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Designer Cufflinks Hand Delivered To You By Hotties

What better Valentine’s Day gift could a guy get than a $15,000 personal cufflink delivery service from one of the hotties featured in this Armrevolution video? That’s a trick question of course—$15K can go a loooong way in some backwoods strip joint. But seriously though, this is an actual thing.

You see, Armrevolution makes what some consider to be the cutting edge in cufflink design. And, as part of a Valentine’s Day promotion for residents of London and New York, you can spend $15,000 to have one of the girls featured in the video above hand deliver any design in their Perpetual stainless steel collection along with a travel wallet packed neatly in a black acrylic magnetized gift box.

“Obviously this is not for everybody and £10,000 is outrageously expensive but when you see the film you will understand!” says Anthony Hayward, Founder of ARMREVOLUTION. “For a less extravagant way to deliver the ultimate cuff link gift you can simply order using Fedex or DHL for worldwide delivery. Also, our luxury cuff link prices start at an affordable £245”.

No, I’ve seen the video…and I still don’t understand. However, if your guy might be into it, by all means fill out the delivery form on the Armrevolution webpage. Although, for the record, I say skip the cufflinks and go to Vegas.

Product Page (Prices Vary via IIHIH)


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