Oxyfit Boosts Oxygen Levels While Draining Your Wallet

Sooner or later we all knew those crafty bastards would figure out how to charge us for air. So here it is, the Oxyfit, a backpack that will boost your oxygen levels from 20% or lower up to 30%. Here are some other lofty claims from the product page:

Not only can this help with fatigue and other symptoms of low oxygen, but it can actually boost brainpower and metabolism as well. More oxygen lets you run farther, work longer, and even lose weight! An increased supply of oxygen speeds up your body’s metabolic engine, burning more calories and stimulating fat loss. Finally, the improved circulation from increased oxygen levels can produce nootropic (brain-stimulating) and anti-aging effects (through increased moisturization of the skin).

Let’s not forget that you’ll also look like you’re wearing a giant diaper on your back while talking on some weird headset. That kind of style justifies the $2,681 price tag. However, if you need additional oxygen on a tighter budget, there’s always these.

Product Page: ($2,681 via Oh Gizmo)


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