More Geeky Leggings You Need To Own

zombie adventure time

When companies compete in the patterned tights and leggings business, we all win! Besides the ubiquitous Black Milk Clothing designs, Hot Topic recently added some Disney patterns and more companies are coming out of the woodwork. Living Dead Clothing, based in Australia, has been around for a while and they have plenty of styles to keep your legs in a constant state of flux. Seriously. You can choose from a Tetris pattern, zombie Adventure Time, ponies, a Michael Jackson “Thriller” motif, zombie Sailor Moon, Betty Boop, and on and on.

If you’re wondering how they stack up to other brands, Geek x Girls reviewed them and said they were very comfortable and colorful.

See more great designs after the break.

zombie sailor moon

sound effects leggings




Product Page ($49 via GxG)


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