Pucker Up With New Kiss Of Death Lip Gloss From Espionage Cosmetics

espionage cosmetics lip gloss

Add some Venom and Fatality to your cosmetics bag with a new product from the wonderful Espionage Cosmetics. Their lip serum is black light reactive, made from nice ingredients like coconut oil and Vitamin E oil, and is vegan friendly. Plus, they have awesome names. These two colors are part of the first collection:

“Venom” : a vivid coral color with golden shimmer. This lip serum tastes like peaches and is black light reactive! It’s a win win situation.

“Fatality”: a transluscent golden shimmer packed into a clear gloss. This color was specifically formulated for the Espionage Cosmetics colors to be mixed with to create a custom gloss! It tastes like butter cream frosting and includes coconut oil!

Apply and look for heroes or villains to kiss – or just wear it and look fabulous.

Product Page ($18 via Geeky Hostess)


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