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This Optimus Prime eye makeup will be perfect when the next installment in the Transformers movie franchise hits theaters next year. Jangsara’s idea was to make her eyes look like the flames on the side of Optimus Prime’s truck and she achieved her goal. She also put up a step-by-step so you can duplicate the look on your own.

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If you like playing around with make-up, then these designs by Jangsara will provide you with some wonderfully geeky inspiration. She’s created a teeny, tiny Mega Man that actually makes blue eyeshadow cool and a second design that looks like a panel from a comic with the word “Pow” in a burst of red and blue. Can you just imagine how these would go over at a convention? Brilliant!

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Trippy Stitch Eye Makeup

Eyeball swallowing Stitch—another amazing design by Jangsara.

Makeup artist Jangsara has created yet another in a long line of beautifully made-up eyes. This time it’s Maleficent, the evil sorceress from Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty. Just remember, when she turns into a fire-breathing dragon, aim your sword for her heart.

(via Jangsara)

Yet another awesomely nerdy eye makeup design from Jangsara. Check out her site for a tutorial.

“Galaxy” is another awesome eye makeup design from Jangsara. Check out her blog for a tutorial on how to do it yourself.

Jangsara, the makeup artist behind last week’s awesome Avengers eye designs is back with another winner—this time featuring R2-D2.

(via Jangsara)

Kudos to Jangsara for creating these Avengers eye makeup masterpieces. But the Captain America version pictured above is just a taste. Take a look at more designs after the break.

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