This N7 Scarf Will Keep You Toasty While You Take On Those Dastardly Reapers

tumblr_n3a6awkCgw1qdbp1ro4_500 copy

As far as I know, Commander Shephard was never really down with the whole “casual winter wonderland” look. But if he (or she) had been, and if the N7 military code had been cool with commanding officers wearing scarves, then Shephard probably would’ve rocked this N7 scarf from Sanshee. It looks rather comfy. Not intimidating in a military sense, but definitely comfy.

Check out some more scarf pics after the break…

tumblr_n3a6awkCgw1qdbp1ro5_500 copy

tumblr_n3a6awkCgw1qdbp1ro1_400 copy

Product Page: ($24.99 via Pwnlove)


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