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DIY Palm-Mounted Laser Is Ridiculously Dangerous

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Needless to say, Patrick Priebe is a pretty big Iron Man fan, which is why he made the ill-advised decision to build this powerful palm-mounted laser.

The unit is not unlike Iron Man’s repulsor beam in the sense that it can do some serious damage. It utilizes a 1000 mw 445 nm laser diode, which makes it just as powerful as WickedLaser’s Spyder III Arctic model. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if Priebe used the Spyder III in his work.

That laser is among the most powerful you can buy commercially, and it is capable of blinding instantly and setting fire to skin. Fortunately, the palm mount is made from a 2mm thick sheet of brass, which acts as a heatsink that protects the wearer.

Check out a video of the glove in action after the break.

(via Hack a Day)


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