Make Your Fingernails Extra Fancy With 3D Printed Press-Ons

3d nails 1

In a world full of nail art, press on stickers, decals, and more, it’s only natural that the next step is 3D printed designs. The Laser Girls have been using the technology to create 3D press-on nail designs that are downright otherworldly. Filigree touches, LEGO-like blocks, triangles, and bubbles are just a few of the styles they’re cranking out. They’ve received so much notice for their work that they’ve recently configured sizing and made many of the sets available in a Shapeways shop.

However, though the press-ons look cool, read the description when you order. They’re meant for short-term wear, and they seem like a pain to put on and remove. You have to use nail glue or thin mounting tape. They’d be nice for once in a while, but your nails would probably be angry if you wore these on a regular basis.

More of the wild designs after the break.

3d nails 2

3d nails 3

3d nails 4

3d nails 5

(The Laser Girls via Gizmodo)


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