Wearing Boob Plate Armor Would Probably Kill You

breast armor

We’ve all seen breast armor that tends to enhance the breast part and not so much the armor part. We see it in fantasy art, television and movies all the time. We see it at cons and Renn Faires. Me? I like seeing it and if I knew an armorer, I’d probably wear it myself.

But there’s one place you likely won’t see what can be termed “boob armor”—an actual battlefield. As Emily Asher-Perrin over at Tor explains, “boob armor” will likely kill you much more easily than it can save your life.

Basically, breasts in your armor are more likely to help a blade gain purchase instead of glancing off, likely sliding toward the center of your chest. Plus, if you have breasts in armor, then that chestplate has to be molded to them which would result in a divet separating each breast that could crush your sternum if you fall or take a hard sword blow.

True, female armor should be tailored more to a female’s dimensions, but that’s more about the length of arms or breadth of shoulders than it is size of the chest. And let’s face it, highlighting breast curves is more likely to make swinging a sword harder depending on how big they are.

(via Tor.com)


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