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This lovely skirt by GoFollowRabbits features a fun print with colorful dragons. The skirt has a 2″ elastic waist in black or white and measures 18″ from the top of the waistband to the hem.

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Monsters are supposed to hide under your bed and in your closet but these guys are cute enough to hug. Cotton Monsters are the work of Jennifer Strunge who makes them by hand from recycled clothes and linens. There are rabbits, cats, crabs and all manner of imagined monsters in the collection, and they’re all looking for a new owner.

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These shoes created by artist Maskull Lassere look normal at first glance, but their soles are something very different. They’re each specially designed to leave prints that look like wild animals. There are all sorts of paw prints from innocent deer and rabbits to bear tracks that will have everyone running for cover.

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Darth Vdaer Skirt

There are Darth Vader skirts, then there’s this design by the ever creative Go Follow Rabbits. She includes all the right touches from the Sith Lord’s suit; all you have to do is add the breathing sound effects as you walk.

It’s made to order and will get to you in just a few weeks.

Product Page ($54.99)

Duck Hunt Skirt 2

This skirt brings back memories. Duck Hunt was the second video game I ever played, and I would sit in front of my television for way too long hunting pixelated ducks. Go Follow Rabbits put the colorful design on a made to order skirt, and it’s adorable. Place your order now to receive the skirt in 2-3 weeks.

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It’s dangerous to wander around space without gloves – take these! Etsy seller Go Follow Rabbits has printed custom fabric featuring the TARDIS symbols and sewn it into cozy arm warmers. They are the perfect solution for cold offices, and they leave your fingers available for texting or operating TARDIS controls.

Product Page ($15)

Take the DeLorean for a spin in a brand new way: wear it on your skirt! The creative Go Follow Rabbits has lined up the time machine from Back to the Future on a pink background that makes the design pop. Doc Brown wishes he had pink DeLorean fabric for his lab coat.

Order now and keep in mind the turnaround time is about two weeks. Happy time travels!

Product Page ($44.99)

Most wardrobes could stand to have more playful and fun items, and these new skirt styles from Go Follow Rabbits meet that requirement. She’s got Mary Poppins and Alice in Wonderland prints available, and as you can see from the photo above, they don’t follow Disney’s interpretations either. I think that makes them more wonderful.

The skirts are made to order, and turnaround time is three weeks.

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One day I will visit the Shire. New Zealand has made the Hobbiton set a permanent attraction, and I can’t wait to wander through the rolling hills and pretend I’m a hobbit. Until then, I’ll get my fixes of Middle Earth with images and handmade items like this beautiful Shire skirt. The design by Go Follow Rabbits is  made from photographs of the Hobbiton set and looks completely enchanting.

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Looking at all the available Star Wars merchandise on the market can be overwhelming. New t-shirts, accessories, jackets, jewelry, toys, and books are constantly being released. I can’t imagine what it must be like for the collector who’s a completist and needs one of everything. We’ve narrowed down the field to a selection of wonderful wearables and products for your enjoyment and convenience.

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