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10 Gifts For The Fashionable Geek [Gift Guide]

In case you’ve forgotten, it’s the holiday season. If you’re not in the spirit yet, go watch the The Star Wars Holiday Special. That will either put you in the mood for Christmas or make you want to cry – it’s a toss-up. Christmas is only a couple of weeks away though; you don’t have a lot of time to procrastinate. We’re here to make life easier. We’ve got gift ideas from rings to shoes to shirts, and one of them will be the right gift for the geek on your list.

Han and Leia Rings

If Empire Strikes Back is your favorite Star Wars film and your partner feels the same way, these rings are meant for you. They are classy, simple, and feature one of the most well known exchanges from the movie.  You can decide who gets to be Han and who gets to be Leia (hey, Leia doesn’t end up in carbonite).  $22 – Etsy, Spiffing Jewelry

Superhero Socks with Capes

Socks with superheroes printed on them aren’t always enough. When you really need an extra oomph in your step, consider these knee socks with built-in capes. These designs are silly and awesome enough to make anyone on your list smile. They’re ideal for conventions and still okay for everyday wear. You may not want to try actually flying though. $10-$15 – 80s Tees

Ultimate TARDIS Bag

The Doctor Who fan in your life will adore this TARDIS bag. The top has a blinking LED, and the zipper pull is actually a key. It’s small enough to be portable but big enough to be functional. Notice how I’m avoiding that whole bigger on the inside bit. (I hope it is though). $60 – Unique Geek Boutique

X-Wing Pilot Hoodie

Mark Ecko makes some of the best Star Wars-themed clothing around, and this snuggly hoodie is a perfect example. It captures all the elements of the X-Wing pilot uniform. The hood resembles a helmet, the front prominently features the Rebel Alliance emblem, and the stripes down the arm emulate the chest pack. It looks warm enough to wear to Hoth. $150 – Shop Ecko

Portal 2 Earrings

I love when geek jewelry makes a statement but does so subtly. These in-one-ear-and-out-the-other Portal 2 earrings could be paired with a t-shirt and jeans or a dress. I can see wearing these to after hours parties at conventions but also to the office. They’re perfect for any gamer with pierced ears. $12.95 – Etsy, SV Jewellry

Batman Throw Blanket with Sleeves

Why would you want to wear tights and a utility belt when you can just shrug on a blanket? I’d rather be cozy Batman any day of the week. This outfit may be more for cruising from the couch rather than jumping rooftops in Gotham, but you can brood in it just the same. $39.90 – Amazon

Star Wars Adidas Shoes

Adidas keeps churning out sexy Star Wars footwear. The palettes vary depending on character and planet. The Luke Skywalker Hoth shoes are featured above, but you can also buy Darth Vader or Rebel Alliance designs. You can bet they are much more comfy than the shoes the actors had to wear while filming. Tip: ladies like these shoes, too, and smaller men’s sizes fit the bill. $95-$140 – Adidas

Math Enthusiast Wristwatch

If you know someone who worships at the altar of numbers and equations, look no further than this watch. Each notation around the clock signifies the number normally in its place. Don’t worry, a cheat sheet is included with each watch. $65 – Uncommon Goods

Schrodinger’s Cat: Wanted Dead and Alive T-shirt

Only this cat could be dead and alive at the same time. This is a great filter t-shirt. By that, I mean it’s a smart way to identify potential nerdy friends. If you’re strolling down the street and someone comments on this t-shirt, take the time to say hello. It will be worth it. $16.96 – Snorg Tees

Captain Jack Harkness Replica Coat

Captain Jack is the most attractive alien this side of Earth. The star of Torchwood wears a showstopping coat, and you can give an exact replica to someone you love. He doesn’t have to be an alien to wear it. Side effects of wearing this coat may include extra flirtiness. $329.99 – ThinkGeek

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