfully, my initial reaction was wrong. It’s a fun idea, but I don’t think the sport is ready for that level just yet.

However, there will be Quidditch matches happening near the Olympics. Sort of. The International Quidditch Association is planning to host a Quidditch Exposition in Oxford this summer. Teams of the best players from the United States, France, Australia, and the United Kingdom will be battling it out. You can buy one of these cool jerseys to show support for your country’s team. Naturally, you can customize the jersey’s name with your favorite player. Order now to be prepared for the Expo!

See the France jersey and prototypes for the UK and Australia ones after the break.

Product Pages: Team USA, Team France, Team UK, Team Australia ($49.99 via The Mary Sue)


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