Pop Culture Leggings You Didn’t Know You Wanted

leggings - westeros

Do you have room in your wardrobe for more geek-themed leggings? I hope so because it doesn’t seem like companies are going to stop pumping out designs any time soon. One of the newest ones to come to our attention is Poprageous. Their collection features tights with artsy patterns as well as pop culture prints. Oh yes, get your wishlist ready. You can get a map of Westeros on your legs (pictured above), exploding TARDISes, Mockingjays, Pac-Man, and even the wallpaper from the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland. I’m especially tempted by that last style!

The product descriptions don’t list the material, but given the price point, I’m guessing the blend is mostly spandex.

Check out more examples of their leggings after the break.

leggings - catching fire

leggings - haunted mansion

leggings - nightmare

leggings - pacman

leggings - super emo

leggings - tardis

Product Page ($75 and up via STS)


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