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Woman Has “Deus Ex” Embedded On A Computer Chip In Her Hand [Video]


This is Zoe Quinn, a game designer who embedded a NTAG216 chip into her hand then loaded it up with the game Deus Ex. This isn’t the first time Quinn has played around with implants. She’s already got a silicone-coated magnet on her left ring finger that will actually pick up small metal objects.

“I’m not sure what all the possibilities are,” Quinn wrote on her blog. “I can tell you that I’m planning to make a game that integrates it, and I can lock and unlock my phone with it super easy as well as transmit data to other compatible NFC devices like Android phones.”

Quinn says she sees body modification as a way to rebel against societal norms:

Body modification has been around since we’ve had bodies to modify, yet it ends up being somewhat of a controversial topic in very strangely selective ways,” Quinn says on her blog. “Very few people will bat an eyelash at a pair of pierced ears, but will turn up their nose at the same jewelry a couple inches away in a lip or an eyebrow. No one will comment if you dye your hair from brown to auburn but go a few more shades and suddenly it’s a big deal and people will start asking you what your relationship with your parents is like and tell you you’re not fit to work in the lowest paying jobs in the country.

In case you’re thinking of doing a little rebelling, Quinn also notes that this is serious stuff and no one should be trying it at home.

NO. I HAVE TRAINED UNDER LICENSED PIERCING PROFESSIONALS AND TOOK A HUGE RISK IN DOING WHAT I DID DON’T BE CRAZY. I don’t condone anything I did in this video nor do I suggest it, it was pretty reckless to be honest and you should absolutely not do this to yourself. I knew the risks and did it anyway.

See the videos after the break, but know they are not for the squeamish…

(via Kotaku)


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