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Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Perfume Oil Review #2

Since I gave you the rundown on Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab in yesterday’s review post, I’ll skip right to the reviewing portion of our show. I have scents from a few different lines to explore.

Door from Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere series
BPAL’s description: Golden honey, nicotiana, blue chamomile, and cistus.

Door is a young woman who can open things including but not limited to doors. The oil smells silky; I feel like it’s the smell of Door slipping through the cracks. On my skin the scent is a light honey mixed with dried herbs. It makes me think of sunlight and dark places in the forest at the same time. After it’s been on my skin for a while, I pick up faint notes of pipe tobacco. It’s mellow and lovely.

Miskatonic University from A Picnic in Arkham series
BPAL’s description: The scent of Irish coffee, dusty tomes and polished oakwood halls.

Out of the bottle, this scent screams Irish coffee. It’s tempting to drink it (but don’t). On my skin, it was thick and cloying. The coffee scent was present but it also transformed into a chocolate sort of gingerbread smell. It is spicy and woodsy. Not for me, but I think this could be a great scent for a guy to try.

The Shadowy and The Sublime from the Gothic Literature series
BPAL’s description: Moroccan amber, wisteria, ambergris accord, white rose, magnolia, white mint, angelica, bergamot, and myrrh.

Musky and deep, this scent really grabbed my attention. Out of the bottle, the bergamot and wisteria grabbed at my nose. On the skin though, they are subdued. Strong layers of amber and heavy florals cover it, but a spike of citrus and mint gets through. It’s not something I would wear every day, but it definitely warrants further consideration.

The Macabray from Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book series
BPAL’s description: White winter flowers plucked from a snow-covered graveyard.

Despite the serious connotations, this is a light, airy scent. The florals smell delicate and weaving, and to my nose it seems like they are woven with evergreens. It makes me smile for no apparent reason. It is a great touch for a winter day.

BPAL fans—make sure to check back in tomorrow as we will begin a giveaway series of handpicked scents to lucky Fashionably Geek readers!


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